It’s Okay to Trust the Wisdom of Nature

When I let go of all the words and stories of the mind…

My Soul tells me to Trust Completely in what is happening.

Disease and death appear dark and foreboding to humans.

To the All, to God, they are as waves crashing or flowers withering, so new wonders can form.

Disease and death are nothing new — perennial as an Iowa winter snowfall.

One day we are all going to die.

In deep entheogenic meditations, Life has shown me that death is nothing to fear…

That it always comes at the perfect moment…

That it is simply a transition to the next adventure…

And that ultimately death is an illusion, as our True Essence is infinite and eternal.

It is okay to Trust the Process.

It is okay to Trust the Wisdom of Nature.

What appears to us as pandemonium may appear to Earth as the birth pangs preceding a Beautiful Newness.

What appears as darkness may later be recognized as the moment before a marvelous sunrise.

Trust. 💙

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About Jordan Bates

Jordan Bates is a Lover of God, healer, mentor of leaders, writer, and music maker. The best way to keep up with his work is to join nearly 7,000 people who read his Substack newsletter.

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4 years ago

While Looking for a Rilke poem on Solitude I came across your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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