The Irrefutable Reason Why You Owe it to Yourself to Refine Your Mind

re·fine   /riˈfīn/

1. Remove impurities or unwanted elements from.
2. Improve (something) by making small changes.

Everyone in the world should be concerned with refining their mind — i.e. abolishing worry and stress, increasing energy and confidence, developing motivation and focus, and fostering compassion and understanding.

Perhaps you’re like me and believe that these pursuits are intrinsically noble, but even if you don’t, listen up close. Here is the earth-shattering reason that should convince anyone to invest the labor and time into bettering themselves and refining their mind.

The Irrefutable Reason

The world, as you see it each day, is a reflection of your state of mind, ever-changing for better or worse depending on how you spend your time.

Cheers to New Horizons

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Pretty mind-boggling, huh? Maybe you haven’t quite grasped the full implication. We have the power to change our world and our lives by purifying the contents of our craniums. Seriously, consider this.

Camp A: People Who Hate or Merely Tolerate Life

Millions, if not billions of people, are tired and timid every day. Their minds are clouded and bogged down by stress and anxiety.

Their lone motivation for scraping out a meager existence is fear of complete failure or rejection. They don’t understand other ways of life, so they vent their anger by slandering good people who live differently than them.

These people live in a dark world. Their wellspring of hopes and dreams dried up long ago, leaving them feeling stuck and empty.

They dread climbing from their beds each morning to face the bleakness of their circumstances, and they turn to destructive habits to forget their lives.

Camp B: People Who Live Prosperously

Then, there’s this other group of extraordinary people who won’t accept living in such a dreary world. These people wake up energized and assured of their ability to achieve.

They experience minor stress, but their organization, preparation, and focus allow them to manage it easily. They are motivated to work hard because they love what they’re doing, and they reciprocate kindness because they know compassion.

For these people, the world is bright and full of opportunity. That’s not to say they don’t have their off-days, but by and large, they may as well be living in another dimension.

So what gives? What is it that separates those who wind up in Camp A versus those who thrive in Camp B?

The Difference-Maker

The answer lies in a single decision not to settle for despair, a decision to take action, to eliminate self-defeating habits, and to improve this one life. This is the key to seeing a brighter world.

I must stress that this requires serious determination. It’s simple to say you’re going to change your life.

The discipline of doing will always weed out the faint of heart.

But don’t doubt yourself or become overwhelmed. As long as you persevere, things can change as slowly as you like, and progress becomes the greatest motivator.

Is it worth it?

You bet your bottom dollar. Life can taste a whole lot sweeter, and not a single person ever regrets putting in the hours to get there. A sense of accomplishment, my friends, is among the purest forms of joy.

So, with that, I’ve got something to ask of you. Will you take the leap and commit today to not settling for a life in shades of grey? Will you decide to improve your life, slowly but decisively in the coming months and years?

I hope you will, for your sake.

Don’t know where to begin?

You have all sorts of doubts, and maybe you feel overwhelmed. That’s perfectly natural. Here’s how you can take a few simple steps in the right direction and grow your confidence.

For starters, read this blog. And, maybe this one and this one.

In the end, though, reading all the tips in the world does nothing if you don’t start taking action. Taking action sounds difficult, but the coolest part is that it doesn’t have to be.

Start really small. Go for a walk or strike up a conversation with a stranger or write a single journal entry. It can be something tiny, but the key lies in beginning to do anything to stretch your comfort zone.

Gain Momentum

After a few successful little actions, try making a habit out of something. Do something just once or twice a week at first, and slowly increase.

A bit of momentum creates a snowball effect with good, satisfying habits. Soon, you’re eager to practice your new habit and to develop more of them.

Striving to better yourself is frightening because the undertaking truly rests on your shoulders. But, it’s also liberating to consider that you have the freedom and power to do it.

I’m committed to working hard to live a fulfilling life, and I’m here for you. Are you with me?

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
― Ernest Hemingway

*Photo Credit: ((brian)) (Creative Commons)

Hey, one last thing. How did you feel about this post? Was it inspirational, helpful, dull? I’d really appreciate if you left a comment below. Feedback is necessary for improvement. Thanks, all. Take care.

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Michael Clark
Michael Clark
11 years ago

“A bit of momentum creates a snowball effect with good, satisfying habits. Soon, you’re eager to practice your new habit and to develop more of them.”

Couldn’t agree more!

9 years ago

Really glad I found this website, it’s articles are exactly what I need and when I needed it!!

Andie Mitchell
Andie Mitchell
9 years ago

I am a fan Jordan. I am looking for new ways to motivate my clients and your site was in my search. Good job with the clear message for personal growth. I am officially motivated and will be adding you to my sources!

7 years ago

Great perspective. Love the quote by Hemingway.

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