10 Toxic Habits to Murder Your Chances of Happiness

It’s saddening how many people fall into the treacherous quicksand of bad habits.

They repeatedly make the same mistakes and end up feeling frozen in place. And most of the time, it isn’t their fault.

They fail to grasp that we get from life what we give. They haven’t realized the world we see reflects our mental state. They don’t know how to start doing something to change their lives.

They must understand that what we don’t do is often as important as what we do. Most of them could transform their lives by avoiding these 10 habits.

In other words, if you want to commit happiness suicide, do the following.

Troubled Gaze

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1. Disrespect your body.

Chow down on all things sweet, salty, fatty, or fried. Don’t think about touching fruits or vegetables. Snack whenever you feel like it, and don’t watch your weight. Exercise? Who needs it. Sprawl out on the couch when you have free time and watch re-runs of Happy Days.

2. Lie.

Honesty is for suckers. Manipulate the people around you. It’s fun. You might lose some friends and the trust of others in the process, but screw those people. Don’t forget to lie to yourself, too. You don’t have a problem. You didn’t make a mistake. You know what’s best. Repeat these lines in your head frequently.

3. Forget to set goals.

Dare to dream and achieve? Bologna. Your job is fine. Your fitness is fine. Your relationships are fine. Keep doing what you’re doing. Ambitious people are losers.

4. Pollute your mind.

The entertainment you expose yourself to will have no effect on your thoughts and moods. By all means, listen to hateful music, watch television constantly, look up perverse videos on the Internet, and surround yourself with warped individuals.

5. Always give in to the temptation of the moment.

Never value your long-term well-being over what sounds great right now. Eat that piece of cake. Binge drink 5 nights a week. Smoke more cigarettes. If you want it, don’t hesitate.

6. Take shortcuts.

You don’t have to work hard to earn success. Opportunities to skate by and cheat the system are all around. Capitalize on them. If this means swindling or betraying other people, don’t think twice.

7. Never ask for help.

Don’t go to a friend, family member, teacher, or colleague with your problems. Always remain too proud and stubborn to admit that you don’t have it all figured out.

8. Stop listening and learning.

You are the smartest person in the world. Don’t keep an open mind. Don’t learn something from everyone you meet. Stop reading books, too. They can’t teach you anything.

9. Live outside your means.

You really want that new car, wardrobe, apartment? Buy it. Buy it all. No big deal if you have to go into debt for a while. That’s what loans are for. Don’t even think about making a budget or planning financially in any way, shape, or form.

10. Try nothing new.

All of your hobbies, interests, friends, habits, and ways of thinking have taken you this far. Life can’t get any better, so don’t make changes. So what if you feel empty inside? Feelings are for little fairy boys.

Now, I’m going to be honest.

I’ve been guilty of most of these habits at some point in my life, and I still struggle to discipline myself all the time. All of us do. This business of bettering yourself isn’t easy.

You have to truly care, dig in, and get your hands dirty. Changes may happen very slowly. Go at a pace that feels natural for you.

The key is to commit and never stop. The victory lies in the determination to always keep climbing. The labor you put in is the treasure you reap in the end.

None of us can do it alone…

So let’s do it together. Let’s wage war against mediocrity. Let’s care enough about ourselves to become better people.

Let’s inspire each other and find happiness in the process. Let’s make this world a lovelier place for all.

I believe in us. Are you with me?

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
-Helen Keller

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Anish Kuriakose
Anish Kuriakose
7 years ago

Thanks for this 🙂

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