Jordan Bates



An 8-Week Mastermind & Activation for Men Rising Into a New Paradigm of Power, Wealth, Greatness, & Sexual Magnetism

We begin in June of 2022...

Is it time to ACTIVATE your GOD POWER?

Dear King,

Are you ready to get Radically Fucking Honest...

About what you truly WANT...

In terms of Legacy, Money, Sex, Power, Fame, Lifestyle, and Epicness...


You didn't come to this Earth to be a slave.

You didn't come here to live launch to launch, or paycheck to paycheck.

You didn't come here to spend life wondering what it would be like to be "that guy."

You didn't come here to wonder what might have happened if you had asked her for her number.

You didn't come here to hide comfortably in the herd and make a "safe plan for retirement at 65."

You didn't come here to be another bland "spiritual nice guy."

You came here to be a wolf.

A panther.

A saber-toothed fucking tiger.

You came here to activate this planet.

You came here to be a Wizard.

You came here to be a King.


Imagine moving through life with SUPREME CONFIDENCE.

Imagine getting PAID HANDSOMELY simply for doing what you want.

Imagine SEXY WOMEN feeling inexplicably magnetized to you.

Imagine moving freely among the planet's EXOTIC DESTINATIONS.

Imagine regularly meeting LEGENDARY BEINGS.

Imagine CHANGING LIVES simply by being you.

Imagine TRANSFIGURING EARTH toward Elevated Beauty.

Imagine viscerally KNOWING your own infinite GOD POWER.

Imagine LIVING your MOST EPIC LIFE and ACTIVATING others to do the same.

Imagine holding the secrets of the universe.

Imagine experiencing yourself as a God on Earth.

WIZARD KING is a point of no return.

A crucible for the True Man who is ready to claim his birthright.

An eye of the needle for the one who is ready to incinerate all that he is not...

And RISE from the ashes, reborn as the King he truly is.

This is for the man who is done fucking around.

The man who is ready to reclaim all the power he has denied in himself.

The man who knows that tomorrow is never promised.

The man who is ready to seize THIS LIFE and fucking live it.

I'm Jordan, and I am a King.

I exist to live my MOST GORGEOUS LIFE and to ACTIVATE YOU to live yours.

I exist to joyfully experience my own GOD POWER and plug you into yours.

At age 19, psilocybin mushrooms showed me that I was a slave in a highly restricted civilization.

At age 22, I boarded a one-way flight and moved to Asia for 16 months. After that, nothing could ever be the same.

At age 24, I retired. I quit my last day job and vowed to get paid to simply be what I am and do what I want to do.

For the past 9 years, I've traveled the far reaches of Earth and inner space, savoring life, visiting 33 countries so far. 

Through my writing, music, retreats, 1:1 work, & group containers, I've reached millions and assisted thousands of individuals to activate God Power and Be What They Truly Are.

If you're ready to get Radically Fucking Honest about the fact that you are a Wild Fucking Animal who came to Earth to SEIZE YOUR MOST EPIC LIFE... 

And actually DO IT...

Look no further.

"When I committed to leveling up and pursuing my highest path, Jordan appeared like a wizard from the aether...

After participating at in-person retreats as well as multiple online containers with Jordan over the last 2 years, I can say he is the real deal and give a BIG GIANT recommendation to participate in any of his offerings. You will evolve. You will be reminded... to dare something greatly."

— Austin Otting, Qi Gong Instructor

Is it time to OWN your GODLINESS?

In your depths, you already know.

You know if this was created for you, or not.

Since you're still reading, it's likely you're meant for this.

Yet there is always a choice...

Are you ready to CLAIM YOUR KINGDOM?

Are you ready to integrate your INFINITE LOVE with your INFINITE POWER?

Are you ready to transform all of life into an EPIC ADVENTURE?

Are you ready to say "I would rather DIE than live a lie" and MEAN IT?

Are you ready to be the WIZARD KING you truly are?

Only you can say, "Yes."

True Loving God Power,

Made with Love by Jordan Bates & Ouroboros — 2022