On COVID-19: No One Truly Knows What is Happening

Regarding COVID: As I’ve said from the early days, no one truly knows what is happening. No one truly knows the ‘best’ course of action.

Yet I have seen an overwhelming herd of people simply unquestioningly pile onto the dominant narrative, and I have seen an emerging slippery slope toward a more unfree, paranoid, reactive, over-sterilized, ‘locked down’ culture. Who knows how far this slippery slope can go?

I’ve also intuitively felt and seen and sensed that something is ‘off’ about the way this whole thing has unfolded—that there is a lot more going on here than what meets the eye. Unlike much of our ‘rationality’/scientism-worshipping culture I cherish the signals of my intuition and endeavor to integrate them.

Thus, despite understanding the dominant line of reasoning, I began to see more of a memetic need for the propagation of counter-perspectives and the highlighting of the shadow sides and blindspots of the dominant view.

Counter-narratives are adaptive, useful; mass dogmatic investment in a single narrative has historically resulted in untold bloodshed.

Thus, I remain in a place of Not Knowing yet have begun sharing more of the counter-signals that seem valuable and under-recognized.

The vicious mass shaming of unorthodox perspectives that I have witnessed is one of the most concerning aspects of this whole situation.

People pretend to be open-minded until you trigger their fear of death, then they become slaves to whatever story gives them a false sense of security.

I remain overall optimistic about what is happening, seeing within this crisis a powerful Mirror, Wake Up Call, and Rite of Passage that is summoning humanity to see itself more clearly and birth the wise, regenerative, eco-harmonious civilization that is wanting to be born.

And as always, I trust Nature. From where I stand, everything is always Okay, always in Divine Order. ☯️

Sending Love and Strength to All.

Stay resilient, stay humble, stay vital. ⚔️🔥

Be who you truly are, play your part well, don’t forget to laugh. 💙

“Do not seek truth; only cease to cherish your opinions.”

— Seng-ts’an

If you wish to read my comprehensive view on COVID-19, read my essay, ‘Coronavirus, Enlightenment, and the Planetary Transition.’ If you wish to discuss these matters, join the Refine The Mind Dojo on Facebook.

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