Jordan Bates is Full of Shit

JORDAN BATES IS FULL OF SHIT. He is a fraud and an imposter.

He projects and defends an image of himself that is not the whole truth.

He says he is purely about God and Truth and Love and Joy and Play and Awakening and Sharing Gifts…

And yet his thoughts and *actions* reveal a more complex picture.

His thoughts and *actions* reveal places where there is still a “he” that feels separate from God.

Separate from God and incomplete.

This shows up as subtle forms of craving and suffering.

Craving for money, admiration, validation, status, comfort, safety, pleasure, immaturity, non-responsibility, being ‘right,’ appearing ‘wise’ and ‘good,’ maintaining a certain image, and so forth.

None of this is inherently ‘wrong’ or ‘bad.’

It just is.

And yet: Only by getting RADICALLY FUCKING HONEST about…

Where he is currently coming from…

What he is currently aligned with…

Is it then possible for JB to ask:

Is this what I truly want to be aligned with, in my Heart of Hearts?

Is this what I want my life to be about?

Is this the most epic, fun, exciting, high-stakes game my Soul wishes to play in this lifetime?

Is this the level of Surrender and Service to Earth and to the Whole that my Soul truly yearns for?

Or is there something more?

Is there a Next Level Game knocking at my door?

Is there a more beautiful and enlivening Dance wishing to come through?

And if so, what would it take for me to Align with that?

What would compel me to sacrifice and revolutionize my current ways of being?

What would feel so fucking powerful and worthwhile and transcendent that I would be willing to burn away every last shred of separative personhood to Align with it?

Sit with these questions, if you like. They’re fucking powerful.

We’re All Full of Shit

[Below is an extension of “Jordan Bates is Full of Shit” published on my Instagram and Facebook]

It feels good to admit that you’re full of shit.

Because the truth is that we’re all full of shit.

There is no such thing as an “authentic” person.

Because “personhood” itself is simply a concept, a construct.

All personalities are fabrications — simply stage characters we choose to play in the theatre drama of the apparent world.

We’re all pretending, we are all entirely making it up as we go along.

And most of us are trying so hard to “keep it all together” — to fabricate a shiny and coherent image that others will accept.

This creates internal stress and pressure that slowly kills us. It sucks the Joy and Love out of life.

So when you admit that we’re ALL full of shit, it liberates you! The jig is up!

No one has it together! Hell, no one can truly be said to even exist.

“Existence” is the first concept.

What is actually here cannot be said to exist or not exist.

It is the unknown, the unfindable, the indefinable.

As such all definitions are lies.

And thus to live a ‘human life is to live a lie, a dream, an illusion, a fabrication.

Of course, the paradox is that the Grand Illusion is made of absolutely nothing other than Truth.

Truth-less Truth is all there is : )

And Truth is indefinable… yet we live in definitions, stories, mythologies.

‘You’ cannot experience anything without first defining/conjuring it into ‘existence’

An infant does not “have” “experiences” that “happen” to “someone” because there is no one there yet; no “person” has been fabricated yet… There is simply a zero space in which empty, groundless, undefined phenomena vanish as soon as they appear.

On top of that pure open innocence we erect castles of definition, belief, concept, conditioning, dogma, and assumption — and all of them are lies.

So…. Admit you’re full of shit; admit you’re making it all up and have no idea what you’re doing… And feel yourself relax and unclench … Shout it from the rooftops! “I’M FULL OF SHIT!!”

Then what can anyone say to you? What can touch you after that? It’s like in the 8 Mile rap battle when Eminem disses himself in every way possible so his opponent has nothing left to use against him.

“Yeah, I am literally a complete fabrication dancing across the made-up stage of this apparent world I defined into existence — so what? It’s a fun game and I like it”

Let the pressure go; you cannot hold it all together because there is nothing to hold together; any solid world you think is here actually vanishes as soon as it appears; look closely and notice how all phenomena morph into something else in the very nanosecond they appear.

Thus you cannot actually define them or pin them down or say they have any inherent nature — this is what emptiness means

And “emptiness” itself is an empty concept.

There’s nothing to hold together. There’s nothing to lose.

So fucking do what you truly want to do and fucking play the game you truly want to play — be as you are.

Because it’s all for fun and it’s absolutely **weightless** — 100% weightless. All apparent burdens are born of definitions and assumptions.

Drop them all — “world,” “self,” “others,” “senses,” “time,” “space,” “God,” “consciousness,” “emptiness,” “Absolute,” — and what are you left with?

You’re left with You — Pure and Stainless and Perfect, as you always were … Utterly untouched by any apparent circumstance.

Take what is useful from what I’m saying; let go of the rest; these are just words; I’m playing with words here.

The words cannot give you what you want but maybe they can point at it if you’re willing to burn them down and look with dead honesty at your own experience.

Or don’t do that. It is utterly 100% okay either way. Everything is perfect.

Always. Take what is relevant, let go of the rest. All is Well.

Yet if you like: Heave a Sacred Sigh of Relief.

Everyone is full of shit.

Including me right now. You’re not the only one. So you can finally R E L A X.

And maybe… Just maybe… When you do finally relax…. You’ll see that the ‘shit’ is entirely made of Gold…

Entirely made of God…

Entirely made of pure innocence

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