Lover of the Heart of God.

Be the Love that you are.

Dear Family,

Thank you for visiting. I love you.

These are the offerings & creations I am presently most excited to share with all of you:

Who Am I?

I am a simple man who loves God, Life, Family, and Truth.

I am an initiator of leaders, healer, space-holder, writer, rapper, mystic, and celebrator of God.

For the past 12 years, I have been on a quest for truth has taken me to 30+ countries and the far reaches of inner space. 

My life is devoted to Divine Love, Naked Honesty, Sacred Fun, and Service to God.

You can learn more about my current offerings to the world here:

You are beautiful just as you are. Thank you for being.

In Grace and Love,

 Created with Love by Jordan Bates — 2022 AD

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 Created by Jordan Bates — 2022 AD