Jordan Bates

Ayahuasca is a literal magic potion. And real magic, we may say, is not all fairy dust, rainbows, and orgasms. Let’s take a look at the beautiful and at times hideous medicine: Ayahuasca. —— In my life *nothing* has been more profoundly healing and life-altering than working with Ayahuasca. When I first came to the [...]

Fuck “Privilege”

Am “I” “privileged”? Totally! I’m the luckiest motherfucker alive!! An entire multiverse is given to me in every nanosecond and I don’t have to do anything to earn it. It simply spontaneously appears. A literal infinite playground on which to dance whatever dance I wish to dance appears spontaneously every nanosecond. In perfect clarity, with [...]

On Spiritual Elitism

The “spiritual” community has a significant shadow around using “spirituality” to feel superior to others. This phenomenon includes me, 100%. The ego easily latches onto “special” mystical or psychedelic experiences and uses these to form a new “special” identity as a “special” wise person who has had profound experiences and hangs out with “high vibe” [...]

Jordan Bates is Full of Shit

JORDAN BATES IS FULL OF SHIT. He is a fraud and an imposter. He projects and defends an image of himself that is not the whole truth. He says he is purely about God and Truth and Love and Joy and Play and Awakening and Sharing Gifts… And yet his thoughts and *actions* reveal a [...]

When you’re sad or depressed or ‘down’ or in a heavy state… This is a rich opportunity to investigate the nature of experience — to ‘vipassanalize’ the self. “Vipassanalize” is a term I learned recently from Frank Yang. I highly recommend reading his recent posts on Instagram if you’ve gone deep into non-duality / awakening practice. He’s on some next-level [...]

Dear Family, Do you feel it too? The Voice of the New… Whispering… Whispering… Whispering… “A New Earth is wanting to be born.” The Old has been breaking down for quite some time now… In 2020, we saw this breakdown accelerate… Our civilization’s absurd totalitarian reaction to the emergence of Corona… Has illuminated the fear, [...]

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” — Zen proverb Let’s begin with a radical perspective: 99.99% of books are not worth reading. The worthwhile ones, however, are Sacred. The best books are cage-melting Red Pills that appear only when you are ready for them. Such books literally have the Power to transport you [...]

1. Does it seem ironic at all to speak of ‘prioritizing public health’ in a civilization that has systematically produced the sickest, most unwell, most obese, most addicted, most suicidal population of humans in history, and has raped the planet? And is it wise to trust said civilization’s default assumptions about the best ways to [...]

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