The Pathless Path Beyond Suffering and the Way to True Peace and Happiness

Dear Family,

I wanted to send a note to acknowledge you.

To acknowledge your suffering.

To acknowledge that human life can be profoundly painful, challenging, even nightmarish.

In a certain sense this “life is but a dream,” but the paradox is that, within the dream, dream pain is real—and it hurts.

So I want to tell you that I see you.

I feel you.

You are a warrior and a hero for getting out of bed each day and playing your role in this world.

Sometimes it’s truly not easy to do so.

Thank you for being you.

You are beautiful.

I love you.

The Pathless Path

There is a Path beyond suffering.

There is a Path that leads Home, to Who We Truly Are.

And we are all on this Path, whether we realize it or not.

And we will all return Home, as sure as the sun will rise.

And when we do, it will be beyond our wildest imaginings.

And when we do, we will see that in Truth we never left.

We have always been Home.

And we have always been Whole.

And we have always been held, enfolded, blanketed in the Divine Love of God, of Truth.

God is real, brothers and sisters.

God is you, God is me, God is we, God is All That Is.

There is nothing other than God.

And one can meet and know God directly, within oneself.

One can know one’s own Deathless God-Essence, within oneself.

This has been the most astounding discovery of my life.

I realize this may sound foolish, naive, or fanatical.

That’s okay.

I simply feel irresistibly called to tell you that God is real—more real than any of us can possibly fathom.

God exists—and this is the greatest news one could possibly receive.

God is the only Reality.

God is Now.

And Heaven is a frequency.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Here and Now, if we have eyes to see it.

We discover it when we become once again like little children, letting go of everything we believe about who we are…

And opening ourselves to the Pure Being and Pure Awareness that reside in the Space and Silence between thoughts…

In this Space of Pure Being and Pure Awareness, one can discover an etheric Presence…

A Presence that is beyond time and space, beyond birth and death, beyond all categories and identities…

This is the Presence of God.

This is our Truly Infinite and Eternal Nature.

And, miracle of miracles, one can know and connect to this Nature directly, within oneself.

This is the Essence of all spirituality, all religion, all meditation, all of Life itself: Where it all points and where it all leads…

Back Home, to the discovery of God within yourself.

To the Remembrance of your Inviolate Wholeness and Oneness with the Source of All That Is.

To the Remembrance that you are not your body, your name, your opinions, beliefs, religion, politics, skin color, gender, titles, roles, or anything the mind can conceive…

To the Remembrance that you are the Forever Beyond.

Divine Intelligence.

Limitless Living Mystery.

Vast Air.

This Remembrance redeems all of Life.

One’s endless searching, striving, and grasping come to an end, as one realizes that This Eternal Moment of Now contains Everything.

Everything you’ve ever dreamed of being, and infinitely more, is already within you.

There is nothing you must do, possess, become, accomplish, or attain, in order to be Enough.

You simply already are Complete, Whole, Perfect, Divine, Infinitely Worthy.

Paradoxically, the more deeply this realization sinks into your very cells and bones…

The more you then find yourself living your Highest Joy.

You find yourself living a Life beyond your wildest dreams, manifesting relationships and opportunities more perfect than anything you could have wished for…

While also seeing each moment as Utterly Whole and Complete unto itself—nowhere to go, nothing to do, no one to be.

“If you only knew what the gods had in store for you, you would laugh and weep simultaneously, naked on a beach, on your knees, bowing down before the Ocean, arms outstretched to the Heavens…”

And thus, finding God is the key to Life.

Waking up is the key to Life.

Only God, only waking up, can bring True Peace and Happiness.

A Peace and Happiness that transcends death, transcends impermanence, transcends “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”…

As we rediscover our Original Omnipresent Abode in the Soft Yet Indestructible Depths of the Father-Mother Light.

And yet if you seek God as simply a means to an end…

If you seek Truth as simply a means to Peace and Happiness…

It will evade you.

Sincerity is essential.

Pure yearning for Truth is essential.

You must truly aspire to “Know Thyself.”

To know Who You Truly Are.

And you must be willing to let go of all that is less-than-true…

Which turns out to be most everything you ever thought or heard…

In burning away all your most cherished identifications and beliefs…

You eventually find the Pure Nameless Flame of your True Nature.

This process is no joke.

It requires you to take Full Ownership of your Reality.

To dissolve all victim identities.

To withdraw all blame and projections.

To realize all the ‘enemies’ you hated were simply You in another disguise.

It is no small undertaking.

It is the Greatest Adventure you’ll ever take.

And in Truth it is the One Adventure that we are all on…

The Adventure of forgetting and remembering, forgetting and remembering…

Of playing Hide and Seek with God, with the One…

Always eventually remembering that we chose to play this Joyful Game, to dance this Joyful Dance, and that All is Eternally Well.


What a Ride.

What a Romp.

What a Bodaciously Kowabungalicious Foxtrot.

Be as you are, my friends.


Trust eternally.

Flow easily.

And rest well.

Victory is assured.

We all already Won.

And it is not possible to lose.





Give thanks.

And be as you are.

Thank you for You.

All is Well.


If you’d like to go deeper into understanding spiritual awakening and the Reality to which I am pointing here, read these books, especially those by David Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle, and Jed McKenna.

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