Money and Sex are Two of the Most Powerful Mirrors

Money and sex are two of the most powerful mirrors in the world.

People displace huge quantities of resentment and baggage onto these projection screens.

Thus it’s wise to continually examine your relationship to these facets of life — your (limiting) beliefs about them, what feelings they trigger in you.

On Money

Money is a neutral tool and energy that can be used for beautiful/generative or destructive purposes.

Approached from an energy of neediness, scarcity, addiction, or ego-inflation, money tends to become a torturous source of despair; one never feels one has enough.

Approached from an energy of wholeness, abundance, and pure intention, money can be a source of Joy and Freedom, a constantly flowing energy by which we acknowledge the Value of others and are rewarded for our Value.

Many ‘spiritual’ people view money as dirty and evil—due to limiting beliefs and projections—and thus sabotage their ability to attain financial freedom and abundance.

Drop the ‘spiritual’ allergy to wealth and realize it is natural to be Divinely Compensated for sharing your Value and Gifts in this world.

On Sex

In truth all phenomena are neutral.

Sex too is a neutral phenomenon. Its energies can be harnessed in beautiful/generative or destructive ways.

Approached from an energy of neediness, scarcity, addiction, or objectification, sex tends to be hollow, unfulfilling, inwardly corrosive.

Approached from an energy of wholeness, abundance, sacredness, and connection, sex can be a Portal to Unity Consciousness and the higher potentialities of human life.

No Amount of Money and Sex Can Fulfill You Unless…

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

— Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Many people think, “If I just had more money, life would be great…” or “If I could just find a romantic partner, life would be great…”.

In truth this is delusion.

People look for ‘external’ objects/people/experiences to fulfill them, not realizing that what they are really looking for is their own Primordial Wholeness.

Wholeness is your True Nature.

Find a picture of yourself as an infant and stare into those fresh, bright eyes; who could say that you were not Whole and Complete? It’s self-evident.

Me circa 1992, new to this world.

Yet at a certain point we are conditioned to internalize a sense of being a small separate self, cut off from the rest of the world.

In this illusion of total identification with an ego-character, there is an inherent sense of not being enough. On some level we intuit that something is amiss.

We chase money, sex, achievement, status, and peak experiences to try to fill this sense of an internal void.

Yet it never feels like enough because…

No amount of money or sex or experience can ever bring lasting fulfillment unless you see beyond the illusion of separation.

Remember that you already are Whole and One with All That Is.

There is no separation.

You are not your mind, body, ego, conditioning, trauma, experience, beliefs, stories, or identities.

You are the Allness and Oneness out of which Creation emerges.

On a deep level you already know this.

And since you are reading these words, it is likely you are beginning to remember this.

I do not want you to take my word for it. That won’t work.

The Nature of Things is such that each Soul must remember it for themselves.

No one else can give it to you.

If you wish to remember, there are various methods that are likely to help: The wise use of entheogens, meditation/wakefulness/witnessing, fasting, vision quests, sweat lodges, ecstatic dance, breathwork, and so on.

I recommend reading Eckhart Tolle, David Hawkins, and Jed McKenna, then seeking out Ayahuasca or psilocybin mushrooms in a ceremonial context (such as Apotheosis).

Begin to practice being the Neutral Witness of all phenomena that arise and fall away in the field of Awareness.

“You are the sky—everything else, it’s just the weather.”

Pema Chodron

Practice being the Sky.

God, or Oneness, is like the Sky: Infinite Vastness unconditionally present and indiscriminately nourishing for all beings.

Can I Still Manifest My Dreams?

“Once I remember Primordial Wholeness, can I still manifest my dreams?”

Of course, and you’ll do so much more effortlessly, though you may be surprised to find that you don’t desire the same things anymore.

To remember Primordial Wholeness, you must drop all stories and identities that you developed in order to please other people.

As this happens, you may notice that you no longer care about having a shiny watch, a big house, or a fancy job title.

Nonetheless, though, this earthly realm is indeed a playground for us to remember our True Creative Power and manifest whatever we desire.

If you wish, you can manifest abundant wealth, world travel, beautiful romances, food-gasmic feasts, and whatever else frosts your cookies.

Pretty cool, eh?

You can manifest whatever you like in this world, though paradoxically your power to manifest is greatest when you are completely non-attached from outcomes and when you truly see that Everything You Dream Of is already yours.

You already are All That Was, Is, or Will Be.

There is nothing you need to do, prove, possess, accomplish, become, or attain in order to be Enough.

You are Complete.

When you know this in your bones, you already feel Whole, and you will not look for Wholeness in ‘external’ impermanent things. You will simply enjoy them for what they are, letting them come and letting them go.

And again, paradoxically, in not clinging to or needing these delights, they will flow to you far more effortlessly.

Clinging and neediness block the flow of Abundance; cling to anything in this world too tightly and you will crush it.

After an Ayahuasca retreat some months ago, I summarized these insights succinctly when I wrote:

“Presently I feel that I do not need anything from anyone, I have everything I need within, and this is why my energy is suddenly irresistible to everything my Soul desires.”

In Sum

Begin to notice that every single moment, person, and situation in your life is a mirror.

All you are ever seeing is your own Self reflected back to you.

Thus every moment can be your teacher.

Look for any area where you are blaming ‘external’ circumstances or entities for a perceived lack in your life.

This is a classic, pervasive way people give away their Power.

Activate yourself.

Own your Power to remember that you are already Whole.

Own your Power to choose and create your reality.

Nature loves courageous action. 💫

Infinite Blessings to you.

Love, Peace, Joy, Freedom, Power,

Shoutout to the great Juliet Tang for inspiring some of the ideas / language in this post.

If you want to go deeper, take my course: Escaping the Rat Race: The Radically Honest Toolkit to Escape 9-to-5, Follow Joy, and Live Free.

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