8 Reasons Why the Age of Corona is the Perfect Time to Start a Conscious Online Business

We’re now in the Age of Coronavirus, and it is a Perfect Time to start your Conscious Online Business. Here’s why:

1. We’re going through a major global shake-up. If there were ever a time to step into your Soul Power and start being what you are here to be, now is the time. Earth will be grateful to have you aligned, sovereign, empowered, and generative now.

2. A conscious business is a vehicle to amplify your income and impact. High-integrity businesses create huge value and win-win exchanges. Conscious entrepreneurs *are* leading the way in birthing a new global civilization.

It is time to drop our ‘spiritual’ allergy to wealth creation and transform business through consciousness. It is time for conscious, wise beings to gain a larger share of wealth on this planet to increase our impact and powers of manifestation.

3. High-integrity online business just took a quantum leap. Due to quarantine, people are more open than ever to online solutions, and they’re spending a lot more time on the Internet.

4. Many people are out of work right now, yet online businesses are still operating as usual, even up-leveling. This demonstrates that online businesses are anti-fragile. Only the total downfall of the Internet can take them down.

5. The global economy has been shifting online for decades, and now this process is accelerating. Many brick-and-mortar businesses are suffering or closing due to being shut down yet still needing to pay rent and other expenses. Online businesses, by contrast, have vastly less overhead/expenses, far less risk, and are highly unlikely ever to be shut down.

6. Online businesses are able to serve a global audience, 24/7/365. You can create a business around anything—anything you love—and find a global audience for your micro-niche, due to having billions of potential users/clients at your fingertips.

7. Starting a business and being an entrepreneur are excellent warrior training. Business and money are such powerful mirrors that will bring up all your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns. This is an outstanding way to level up, during these uncertain times.

8. It’s time to build the economy and civilization of the future. It’s time to innovate a new regenerative paradigm of business and civilization based on universal compassion, integrity, resilience, eco-awareness, and the marriage of the spiritual and material. You have an opportunity to help blaze this trail. It is time for humanity to escape the rat race.

I’ve been a Conscious Entrepreneur for 8 years. I’ve co-built a half-million-dollar Conscious Business at HighExistence. And I’ve rapidly built a multiple-five-figure Conscious Business at Refine The Mind since focusing on monetizing the site last year.

I’ll soon be launching Version 2.0 of my course, Escaping the Rat Race. It’s a Transformational Journey and Radically Honest Toolkit to exit 9-to-5, follow Bliss, start a Conscious Business, and manifest Aligned Abundance.

“Your course has changed my life and has secured me three, real life, paid bookings.”

— Lindsey, Escaping the Rat Race Tribe Member

If you want to be first to know when Escaping the Rat Race V2.0 is live, join the Freedom Tribe.

Is it time to stop being a victim and claim your birthright as the Sovereign King / Queen of your reality?

Remember: Now is all we ever have, so…

Now or never.

Love, Joy, Power,


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Doug Stark
4 years ago

You’ve really caught my attention with some of the information on your site. I’m keenly interested in the process of how to monetize an offering and build a brand online.

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