Playing With Infinity: A Next-Level Plant Medicine Retreat in Peru

Drink plant medicine with me in Peru…

September 29th – October 20th, 2019


Dear friend,

I hope this finds you feeling splendid. : ]

Today I’m writing about a life-altering upcoming opportunity.

Here’s the Essence: I’m likely going to Peru in late September for a 3-week deep-dive plant medicine retreat with master plant dieting + Ayahuasca. This retreat is being hosted by my dear friends Anke and Marie Lou— two of the wisest and most powerful healers I know. This retreat is meant for people who have previously worked with Ayahuasca and feel called to go deeper.

Note: There are only a couple spaces left for this retreat, so if you feel called to join, please apply now and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Here’s what Anke and Marie Lou wrote about this retreat:

We offer this possibility to those with prior experience with traditional medicine and who are looking to develop a relationship with the plants…

Join us in the magical rainforest to explore your consciousness and to find new strength and inspiration…

… dive deep and discover your original dream.

THE PLACE: We gather at a beautiful healing center, secluded in the Peruvian jungle. In this environment we can completely disconnect from all everyday life influences to learn and to re-connect with ourselves as part of nature…

Master plants are the plants that bring us closer to the spirit world. They provide knowledge, strength and ability to heal to those that ingest them. Furthermore, they possess healing properties that are used to treat a wide variety of illnesses.

The legend about the discovery of Ayahuasca goes that the plants themselves told the people to combine the two plants to create the visionary brew that is now used throughout the amazon basin to connect with other plants, to learn from them and to heal.

A common misconception about the practice of Ayahuasca is that Ayahuasca is the most important plant. A patient participates in a ceremony, drinks la medicina with the maestros, does the work and hopefully gets healed. The reality is that Ayahuasca is a master plant, that works together with other master plants to do the healing work.

When you’ve completed this retreat, you’ll have a new outlook on life and a new perspective of what it means to be human. This will provide a good foundation on which to build your new life, regardless of what path you choose to follow.

You will basically spend your days alone in your private tambo. It is simple and equipped with a bed, a hammock, a table and chair and a toilet. There will be no electricity, phone or internet reception, the small beautiful river will be your bathroom. There are no dangerous animals, the area is cleaned and 24/7 protected by guards.

To start you will do a Kambô detox to cleanse your body and energy to prepare a clean vessel for the plants.

After that you’ll have your diet plant daily and will do Ayahuasca ceremonies every other day. Mainly you will spend your time meditating with the plants, building a friendship with them.
You will be guided and supported by us in cooperation with an indigenous shaman.

  • 3 weeks intensive retreat with 9 spaces only!
  • Single tambos
  • 3 ceremonies per week
  • Shamanic plant diet
  • Kambô detox (optional)
  • Personal support and individual guidance
  • Flower baths
  • Typical ‘bone setting’ massages

If you feel called to join us, fill out this short application.

Ayahuasca: A Sacred Reset Button

If you’re considering this retreat, you’re already familiar with Ayahuasca, but I’ll include some words here about my experiences with Ayahuasca anyway.

I’ll just come right out and say it: I love Ayahuasca. 

I first drank this sacred medicine about 15 months ago, and my life began to change dramatically.

As I drank Ayahuasca more times—and observed ~125+ others drink it at various retreats—I was increasingly astonished by what I saw.

When drinking Ayahuasca, one can have the sense that one is coming into contact with a Vast Intelligence, and that this Intelligence is meeting you, learning you, and orchestrating for you a series of visions that will allow you to let go of what is not serving you and accelerate your personal evolution and enlightenment

What is perhaps most remarkable about Ayahuasca is its astounding healing potential. I’ve seen people overcome depression and self-hatred, melt away PTSD, break addictions, cure physical ailments (not surprising once one understands the psycho-spiritual roots of most illness), and more. I often say that people look 10 years younger the day after an Ayahuasca ceremony; it’s like the light of childhood is once again shimmering in their eyes. 

As a result of my experiences, my fear of death (and most everything in life) has been dramatically diminished. I experience far less guilt and anxiety. It feels like the ‘volume knob’ of my monkey mind has been permanently dialed down.

There is more space within me; it is easier to remain the witness of my mind, rather than getting sucked into its self-created drama. At times it has felt like my past self died—many superficial layers of self were peeled away and my grip on the past was loosened—so that a new self could be born, a self that is a much more aligned expression of my Soul.

Experiences like this are not uncommon with Ayahuasca. In fact, people commonly experience enchanted reveries that result in miraculously healing deep issues that seemed almost impossible to overcome. 

Ayahuasca leaves you feeling cleaned and cleansed on a level you didn’t realize you needed. It washes away decades of the accumulated tension, trauma, and gunk of living a human life, allowing for a fresh start and newfound lightness to emerge.

I presently conceive of Ayahuasca as something along the lines of a literal magic potion, and I am eternally grateful to have been guided to it in this Cosmos.

Your Guides: Anke and Marie Lou

Anke and Marie Lou are undoubtedly two of the most extraordinary instances of humanity I have ever had the joy to encounter. Their loving presence in this world is a great blessing to all. Their 25+ years of combined experience is apparent in every aspect of their work.

When I first had the honor of sitting in ceremony with them, I remember experiencing the following revelation: “Wow, this is what is possible for humanity. It is within our potential to become ascended beings while still on Earth.”

The two of them possessed such a grace, groundedness, centeredness, and lucidity that they struck me as existing at a level of consciousness not far from that of bodhisattva masters. They exhibited a profound intrinsic authority—the sort that can arise only as a result of venturing deep into the caverns of oneself and one’s reality to confront whatever dragons and unicorns one might find there. “We’ve been to Hell and back together,” Anke once told me.

As I spent more time with Marie Lou and Anke in and out of ceremony, my Love for them continued to expand. They approach their work with a joy, lightness, inner strength, and humility that is akin to fresh water from a mountain stream. They possess a remarkable awareness of their oh-so-human foibles and are able to view their own shadows with tenderness and humor.

Someone once told me, “Never trust a shaman who cannot laugh in ceremony.”I came to understand the wisdom in these words via my experiences of Anke and Marie Lou’s pristine balance of reverence and levity. When it is time to focus and ground, they focus and ground. When it is time to laugh, they laugh. When it is time to be radically honest, they are radically honest.

When I think of Anke and Marie Lou, the image that comes to mind is that of two mysterious trickster sorceresses bearing magical healing potions from otherworldly realms. The two of them seem to be manifesting an archetypal Yin-and-Yang-esque partnership, as each of their energies complements and contrasts the other’s in a Sacred Dance of Duality. Anke’s energy is like a compassionate yet sharp-taloned eagle, a red-hot katana ready to slice through vast layers of delusion at a moment’s notice. Marie Lou’s eyes are like windows to the abyss; her energy is that of a shadowy yet playful serpent destined to transcend all cages.

Their unforgettable smiles give you the feeling that they see and understand realities you cannot presently imagine. It is no exaggeration to say that my life has been enriched immeasurably as a result of being divinely guided to these powerful enchantresses. Simply experiencing their energy field showed me that a higher way of being is possible. I am tremendously grateful to call them my friends, collaborators, teachers, and fellow human beings.

If you’d like to hear more about Anke and Marie Lou and my experiences sitting in ceremony with them, watch this video:

Final Words

I feel extraordinarily blessed and excited to have the good fortune to share my story and this opportunity with all of you.

During my retreat experiences working with Ayahuasca I have felt, more than any other time in my life, that All is Okay, that I can trust Nature, and that I am precisely where I am supposed to be. 

I wish for everyone in the world who feels drawn to this sacred plant medicine to have a chance to experience it and receive its gifts, and I’m grateful to be able to spread the word and open up this portal for you, if you feel called to step into a lighter, freer reality.

I deeply look forward to meeting any of you who elect to join us and enjoying some deep conversation.

Once more, if you feel called to join Anke, Marie Lou, and I for three weeks of much of the deepest healing and liberation you will ever experience…

Fill out this short application and I’ll reach out to you soon. 


(Note: The cost is $3750 for the three-week retreat. If you can’t make it to this one, you can still fill out the application to be notified of future retreats. : ))

Thank you, Earth.

Thank you, Nature.

Thank you, Ayahuasca.

Thank you, Anke and Marie Lou.

I overflow with gratitude. : )

Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom,