Dethrone Your Parents if You Wish to Be Free

At a certain point on the Path, you dethrone your parents.

You stop putting them and their perspectives on a pedestal.

You see them as humans like you—as equals.

You see that their neuroses, attachments, and expectations are their own problem, not yours.

You listen to what they have to say, but you do not treat it as Gospel.

The voice of Truth in your own Heart and Soul becomes a more essential Compass than the voices of your parents (and all other humans).

If your parents take issue with how you are living, you calmly and civilly articulate your perspective; you listen to their feedback and integrate what is useful.

However, if they are throwing up huge emotional resistance and wanting to create a big drama, you see that that is their shit, not yours.

You are a powerful mirror for your parents—one of the most powerful.

It is not your job to show them an image that will perfectly validate their worldview.

It is not your job to do anything in this world—there is nothing you need to do.

If you’d like a heuristic to follow, here is one:

Be as you are. Follow Joy. Do what brings you to Life.

Initially your parents may not like what this looks like, but in their Heart of Hearts, they want you to follow Joy. They want you to do what brings you to Life.

So trust your own Heart and Soul.

This is your Life, not your parents’ Life.

It is crucial to dethrone your parents, lest you live your whole precious Life seeking to gain their approval and avoid their disappointment.

Such a Life is a Life of fear.

This is no way to live.

And deep down, your parents do not want you to live based on fear, even if they themselves know of no other way.

“Teach your parents well,” a wise friend once told me.

At a certain point you start noticing your parents’ blindspots.

You realize you have come to understand more than them in many areas of Life.

Thus you can begin teaching them, as they have taught you.

And always you can continue to learn from them too.

A beautiful reciprocal exchange can begin to occur.

When you own your Power…

When you trust yourself…

And your Path…

And you stand firmly in this…

And you assert this clearly and strongly to your parents…

They will see that you are no longer a child.

They will see that you are a Man or a Woman…

And they will respect you.

They will trust you more and worry less.

So own your Power.

Dethrone your parents.

See that Earth is a playground.

And do whatever the hell you truly wish to do.

Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Power,

P.S. I Love you forever, Mom and Dad. : )

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