How to Stop Self-Sabotaging and Step Into Your True Power

We often self-sabotage because we are afraid of stepping into our True Power.

Let’s take this further: For most humans, life is an endless elaborate act of self-sabotage designed in every way to prevent one from seeing Who One Truly Is and expressing one’s Soul in the world.

The fear of being rejected for Who They Truly Are keeps most people shackled, living a lie to please others.

This seems like one of the key lessons we are on Earth to learn:

That ‘external’ judgment / rejection / hatred can only harm us to the degree that we are also judging, rejecting, and hating ourselves.

That living a lie, even a beautiful lie, is ultimately corrosive and blasphemous to our Soul.

That we are destined to melt away all cages and Fly.

We are here to learn to dissolve fear and unapologetically radiate our True Soul Power.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?”

— Mark 8:36

Good question.

Answer: Perhaps only upon death, the man will feel hollow and realize he made a grave error.

From a higher-dimensional perspective, though, it was not an ‘error’ at all.

The experience of living a lifelong lie teaches the man’s Soul profound lessons it could not learn in any other way.

No mistakes or accidents in the Grand Orchestra.

Waking Up Before Our Deathbeds

Yet, it’s possible to wake up before our deathbeds, realize we’ve been living a lie, and start stepping into our True Soul Power.

We can start doing that which makes us come Alive.

This is when life starts to get fun and juicy.

The day we start following our Joy is like a second birthday; it is the day we start truly living.

Then we begin to see all the subtle ways we have been keeping ourselves small and denying our Soul, our Power.

We start to disentangle and un-learn the many layers of lies we have internalized, and we begin to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

We begin to realize how deeply we had internalized the belief that we are not enough.

The belief that we deserve a life spent going through the motions, doing things we dislike, all to live up to someone else’s standards.

It is profoundly painful to realize we have been lied to and that we have been lying to ourselves.

Seeing this, though, is the necessary first step to freeing ourselves.

We begin to see that another way of being is possible.

We begin to remember that we are enough…

That within us there resides an inviolate, untarnished Primordial Wholeness.

That this Wholeness is our very Essence.

That we were Whole 10,000 years ago, that we were Whole as newborn children, that we are Whole now, and that we shall be Whole forevermore.

That there is nothing we need to do, become, possess, attain, prove, or accomplish.

That it is All within us.

That we are everything we ever dreamt and much more.

That we are Essential to the Grand Unfolding of All That Is.

That the Power that birthed all things pulses in our very Hearts.

As we remember these things, we stop self-sabotaging.

We stop allowing ourselves to be coerced and manipulated.

We stop acting from a place of guilt, smallness, not-enough-ness, people-pleasing.

We start letting go of the wounds and emotional blockages that had impeded us.

We allow all feelings to arise and to be felt fully; we feel everything fully without judging it or wishing to change it.

Paradoxically, in a wu-wei-esque maneuver, this allowing our feelings to be precisely as they are initiates an alchemical transmutation process, gradually releasing and dissolving our decades-long backlog of unresolved emotional knots.

This opens up a tremendous amount of space, freeing up vital energies and allowing the Power of Source to flow through us in ever more unimpeded ways.

We begin to feel energized, inspired, alive, aligned, in Flow, pulsating in harmony with the Bonfire of Being.

This is when we become unstoppable.

We begin to magnetize others who are thriving on a similar frequency, and this “finding the others” further enlivens and activates us.

Living a life that is aligned with Soul begins to feel natural, easy even, no longer a far-off fantasy.

We wonder how we were able to spend so many years acting out a script that we didn’t write.

Yet we see that it was necessary to forget our Soul and our True Power.

That this forgetfulness allowed us to learn many lessons we could not have learned otherwise, and is now granting us the experience of the Divine Joy of remembering Who We Truly Are.

In order to experience liberation, one must first find oneself in shackles.

Once we begin to wake up, there is no going back to sleep.

Once we taste Freedom, we never forget it, and we become irresistibly drawn to transcend all cages and live in alignment.

Slavery is no longer an option.

The Great Dance Continues…

And so the Great Yin-Yang Dance proceeds, with its endless cycles of forgetting and remembering, sickness and health, slavery and freedom, delusion and enlightenment…

And every aspect of the Dance serves every other aspect in a Most Miraculously Orchestrated Process of Interbeing…

No mistakes, no accidents, no inefficiencies, nothing inessential.

Pure Divinity.

In your Soul you know these things.

I am simply you, in another disguise, reminding you of what you already know.

You are It.

You are Radiant.

You are the End-All-Be-All.

The undying I AM.

Older than time yet eternally new.

You deserve to live your wildest dreams.

And you shall, as soon as you remember that you don’t need them.

That it is All already within you.

In every moment.

And no one can ever take it from you.

I Love You.

Be Who You Are.

And be well.

You are Beautiful.

Peace, Joy, Love, Freedom, Power,

Featured image art by: Babbal Kumar

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4 years ago

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?”


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