21 Eccentric & Existence-Affirming Tweets From Artist KOOL A.D.


Most humans who encounter his work would likely agree that Victor Vazquez, better known by the moniker “KOOL A.D.”, is a walking unclassifiable, an eccentric and enigmatic presence in the modern rap scene and society at large. Fans of the rapper/artist would probably add that KOOL’s wildly unorthodox nature is precisely the reason they can’t get enough of him.

We’re talking about the guy who, when he was a member of the much-lauded, post-ironic rap group Das Racist, amusedly sang that “rapgenius.com is white devil sophistry”; the guy who told disgruntled New York Times interviewer Deborah Solomon to “fall back”; the guy who sells quirky, psychedelic drawings and 300-word inspirational emails to his Instagram and Twitter followings via PayPal; the guy who challenged a New Yorker cartoonist to a “cartoon-off” and dismantled him.

KOOL A.D. Photo Credit: Atticus Finch.

KOOL A.D. Photo Credit: Atticus Finch.

The list could go on. Many a rap enthusiast has probably been infatuated with the silly, zero-f**ks-given surface of the KOOL A.D. aesthetic and culture—the iconic beard and bizarre wardrobe, the recurring celebrity shout-outs, the riffing and joking through interviews, the ALL-CAPS (“like a Marxist typographist”) Twitter persona, etc.—but those who engage his art on a deeper level, who search for some method within the madness, are likely the most loyal and affectionate KOOL A.D. fans.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Because as one finds when one ventures deeply enough, KOOL A.D. is more than a “based” stoner-trickster performing mindless antics (though I doubt such a title would upset him). So much more, in fact, that I’ve contemplated writing a short eBook on his art and philosophical viewpoints (stay tuned). For this post, I’m not going to dive into that abyss. This list is a single breadcrumb on a long, winding trail—a trail which leads down a proverbial rabbit hole into the KOOL A.D. wonderland of multimedia shenanigans and mind-bending art.

Should you choose to follow that trail, you may discover that KOOL’s “darts” indeed “recharge batteries”. You may find a dude whose ongoing work and simple existence can bring you solace, insight, and chuckles. Or you might hate him, who knows. Either way, cast your gaze upon these perspective-rich and humorous nuggets and see how they glisten. Or don’t, you know, whatever.

While You’re At It

WORD O.K., 2014.

WORD O.K., 2014.

So you just read those tweets and they were pretty neat. Now you should go listen to KOOL A.D.’s newest album, WORD O.K. (free on Bandcamp).

Alright, um, I’m going to go do whatever and feel okay.

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P.S. In the past few months I created a fictional rapping character named Lostboyevsky. I’ve been doing some shows in Korea and just released the first official track off of an upcoming Lostboyevsky project. Ironically, the track uses a Big Baby Gandhi beat that KOOL A.D. once rapped over. You can listen to the song here and follow Lostboyevsky on Twitter.

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