Some Important and Challenging Questions About COVID-19

1. Does it seem ironic at all to speak of ‘prioritizing public health’ in a civilization that has systematically produced the sickest, most unwell, most obese, most addicted, most suicidal population of humans in history, and has raped the planet? And is it wise to trust said civilization’s default assumptions about the best ways to ‘prioritize public health’?

2. Is death a ‘bad’ thing or is it a beautiful intrinsic part of Life, that allows the entire process to continue? Does our Essence die or is it deathless?

3. What is best for Gaia, for Earth? Does Gaia have an Intelligent Immune System that naturally checks and balances the earthly order, sometimes through events that wipe out disharmonious segments of earthly life? Can we trust Earth? Can we trust Nature? 🌎

4. Do we live in a culture that pathologically fears death and pathologically attempts to control/conquer Nature? If so, how are those pathologies showing up in our culture’s response to this pandemic, and to what dark/unfree places might those pathologies lead us, if taken to an extreme?

Much Love 💙

If you haven’t yet read Charles Eisenstein’s profound essay, ‘The Coronation,’ I highly recommend it.

If you wish to read my comprehensive view on COVID-19, read my essay, ‘Coronavirus, Enlightenment, and the Planetary Transition.’ If you wish to discuss these matters, join the Refine The Mind Dojo on Facebook.

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