A Double Shot of Epiphany: On Soul Joy and the Tricky Leprechaun Called “Money”

Brothers and Sisters,

[Prepare for long, deep, vulnerable sharing…]

Whoa, so a lot happened the past few days … where to begin?

Basically, last week I started feeling some heavy, depressive energy…

I attributed it to winter weather, lack of sunlight, mediocre sleep, not enough movement, a couple too many holiday beers, watching too many episodes of a scary-ass mind-bending show on Netflix that I don’t recommend…

Probably these were all legitimate factors, but now I see there was also something else going on.

A few nights ago it came to a head and I really found myself in a dark place, feeling as low as I had felt in a long time. It felt like I was being tested… by Life, possibly by malevolent entities looking for weak points in my system… 😅

I did my best to simply witness what was happening, let the storm pass through, and receive whatever messages it had for me.

What I started to feel and realize was that something in my system was not feeling aligned…

I began to sense into this before bed, while reading a great book called The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease, then I reopened the book upon waking and sensed into it some more… Cease’s words stirred something in me:

“Money is not what we really want. What we want is freedom, joy, creativity, love, connection, community, energy, health, contribution, peace.”


“I realize that many books about money are only about the results. I know that it might sound backward to suggest that you don’t need to chase results to experience abundance, but what if chasing results is actually the thing that’s keeping us from experiencing real abundance? What if we’re starting to understand that believing we need any specific result is just a remnant of an old paradigm that thinks the results are more important than us? The results aren’t the magic; we’re the magic. We’re the source of any result that comes into our lives, so we can stop falling in love with results and start falling in love with ourselves.”


“… life’s highest calling for you might be to relax and live in a simple, humble way that allows your presence to powerfully impact each person you come into contact with…”


“Our endless desire for money (or fear of money) is often really a desire to be safe or to be seen by the world. This book is about eliminating the need to seek safety through the illusion of money and learning to see ourselves for the perfection that we are, beginning to bring our creative power to the world in an authentic way, and allowing ourselves to receive massive, true abundance in all areas as a byproduct.”



It’s not that these words said something I hadn’t heard before, or even something I hadn’t myself expressed before. But certain lessons hit you in different ways at different times, and seep in more deeply…

A couple epiphanies began to reveal themselves:


First of all, I reconnected to something I noticed during my 3-week jungle dieta in late 2020: When it comes to the deepest level of soul-aligned creativity, more than anything else…


In the jungle, in the absence of Internet, I found myself melting away countless hours writing and making rap music.

I fucking love rap music. Save for God and my family/fiance/friends, there’s nothing in this world that I love more. It’s everything to me: Pure, raw, unfettered expression.

Reading and writing are on a similar level — I adore them. Writing and rapping are the lifeblood for me. When I think of rapping and writing for the rest of my life, I feel intensely happy and excited.

One key realization, then, was that it’s time for me to deepen my focus on rapping, music, and writing—to go all in on my Highest Joy on an EVEN deeper level. To deepen further into alignment and trust in God.

As such, I’m intending to spend even MORE time on music, rapping, beatmaking, and writing this year, so keep an eye out for more songs, albums, essays, books. I’m also intending to continue writing/creating a lot for Ouroboros School and also to find creative ways to infuse my music into the School.


The second revelation that began to make itself known was that…

Ouroboros needs to change in some way.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first, but I knew something was misaligned.

I meditated more upon this, and I began to realize more clearly something that had been coming into focus for months:

The coaching / transformation industry has a major shadow around money.

Most of the industry leaders are over-fixated on money—on signing ‘higher-ticket’ clients at all costs, in order to hit “$20k months,” “6-figures,” etc.

Now, look, don’t get me wrong: There’s nothing wrong with signing higher-ticket clients and making good money. If I’m going to work with someone long-term, for 6+ months, having regular sessions, providing them with in-depth resources, giving them challenges and exercises, tuning in with them energetically, and giving them unlimited messaging support, that’s a lot.

Long-term 1:1 work requires a lot of energy, and at this point honestly I feel it would be rare for me to feel called to dive deep 1:1 with someone in a 6+-month container for less than a ~5-figure sum.

(Presently I have three long-term clients and I feel like I’m about at capacity in that area, though if you feel a deep call to work 1:1 with me, you’re always welcome to reach out and see what’s possible. I don’t call what I do “coaching” anymore. It’s more like shamanic / nondual mirroring + New Earth entrepreneur activation. I’m also considering starting to offer 1.5-hour breakthrough sessions.)

From the client side, I can also say that it’s very powerful to make higher-level investments in yourself. Last year I invested over $20k to join masterminds / programs / coaching containers led by some of my awakened-entrepreneur heroes, and it was some of the best money I ever spent.

It was a massive activation: I birthed Ouroboros, ignited and led the powerful Ouroboros Tribe, launched rap albums and courses, and recuperated my investment several times over.

So, all of that to say that it’s not that there is any inherent problem with making or receiving higher-level investments. Rather, it’s powerful and I’m a fan of doing so.

The issue, though, is when MONEY gets placed on the top of the pyramid and worshipped as if it is the end-all-be-all.

Nine times out of ten, advertisements or landing pages for programs for online coaches place MONEY at the front and center: “This is how much you can make !!” “Hit 6 figures !!” Etc.

Classic marketing advice says it’s good to do this because the way to sell something is to focus on TANGIBLE OUTCOMES and on the GAP between the PAIN someone is in and the JOY to which you can lead them.

There’s wisdom to be learned from such classic marketing heuristics, and there’s a way to apply that wisdom artfully and integrously…

But when you blatantly shout all over the place that it’s possible to make $100k+ per year as an online coach while traveling the world living a glamorous lifestyle…

Don’t be surprised when you call in a tsunami wave of ‘coaches’ who aren’t necessarily in integrity or deeply committed to the path of truth/embodiment, but are more so wanting to cash in.

What I began to notice is that MY OWN Ouroboros marketing / messaging had been somewhat permeated by this money shadow…

Or rather: My money shadow.

Example: I had made it a key, front-and-center point that Ouroboros can help someone make “$5k-15k per month” as a New Earth entrepreneur.

Now, it’s true that this is entirely possible; I and many others have done this. It’s true that I have a deep understanding of how to do this, especially if certain contextual factors are aligned (e.g. In the case of being a coach: You possess deep transformational gifts, have a solid network/reach, are good at content-creation, are persistent and charismatic, enjoy speaking with people, etc.). And it’s true that I share my understanding in-depth in Ouroboros School.

Yet, by making this “5k-15k per month” thing a central point, I made it seem like money is / should be the TOP or near-top priority for people in Ouroboros.

When really, the aims are more like: Alignment, awakening, joy, freedom, creativity, mastery, integrity, health, play, wisdom, sovereignty, and genuine contribution to the birth of a more beautiful civilization. That’s true wealth.

When you’re deeply on the path of true wealth, money tends to show up as a by-product, especially when you allow it to flow and understand the fundamentals of New Earth business. Yet money is just a means, not an end in itself.

And don’t get me wrong: Money is a beautiful tool / energy that enables a lot of things. I honor, appreciate, and love the energy of money. And we absolutely need it (at this stage of civilization) if we want to do things like quit our day jobs, focus on living our truth full-time, buy land and build healing centers, regenerative farms, permacultural eco-villages, New Earth cities, great pyramids (hey, let the kid dream!), and so forth.

Yet money is a tricky little leprechaun. It’s very easy to become over-attached to it and addicted to chasing it. And ironically, the energy of ‘chasing’ implies ‘not-having,’ aka scarcity, and then internally you find yourself living in poverty. Many millionaires, even billionaires, are still internally living in scarcity, feeling like ‘not-enough.’

And sometimes I find myself there too: Refreshing Coinbase for the 7th time in a day like a slot machine. Feeling pangs of envy about the success of others or worry that others’ success means there’s now ‘less to go around.’ Getting caught up in stories like, “Once I just have X amount in the bank, then I can really relax.”

But then I hit that number and my mind just generates a new number, and I start to see that the game is rigged.

Same old ‘never-enough’ poison. Same old ego seeking comfort and security in the external; same old story that it just needs ‘a little more’ of this or that. And a little more… And a little more…

The answer, then, of course, is to relax now

To stop making our relaxation conditional.

To unconditionally trust, embrace, and relax into life.

Much easier said than done, to be sure. I notice it helps to relax into the up-and-down JOURNEY TOWARD deeper and deeper relaxation—hah.

In other words: Enjoy the process.

We’re all headed back to the ultimate relaxation of full dissolution into the inviolable, ageless, desire-less One. We’ll get there as sure as the sun will rise.

In the meantime, it’s fun to have a chuckle at the foibles and quirks of our monkey minds.


So, anyway…

I did some deep soul-searching work to re-align Ouroboros, and I now feel new life has been breathed into the Vortex.

Here’s a succinct summary of the shifts:


I went through a big process of toning down the emphasis on the money aspect of Ouroboros.

While money is beautiful and important and necessary to build the New Earth…

And while I still absolutely see Ouroboros as a Vortex for Abundance in all forms…

And while Ouroboros School still contains all the blueprints I’ve used to create financial prosperity for myself as a New Earth entrepreneur…

Money is secondary to and a byproduct of…

Alignment, joy, truth, awakening, aliveness, creativity, integrity, sovereignty, contribution, mastery, knowing the abundance of NOW, and grounding the New Earth frequency on this planet.

‘New Pioneers’ by Mark Henson

Thus I made money less front-and-center, and I significantly increased the emphasis on these more core values, on This Historical Moment, and on what we are being invited to step into as far as waking up and birthing the New Earth.


I also determined that the long-term Ouroboros container I am launching right now is not called Ouroboros School of Wealth and Wizardry…

It’s called Ouroboros: Vortex.

The School is one aspect of what’s emerging but I realized the container is more like a Mastermind / Accelerator / School / Network…

So “Vortex” feels more fitting, powerful, and all-encompassing.


I also realized something about the tuition payments for Ouroboros.

I realized am going to experiment with what I am calling The Flex-Tuition Activation Model…

In which new tribe members will co-determine their annual tuition for the Vortex…

You can read more on this on the landing page / in the application if you’re curious.

The idea is that given the widely varying (financial) contexts people find themselves in globally…

The optimal annual tuition will differ from person to person.

So the idea is to empower YOU, if you feel called to Ouroboros, to let me know what annual tuition investment is going to be both doable and activating for you…

What is going to be workable yet is also going to be enough to “light a fire under your ass” to do things you’ve never done, take massive action, RISE, and BIRTH what your Soul is wanting to bring forth on this planet…

This means that, whoever you are and whatever your circumstance, if you are meant to be part of Ouroboros, you can be.

I don’t know how long I’ll go with this model—could be forever, could be a month; it’s highly experimental. So if you resonate with Ouroboros, now is the time to apply.

And, mind you, I’m still going to be highly discerning about who I invite into the Vortex…

I have to sense a deep ripeness and readiness…

Because I understand the power of curating a community of beings who are truly MAKING MOVES…

Who are sincerely DEDICATED to living their Soul-Joy-Truth in this lifetime and sharing their gifts to help bring Heaven to Earth.


I also added more photos and testimonials from the Ouroboros Tribe so anyone visiting the Vision page can get a better feel for the energy of the community and what kinds of results people are seeing.

For example, my dear brother Jonathan Maccaul, a martial artist, master energy worker, and badass New Earth Warrior who I highly recommend following, said the following of Ouroboros:

“Ouroboros has been a life altering experience for me, on every level of BEing!”

The experience has gone way beyond what I expected… It’s catalyzed many big shifts in my own Journey of Remembering who I truly am and what I came here to do. Jordan continues to inspire and empower as one of the most authentic and Soul-driven individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing personally.

The knowledge and approach to New Earth Entrepreneurship, that he shares freely in Ouroboros, is practical and pragmatic and resonated deeply with me right from the beginning. I am now confident that I can truly experience grace and ease in the process of sharing my medicine with the world, while having the most amazing human experience imaginable. Thank you Jordan and all of the incredible beings who were called to the Ouroboros Tribe! I am so grateful for all of you and am excited to co-create the New Earth together!”



All right, I think that about covers it, family.

It’s been a DEEP process to bring Ouroboros into even deeper alignment, but the Vision now feels more Alive and Powerful than ever.

I have a strong sense that these shifts are going to Elevate Ouroboros and everyone in the Vortex to even greater heights.

If you have any feedback on the updates / fresh Vision, I’d love to hear it.

And once more, enrollment for OUROBOROS: VORTEX is open till 2/22… If you feel called to be part of the Tribe and to take advantage of the opportunity to choose your own tuition… apply now.

A few days ago Tanja and I arrived on the island of Mallorca, Spain…

The combination of gaining CLARITY on how to Align Ouroboros + the return to Sunlight + Ocean has had a massively REJUVENATING effect on me.

I’m now once again feeling Charged Up and ready to playfully create with the rhythms of my Soul.


Sending Huge Love to all of you. : )

Let’s make 2021 an EXPANSIVE year in every sense!

Cheers to Joyfully and Playfully and Artistically BEING What We Are and bringing Heaven to Earth! 🌎✨🧚‍♀️🌈💙🧜‍♀️


Click here to explore and apply for OUROBOROS: VORTEX.

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