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Become what you truly are.

Dear Friend,

I'm Jordan Bates.

I'm a dad, husband, teacher, coach, musician, and author of four books.

If you are seeking support to reduce suffering, heal relationships, live truth, order your finances, build a legacy, and find happiness... 

Feel welcome to get in touch with me.

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Brothers of the Ever Innocent Heart is a brotherhood and training ground for men that I founded and have led continuously for 18+ months. We are now accepting new applications for 2024. If you are a man who knows it's time to get your life in order, build your legacy, heal your relationships, and walk the path of truth, 
apply to join us.

Join ~6,400 people who subscribe to my newsletter, Lion Heart Leadership. Intimate contemplations on God, Love, Fatherhood, Family, Life, Death, Initiation, Civilization, & Leadership — during a time of great transition — from a simple man who would rather die than live a lie.

Books I've Written:

1. Both, Neither, Far Beyond Either: Contemplations on the Beautiful Nature of God, Life, and Truth (2023)

2. The War for the Soul of Mankind: What's Really Happening on Earth in the 21st Century (2023)

3. COVID-1984: The Great Teacher (2021)

4. You Are God (2021)

What People Say About My Work

“Being a part of this Brotherhood has transformed who I am as a person. 

I feel so much stronger, confident, openhearted and most importantly more truly myself. It's a beautiful feeling to be so transparent and real with one another and to feel that the guys have your back and are with you no matter what.

The Brotherhood embodies an unconditional love that fully accepts you where you are and as you are, but also sees your potential, holds you accountable and pushes you to be the best you can be. 

I'd highly recommend this group to anyone who feels a calling." 

— Jacob, Online Brotherhood & Retreat Participant, UK


"Jordan is an amazing guide in the process of introspection and collective men’s work. He listens extremely well, holds space with poise and leadership, models vulnerability and authenticity, and combines safety with a sense of challenge that has been extremely useful in my growth process.

This brotherhood offers a safe space to be a man, to share and accept all parts of yourself in a container free of judgement, and to grow and evolve into the type of person you want to be. For me, the brotherhood inspired vulnerability, courage, introspection, validation, and integration so that I could make real choices and changes in my life and continue to grow."

— Kenny, Online Brotherhood Participant, USA


"The depth of giving that Jordan possesses is unlike most. The value and insight he has provided me have helped me make significant changes in my life: I feel grounded deeply in my Power, I have gained great clarity on my Medicine and Offer, I have stepped into providing sessions, it has helped me align my life on multiple levels, and allowed me to cut through the bullshit that keeps me from living my Soul’s Joy. Through working with him I signed on my first long-term $5k client. While these steps have been challenging, the Space that Jordan nurtures is deeply fruitful."

— Brady, 'Ouroboros' Mastermind Participant, USA 


"When I committed to leveling up and pursuing my highest path, Jordan appeared like a wizard from the aether. He is a big-hearted, multi-dimensional, compassionate being committed to serving our realm and creating a more harmonious reality for all.

After participating at in-person retreats as well as multiple online containers with Jordan over the last 2 years, I can say he is the real deal and give a BIG GIANT recommendation to participate in any of his offerings. You will evolve. You will play and have fun. You will be reminded to trust life, to see the magic in every moment and to dare something greatly."

— Austin, 'The Sovereign Man' Participant & Retreat Participant, USA


"I’ve thought about engaging in men’s work for years, but never made the final step. I’m so glad I finally have. Jordan creates a container which feels both safe and challenging, allowing me to stretch myself while knowing he and others have my back.

It offers something different to the other practices I follow to nourish myself, providing something like directive friendship, although I’m not sure I can necessarily encapsulate the unique place it holds in my life."

— Ronan, Online Brotherhood Participant, UK 


"The brotherhood Jordan has put together has been enriching and heart opening. It’s been helpful and inspiring to have good men to share the triumphs and challenges of life with from outside my normal bubble."

— Zach, Online Brotherhood Participant, USA


"Jordan is a proficient and fiery leader in guiding his brothers through men's work. This container he's created is a potent catalyst, allowing men to fully step into their innate power and prevail on the battlefield of life."

— Adam, Online Brotherhood Participant, USA


"Thus far my experience is that The Sovereign Man container is/was the ultimate way of having a container/shared space. I find it difficult to maintain momentum in other shared spaces, but with the Sovereign Man container I felt a magnetic 'force' pulling me in all the time. It was like I was in a form of temporary vortex, outside of 'my' own control, in a scary and awesome way.

Around a month after the Sovereign Man container ended I am still sensing the echo of what I learnt about myself, other men and life in both a shallow and deep sense. I am still harvesting the fruits from what I have experiences about life and myself from the shared space. The Sovereign Man container was one of the most beautiful and transformative and important things that has ever happened to me."

— Edward, Participant in 'The Sovereign Man' Online Experience & the Online Brotherhood, Sweden


“[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] I wanna weep in the face of truth… Two things: There’s nothing to be afraid of, and Love is unlimited.
I wanna hug you guys.” 

— Sam, Retreat Participant & Online Brotherhood Participant, USA


"[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] There was just such immense love, encouragement, support and wisdom being poured into our hearts. The team was also just a beautiful mirror for us to ground into the truth. Because that's what it's all about. It is moving beyond the stories that we incessantly tell ourselves that keep us trapped in the prison of our minds.

This retreat absolutely demolishes those shackles, and I'm super grateful. Thank you so much, it was beautiful. I learned so much from y'all, so much about myself. I am forever grateful. Thank you, I love you. Much love. Peace."

— Brady, Retreat Participant, USA


"[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] I leave feeling complete. More complete than I ever have. Acknowledging all the facets of my personality and all the depth that I choose to ignore at times... I feel a sacred connection to everything after this work. I'm so, so grateful to Jordan, Tanja, and the whole team. I want to continue this work for the rest of my life and see where it goes. It's a wonderful road. Sending big love and appreciation to everyone who was involved."

— Zach, Retreat Participant, USA


"[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] The experience has been really magical and healing. Just coming here to this amazing place and hearing all the wilderness feels so calming and relaxing. Being here with everyone in ceremony and all healing together and supporting each other really opened up my heart. My biggest highlight was the time after ceremony. Just sharing our experiences together and getting to know everyone and hearing their stories."

— Kevin, Retreat Participant, USA


"[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] My experience was beautiful overall. It was healing and it was life affirming and it was a gift that I gave to myself that I'm truly grateful of receiving. I really enjoyed the camaraderie, the sharing with each other and the group process.

The entire process was in some parts challenging and in some parts a lot of fun, but overall enriching and helpful in a lot of ways. At this point in time, I feel like I need to come back here every year of my life just to bathe and bask in the love that is here."

— Austin, Retreat Participant, USA


"[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] My experience was really powerful. I’ve been going through a really rough time for the last four months or so and this felt like a deep reset and a remembrance of the joy and gratitude in the world and all the possibilities out there. The community, the medicine, the workshops… Everything just came together for a big reset."

— Eric, Retreat Participant, USA


"[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] Absolutely life-changing. The most important thing I've ever done. Years of therapy and pill medication did nothing compared to the accelerated program here. Beauty. Words don't do it justice. Incredibly profound."

— Jake, Retreat Participant, USA

Who Am I?

I am a man who loves God, Life, Family, and Truth.

I am the father of my beloved daughter Lila and the husband of my beloved wife, Tanja.

I am a men's coach, space-holder, entrepreneur, musician, author of 4 books, and celebrator of God. 

For the past 12 years, I have been on a quest for truth that has taken me to 30+ countries and the far reaches of inner space.


You are beautiful just as you are. Thank you for being.

In Grace and Love,

 Created with Love by Jordan Bates & The Ever Innocent Heart — 2024 AD

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 Created by Jordan Bates — 2024 AD