The Human & the Tortoise: A Mind-Bending Philosophy Comic

I made a comic!

For the first time ever.

It involves an angst-ridden human and a sorta-Zen tortoise and plenty of strangeness. I’ll leave it at that. I hope you enjoy.


comic2 comic3 comic4b comic5 comic6b comic7-2 comic111 comic9-2

A version of this essay was first published at HighExistence.

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Francis Meyrick
8 years ago

That’s pretty clever – I like that. “There isn’t a caretaker”. Um. Aren’t WE the caretakers?

Jordan Bates
8 years ago

i guess that’s for us to decide, francis. πŸ™‚

i consider myself a caretaker. at least an aspiring one. glad you liked it, my friend.

The Ongoing Wow
8 years ago

I look forward to more of these!

Jordan Bates
8 years ago

πŸ™‚ very cool. i will keep that in mind and try to do more

Hayley Hawkins
Hayley Hawkins
8 years ago

i love this!

Jordan Bates
8 years ago
Reply to  Hayley Hawkins


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