Space-Holder. Writer. Musician.

Be the Love you truly are.

Dear Family,

Thank you for visiting. I love you.

These are the offerings & creations I am presently most excited to share with all of you:

Brothers of the Ever Innocent Heart is the men’s circle & brotherhood I founded about 6 months ago. We’re still going strong, and we’ve cultivated a truly beautiful, heart-full space for men to heal, grow, find their truth, use their voice, return Home to Love, and increasingly live their calling. If you are a man who senses that the time is ripe to participate in a sacred weekly men’s circle, apply to join us.

Nearly 7,000 people read my newsletter. Intimate contemplations on God, Love, Fatherhood, Family, Life, Death, Initiation, Civilization, & Leadership — during a time of great transition — from a simple man who would rather die than live a lie.

Who Am I?

I am a simple man who loves God, Life, Family, and Truth.

I am a space-holder, integration coach, psychedelic facilitator, heart healer, writer, rapper, mystic, and celebrator of God.

For the past 12 years, I have been on a quest for truth that has taken me to 30+ countries and the far reaches of inner space.

You can learn more about my current offerings to the world here:

You are beautiful just as you are. Thank you for being.

In Grace and Love,

 Created with Love by Jordan Bates — 2022 AD

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 Created by Jordan Bates — 2022 AD