With Jordan Bates

A 1:1 Mentorship & Activation Journey for Visionaries Rising Into a New Paradigm of Heart-Led Power, Wealth, Clarity, & Leadership

Are you a Leader who feels an undeniable call to STEP UP?

Dear Visionary,

Do you know in your Heart that you’re meant to be playing a bigger game?

Are you a coach, entrepreneur, creative genius, or change-maker (in hiding) who knows it's time to RISE?

Are you ready get Uncommonly Clear about WHY you’re here on this Earth right now?

Is it time to get Radically Honest about what you truly WANT in this lifetime?

Ready to learn time-tested principles of building, growing, and stewarding Conscious Wealth?

Ready to live a gorgeous, epic life while making a massive IMPACT on this planet?

Ready to activate your True Power?

Ready to be the Heart-Led King or Queen you truly are?

If so...

Welcome Home.

It's an honor to see you here.


Imagine moving through life with Supreme Confidence… 

Imagine feeling a profound sense of Divine Purpose and Direction… 

Imagine getting Paid Handsomely for living your Truth and Joy… 

Imagine people saying their lives changed simply by Meeting You… 

Imagine Attractive Beings feeling inexplicably magnetized to you… 

Imagine moving freely about the planet’s Exotic Destinations… 

Imagine regularly meeting Legendary Individuals… 

Imagine knowing you are helping to Transfigure Earth toward Elevated Beauty… 

Imagine viscerally knowing your own infinite God-Given Love and Power… 

Imagine holding the secrets of the universe.

How will you do this?

Sacred Power is your personalized gateway.

Your red carpet to Greatness.

This is not another “online course.”

It’s your point of no return.

The ‘secret recipe’ of our journey together can be summarized by these Five Pillars: 

1. Action

A Leader must know how to act. When you work 1:1 with me, I will ask you to commit to launching something new into the world over the course of our time together — a product, service, offering, container, book, album, course, or something else that feels substantial. I will hold you accountable to this, and together we will engrain the habit of Courageous Action.

2. Clarity

A great secret in life is that you can have whatever you truly desire, but first you must get 1,000% clear on what exactly it is that you want and why you want it. In multiple dedicated Deep Clarity Sessions, I'll guide you through a myriad of exercises that will allow you to see your life and future with a new level of HD Vision. 

3. Strategy

A Leader needs high-level strategy. Through live 1:1 transmissions as well as a treasure trove of pre-recorded courses, masterclasses, and resources, I am going to equip you with the most advanced understandings I have gained through 12 years of deep study and practice — in the areas of:

  • Creating the life you truly want
  • Honorable, heart-led leadership
  • Wealth-building & entrepreneurship
  • Effectiveness & productivity
  • Prolific creativity & embodying genius
  • Travel & digital nomadism
  • Wisdom, holistic life mastery, & more

4. Energy

Energy is a great and oft-overlooked secret of life. The fundamental energy you are operating from, shapes your future. What you are being, is magnetizing people, environments, and opportunities that resonate similarly.

As you release the old and raise your Energetic Power, doors open and opportunities appear that would not otherwise have appeared. Through a variety of practices, you will elevate your energy, embody more of your True Power, and learn how to maintain this new baseline in day-to-day life. 

5. 1:1 Council

Your secret weapon: Me. I am a polymath, master coach, mystic, and strategic mastermind with a profound understanding of human psychology and energetics. I see things in you that you cannot presently see, helping you break through limitations, embody your genius, and feel confident and clear in taking massive action to realize your dreams. Through regular 1:1 sessions, we will take your life to the next level. 

Who is this for?

You are a visionary who is here on Earth to create.

You didn't come here to be a follower or slave.

You came to be a leader.

You came to be a King or Queen.

A solid, reliable Pillar in your family, community, and world.

You came here to thrive on all levels.

You came here to live a gorgeous life and create something epic.

To build and steward Conscious Wealth by sincerely serving many people.

You came here to make a true impact and have one hell of a fun time doing it.

I know you. I see you. It's time.

How will this change your life?

If you commit fully and do the work, the following are likely…

You will not recognize your life one year from now.

Your entire trajectory will shift in a remarkable way.

You will feel reborn as a truer, more joyful version of yourself.

You will know why you are here on Earth.

You will possess great clarity about what you are here to build.

You will become far wealthier — financially, spiritually, relationally, emotionally, intellectually, creatively, and physically.

You will feel yourself to be at the cause of your life, not the effect.

You will see that your radiant love is giving life to everyone around you, in all situations.

Your true desires will appear before you, one by one, at the perfect moment.

You will know what it is to be a man or woman of God, one who is bringing Heaven to Earth.

You will be you.

You will be Home.

You will be Free.

"If a zombie apocalypse happened, one of the first people I’d call to help me survive and strategize would be Jordan Bates.

Jokes aside, Jordan is one of the smartest people I’ve ever encountered. On a personal level, I trust Jordan with my life. He is a truly good person and expresses a genuine concern for his own level of integrity in all situations. The best part, however, is that beyond the razor-sharp intelligence and creative wizard skills that Jordan possesses, he is incredibly easy to be around—always ready to see the funny side of life...”

— Jon Brooks, CEO of The Stoic Handbook & Editor of HighExistence

I'm Jordan, and I am an Activator.

I'm father of Lila, future-husband of Tanja, son of Connie and Dan, brother of Anna and Mike, and friend of all.

I'm an activator, polymath, mentor, strategist, artist, teacher, mystic, and CEO.

I activate visionaries to rise into a new paradigm of Sacred Power, Wealth, Clarity, and Greatness.

I guide leaders to embody their Genius and live gorgeous lives in service to the birth of a more beautiful world for all.

At age 19, I began to realize I was a slave in a highly restricted civilization.

At age 22, I boarded a one-way flight and moved to Asia for 16 months. After that, nothing could ever be the same.

At age 24, I retired. I quit my last day job and vowed to get paid to simply be what I am and do what I love to do.

For the past 9 years, I've explored the far reaches of Earth and inner space, savoring and studying life, visiting 33 countries so far.

Through my writing, music, retreats, 1:1 work, & group containers, I've reached millions and assisted thousands of individuals to activate their Sacred Power and be who they truly are.

On my best days I love all of Creation. I love animals and people and love seeing them release their burdens and feel and know the grace of God.

"Working with Jordan is deeply transformational, challenging in all the best ways, and truly life-changing beyond measure... Bless you, Jordan. Thank you. I appreciate you."

— Aylanur Sage, Healer & CEO

Is this the moment everything changes?

In your depths, you already know.

You know if this was created for you, or not.

Since you're still reading, it's likely you're here for a reason.

Yet there is always a choice...

Are you ready to claim your Kingdom or Queendom?

Ready to own your Genius and Greatness?

To integrate your Infinite Love with your Infinite Power?

To transform all of life into an Epic Adventure?

Are you ready to say "I would rather die than live a lie" and mean it?

Are you ready to be the Visionary Leader you truly are?

Only you can say, "Yes."

In Grace, Love, & Sacred Power

 Created by Jordan Bates — 2022 AD