58 Splendid-Groovy-Magnificent Things Happening the Moment You’re Reading This

This world contains a colossal amount of scary, evil nastiness.

Helpless children are gunned down with increasing regularity in our schools.

Real, honest people face constant discrimination because of the color of their skin pigment.

Innocent civilians are murdered daily because of wars over whose God knows best.

Dedicated life partners are denied marriage because of a natural predisposition to love the same sex.

These things make me sad. They weigh upon me, distress me.

I wonder why we can’t stop the madness. Why must we persist this way? Why do we carry on our ancestors’ legacies of oppression and hatred?

Of course, simple answers do not exist. It seems the dark side of human nature insists upon rearing its ugly head, despite what we know, despite the risk of humanity’s destruction.

Focusing on Solutions

At times when I’d like nothing more than to apparate and leave this Earth behind, I pause and reflect.

I remember that a tremendous amount of positivity yet exists, and that I don’t have to be a powerless observer of the wickedness. I can be a part of the solution.

I can be an example of love and acceptance. I can sign a petition to reform gun policy. I can bravely raise my voice, and I can push people to reconsider their views.

I certainly cannot do everything, but I can do somethingWe all can, if we choose. Each one of us can be a force for positive change, and that’s something worth smiling about.

Keeping it in Perspective

In the midst of tragic-shit-soup, it’s crucial not to become consumed with rage. Anger stifles creativity and incapacitates our ability to work together.

We can fight to alleviate the problems of the world, while still orienting our mindset toward progress that has been made and good things that are happening. 

Because while there exists much injustice and filth in this world of ours, there also happens to be much sunshine and hope.

And inevitably, that which we dispense the most time and mental energy upon has the strongest effect on our everyday outlook.

For myself and many others, though, it’s often natural to focus on the crapola.

And that’s where this post comes in. It’s a gentle reminder to you all (and to myself) to remember the brilliant, awesome things in the midst of all the gunk.

It’s about counting the victories, despite the setbacks. With that, here are 58 splendid-groovy-magnificent things happening right now.

Bright, Orange Flower Against Purple Darkness

Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt (Creative Commons)

The Badass-Groovy-Magnificent List

1. Despite astronomical odds against life in the universe, here we are, breathing and singing, pondering and wandering.

2. A future husband and wife are oblivious to all pain and bad feeling, currently sharing their first, magical kiss as teenagers.

3. A courageous man, volunteering to risk his life as a firefighter, is snatching a child from the clenches of death and returning him to his weeping mother’s arms.

4. A generous couple is donating a significant portion of their wealth to feed hundreds of starving families for the next year.

5. Someone is experiencing the immense satisfaction of having realized their lifelong dream, despite countless naysayers telling them it wasn’t possible.

6. A fuzzy, orange kitten, who was about to be put down, is now being adopted by someone who will love her and give her a cozy home.

7. After years of prayer and uncertainty, a mother is crying in thanksgiving as she hugs her son who has just returned from a war.

8. A brand new father and mother are gazing affectionately into the curious eyes of their perfect newborn daughter.

9. Millions of books are being printed and read worldwide, provoking thought and transporting people to far-off, magical places.

10. A recovering alcoholic is celebrating 2 years without a drink, reflecting on how his life has transformed.

11. Someone who was once depressed and suicidal is grinning ear to ear, having discovered newfound purpose, solace, and joy.

12. Life is thriving in countless graceful forms that we cannot imagine, both on our planet and elsewhere in the universe.

13. A father is laughing and jogging to keep up as he teaches his daughter to ride a bicycle.

14. Stargazers all over the world are wide-eyed and peaceful, basking in the sublime grandeur and mystery of our existence.

15. A child removed from an abusive home has now lived with tender, warmhearted parents for three years.

16. A drowning man’s life is being saved by a brave Coast Guardsman.

17. A passionate, expressive musical performance is bringing an audience to tears.

18. Where a forest once burnt to ashes, new trees are once again reaching for the heavens.

19. A lonely fellow is receiving comfort from words written long ago by a now-deceased person.

20. A stranger just stumbled to the ground, and a kind passerby is helping them up, asking if they are alright.

21. The majesty of the rising sun is serving as a beacon of hope for prisoners in nations at war.

22. A family is smiling as they page through their deceased grandfather’s legacy of photographs.

23. A once obese man is looking in the mirror, happy with what he sees for the first time in years.

24. A man and his wife are hugging and sobbing. He’s just been told he beat the cancer.

25. Impoverished children in a developing country are finally receiving an education because volunteers built them a school.

26. A story of courage and adventure is capturing a child’s heart and imagination.

27. After decades of dedication to one another, a gay couple’s marriage is finally being recognized in the eyes of the law.

28. Two complete strangers are sharing a smile, and they both feel an uplifting bond of humanity.

29. Someone’s best friend is hugging and consoling them as they grieve for a parent’s death.

30. A group of friends is laughing so uproariously that they can hardly breathe, having just shared a spontaneous moment of hilarity.

31. A cluster of grandkids sits wide-eyed, as their grandparents regale them with stories from their younger years.

32. An innocent man is being acquitted of all charges.

33. A woman’s dog is there for her now, at a time when no one else seems to be, and they love each other so much.

34. A pretty girl is bright-eyed and beaming as she reads a letter from her long-distance lover.

35. Education and passion are allowing young men and women to escape from neighborhoods of drug abuse and gang violence.

36. Racism fades more and more, day by day, little by little, and togetherness increases.

37. Someone who was once timid is dancing absurdly in public, feeling absolutely liberated.

38. The very same atomic matter that burst forth in supernova explosions billions of years ago is now walking around on two legs, conscious of its existence. It’s you.

39. A man is telling a woman she is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and he means it with all his heart and soul.

40. A young child’s father just encouraged him to dream and to believe in himself.

41. A student is thanking her hero, a teacher, for challenging and inspiring her.

42. Aurora Borealis is sending chills down the spine of a lucky observer.

43. A stranger is donating an organ that will allow a young woman he doesn’t know to live 50 years longer.

44. Children are hopping and splashing about in puddles during a rainstorm.

45. Good ol’ gravity is continuing to fix our planet’s orbit within the narrow window where life can grow and flourish.

46. Somewhere, it is perfectly silent. Not a sound.

47. A man in a position of power, currently confronted with a moral dilemma, is staying true to righteous principles.

48. Someone is having an epiphany that will forever transform their life.

49. Countless people are waking up excited, because today is a special day for for all sorts of reasons.

50. Countless more people are currently trying something they’ve never tried before, and loving it.

51. Kids are playing hide-and-go-seek in and around a tree fort built for them by their loving father.

52. A climber is giving one last effort, reaching the summit of a mountain, and gazing in awe upon a glorious landscape.

53. Two people who come from entirely different backgrounds and ways of life are enjoying each other’s company, as they’ve been best friends for years.

54. Thousands of random acts of kindness are happening this moment.

55. A family is hugging one another with tears glistening in their eyes. Having finally been approved for citizenship in a new country, they have renewed hope for a better life.

56. Children are watching the clouds, calling out shapes, daydreaming.

57. Millions of people are traveling in countries that are not their home country, seeing new cultures and broadening their perspective.

58. People are screaming lyrics and dancing recklessly, rocking out to live music or to the stereo in their room. Not worrying, protected from pain by the rhythm they feel.

How was that?

I truly hope that reading this list was an uplifting experience for you. I hope it made you grin, consider, appreciate, and laugh, even.

If you thought this list was spot-on and saucy, bookmark it or try writing your own. I can attest to this being a useful exercise in gratitude and compassion.

Before we part ways, I want to ask you once more to remember this:

We should actively contribute to making this world a better place, while focusing on not allowing its problems to pollute our outlook.

By channeling what is totally rad and peachy in this life, we become happier people and are more capable of intelligent, impactful living.

So, next time mankind is pissing you off, ask yourself if you’re unnecessarily wallowing in the grime.

Recall this list, cleanse your mind, and ask how you can chip in to tackle the problem.

I’ll be doing likewise.

Your Friend,

“When things go wrong, don’t go with them.”
― Elvis Presley

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Anna Bates
11 years ago

59. Somewhere, somehow, two old friends that haven’t seen each other in years are reminiscing over dinner.

11 years ago
Reply to  Anna Bates

Right on, Anna! 🙂

Katie Rathmell
Katie Rathmell
11 years ago

60. A Grandmother is teaching her grandson patty cake.

11 years ago
Reply to  Katie Rathmell

Good one, Katie. Time spent with grandparents is time well-spent.

10 years ago

61. Somebody is seconds away from seeing the sea for the first time

10 years ago

62: billions of people are slumbering peacefully in their beds.

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