Juliet Tang on How to Stay Empowered, Sovereign, and Resilient in the Time of Corona

“Collectively we are going through a gigantic ego death right now. And part of ego death is understanding that we are not our minds.”

— Juliet Tang

Juliet Tang is one of the living humans I’m currently paying the most attention to.

She’s a New Paradigm Business Leadership Mentor and Visionary Shamanic Activator.

She’s a mentor of mine and one of the most powerful humans I’ve ever met.

I consider her a living legend and a badass.

“None of this is here by coincidence… Right now, energetically, the Earth is going through this massive purge. Each of us is going through this massive purge. And, how can we come back to our role? To what we feel is the highest and the purest intention and energy and creation that we can anchor in humanity at this time?

— Juliet Tang

As such, it was an honor to sit down with her and share ways to stay Sovereign, Resilient, and in your Power in the time of COVID.

I share my piece at the beginning, then Juliet takes over to deliver an EXTREMELY POWERFUL TRANSMISSION on where we are at in Earth’s history, what we are being called to step into, and how we can stay Aligned and in our Power in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

“A question I would ask a lot of you to ask yourselves is: What is it like for me to take ownership of my mind and my energetic state right now? What am I responsible for, that I can shift and change? What am I not responsible for changing right now?”

— Juliet Tang

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(And keep scrolling for more high-power excerpts that I recommend reading to truly emblazon them on your neurons.)

More POTENT words from Juliet Tang in this transmission:

“What is my role in this New Earth right now? What is desiring to be birthed through me?”

— Juliet Tang

“God doesn’t make mistakes.”

— Juliet Tang

“From what I know about Spirit: It never, ever communicates in fear. It always communicates in the voice of Love.”

— Juliet Tang

“It’s happening to us, it’s happening through us, it’s happening for us, and it’s happening as us.”

— Juliet Tang

“Whatever your gift is, whatever your highest expression is, whatever your evolutionary genius is, whatever your expertise is: Our world needs it. So, go ahead, give yourself the permission to be, do, and create what you truly came here to be, do, and create, and not get caught up in those stories anymore.

— Juliet Tang

“If I didn’t spend all these years drinking Ayahuasca and going through those journeys, I would be freaking out right now. I’m truly thankful for those times… The medicine work has helped me understand how to take responsibility for myself completely, and not project and not blame and not get sucked into other people’s energy. And as the collective purging is going on I believe this is one of the most important takeaways for all of us: How to take 100% radical responsibility, for not just our actions—for our Being. For our Being… The message I always, always, always, get from every single plant medicine journey is to Remember Who You Are. Remember, remember: You’re not just this human body with this little mind with your worries. Remember Who You Are: Remember the God-Presence within you. Remember that you are an expression and extension of That. And this is especially the time to lean into that. Because our world has been operating from the mind for so, so, so long, and that is crumbling right now.

— Juliet Tang

“The old is really crumbling right now. It’s crumbling… The real pivoting that is happening right now is for us to pivot to birth what we came to Earth to birth at this time—that is going to come from a place of Unity Consciousness, that is going to bridge the old and the new, that is going to really support all of the people on our planet… this is the time for us to truly work together and come together and build these conscious communities, and have friends and allies and partnerships that we can rely on. When the old is no longer working, we are invited to birth the new.

— Juliet Tang

In order for us to come up with a creative solution, we cannot use the same consciousness that created that problem. We just can’t. So part of this is, understand: How can I separate my energy from what is going on right now? How can I tap into my own resources? How can I align with that highest vision or version of WHO I BE, and how can I tell a circumstance from the truth?”

— Juliet Tang

“If we are sitting home imagining the worst-case scenario, that is producing something. That is going into the universe. VERSUS: None of us really know what is going to happen. Each of us has this creative power. So, use your imagination wisely. Use your thoughts wisely. And really stay connected to your own individual reality: What is coming up for you and what needs to be processed at this time. Instead of getting really sucked into other people’s journeys…”

— Juliet Tang

“Especially in the spiritual community, there are a lot of people who are currently operating from the shadow of their Savior or Healer Archetype—that believe that they need to be saving the world right now and they’re responsible for other peoples’ emotions. And there are a lot of people that are doing it right now without even understanding that they’re doing it. And they end up feeling exhausted. They end up feeling like their energetic state has been infiltrated. So really ask yourself: What am I responsible for? What is it that I’m really in charge of? And at the end of the day, for me, what I’m really in charge of is my own reality. It’s my thoughts, it’s my emotions, it’s my choices, it’s my actions.”

— Juliet Tang

I maximally recommend exploring more of Juliet’s soul-activating work on Facebook and on her website.

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