Forgiveness Truly is Divine

Forgiveness truly is Divine.

It becomes easier when you realize:

  1. In every moment, every person’s behavior is simply a manifestation of their present level of (un)consciousness.
  2. Holding onto resentment poisons your own being far more than anyone else’s. Let love heal.

As much as possible, take nothing personally. Even when it seems someone did something just to hurt you—even if that person consciously endeavored to hurt you—it was not about you. It was about their relationship with themselves.

“If you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all.”

― Yogi Bhajan

How to forgive:

1. Become willing to forgive. Say the words, “I want to forgive [name]. I am ready to forgive.” Ask God or Nature or the Cosmos for the love, grace, strength, and wisdom to forgive. Pray for the healing of everyone involved in the situation.

2. Surrender the anger, grudgingness, resentment, and all other difficult or dark emotions around the situation. To do this, allow the feelings to arise without wishing to modify them in any way. Simply acknowledge that they are there and allow yourself to begin to feel them fully without resisting them. This is called the Letting Go Technique and will gradually release the pent-up energy behind the emotions.

3. Send love to the person. Imagine them as a small child. Get in touch with the deep-down primordial innocence of their nature—of all our natures; we are akin to adult children making it up as we go along. Empathize with the person. Realize that “hurt people hurt people,” that within them is a wounded child acting out because of fear, grief, pain.

4. Realize there is nothing to forgive in the first place. Forgiveness implies wrongness, but if people are restricted to acting at their present level of (un)consciousness, could they have acted another way? Likely they could not have. And remember: “There but for the grace of God go I”: That is, if the cosmic tables were turned, you could have been born as that person, with their same experiences… If that were the case, can you honestly say you would have acted differently?

Perhaps you, like me, have seen substantial evidence that Nature is Divinely Orchestrated and everything is happening precisely as it needs to in every moment. Within such a paradigm, forgiveness becomes unnecessary, because there are no mistakes or accidents. Everything is happening as it should. From the perspective of the Infinite Awareness underlying all things, Oneness is truth, and effortless unconditional love is an inevitable consequence of this Oneness.

If you’d like to ponder these ideas more deeply, I highly recommend the work of David Hawkins, particularly his book Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

Nature loves it when we forgive the unforgivable.

In that moment we manifest the divine mercy of the gods.


Forgive yourself.

Forgive everyone.

Forgiveness heals the world.

“Heaven is a place we make by forgiving mistakes we make.”


Peace, Joy, Love, Freedom, Strength,

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