Jordan Bates & Kumankaya



A 7-Day Entheogenic Retreat in a Jungle Oasis for Bold Souls Reconnecting to the Inner Child, Wild Aliveness, Primal Power, & Divine Rejuvenation

Yucatan, Mexico — 12/10/23 - 12/16/23

"Absolutely life-changing. The most important thing I've ever done... Beauty. Words don't do it justice. Incredibly profound."

— Jake, Past Retreat Participant, USA

Dear Creator,

Every soul needs a periodic drink from the deep well of Wild Freedom.

In our heart of hearts, there is something fundamentally un-caged.

Something that can never be domesticated.

This is our wild nature.

It is a current of Aliveness capable of reviving, rejuvenating, and restoring our lives on so many levels.

When it is present, it amplifies our creativity in unimaginable ways, and it pours new life and enthusiasm into all our relationships and undertakings.

And when it is NOT present…

When we are cut off from the wild flow of aliveness that is essential to our nature…

We die.

Little by little, slowly but surely.

Our lives become a stagnant, humdrum ‘Groundhog Day’ type of affair.

We find ourselves going through the motions yet feeling deeply disconnected and disenchanted.

Life feels like a meaningless desert of pointless drudgery.

We require the revitalization of Wild Freedom.

To be connected to our Wild Freedom, is not merely a luxury…


Wild Freedom is our birthright.

Kumankaya: The Perfect Oasis to Rediscover Wild Freedom

December 10th - 16th, 2023, in the Mayan jungle of Mexico, something special will take place… 

An intimate tribe will gather on hallowed ground for a once-in-existence event…

To sit with two great entheogenic teachers, ayahuasca and Bufo alvarius… 

And to rediscover Wild Freedom...

At an oasis about which future songs will be sung… 

A New Earth temple known as…


There are certain locations on Earth that carry a mysteriously powerful energy.

Kumankaya is such a place — the most remarkable vortex I have ever found…

Kumankaya is a portal that utterly changed my partner Tanja and I’s lives. 

It is a healing center created and stewarded by Remi and Ashley Delaune, two great shamanic beings who have become like family to us…

It was there that I asked Tanja to marry me, and there that we became engaged within the Shipibo ayahuasca tradition…

It was there that I first met Bufo alvarius, the “God molecule,” one of my greatest teachers… 

It was there that I experienced some of my deepest journeys with another of my greatest teachers—the lovingly uncompromising mirror known as ayahuasca… 

And it was there that I hosted three retreats in 2021-22...

Now, this December, I will return… 

To co-create another retreat with our family at Kumankaya…

A retreat called WILD FREEDOM.

The Prayer for the Retreat

The prayer for this retreat is to reconnect to our Wild Freedom.

To reconnect to our Inner Children.

To reconnect to God and receive Inspiration & Healing.

Most notably, we will be working with ayahuasca and Bufo alvarius—two entheogenic teachers whose ancient, primal intelligence often reactivates the connection to Wild Creative Freedom in unbelievably beautiful and powerful ways. 

The entire experience will be designed to facilitate a primordial un-blocking of the current of Sacred Aliveness that runs through all of us.

A deep restoration of the visceral Flow of Essential Life Force Energy. 

A remembrance and reintegration of our latent Divine Gifts and capacities that we are meant to share with the world. 

If this resonates with you…

Now is the moment to apply.

What will you experience?

What you will experience cannot be compressed into language, but this will give you an idea: 

☯︎ 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies with Remi Delaune, a true shaman who sings otherworldly icaros in a maloca with unbelievable acoustics. Ayahuasca often brings about multi-dimensional healing and liberation.

☯︎ 2 Bufo alvarius ceremonies — 5-MeO-DMT, the ‘God molecule,’ often brings deep healing and a sense of direct connection to Divine Love & Peace.

☯︎ 5+ workshops and group sessions with Jordan Bates — likely integrating creativity-unlocking activations, guided meditations, shadow work, sacred leadership, radical honesty, the art of living truth, Q&A, and more

☯︎ One of the most healing massages of your life, from a local indigenous Mayan healer, one of the sweetest men I've ever met

☯︎ Live sound healings & (freestyle) music performance(s) by Jordan Bates & Cory "CoryaYo" Altenhofen

☯︎ Raw, real sharing circles allowing you to speak and listen from the heart, and receive reflections

☯︎ Medicinal dancing to release inhibition, be courageous, and embrace playful flow — led by Jordan Bates

☯︎ Deep yoga flow with Ashley Delaune to nurture and nourish your body

☯︎ Beautiful, clean, healing food to purify your system on a physiological level

☯︎ Hammock lounging and community bonding

☯︎ Much sacred fun, play, lightness, laughter, and humor, to help you deeply realize that life is play

☯︎ A 7-day, 6-night immersion (~145 hours) in the Mayan Jungle, at the mythical Eden-esque center known as Kumankaya, where time is forgotten and the Now expands endlessly 

☯︎ Intimate conversation, guidance, & chillaxation with Jordan Bates, Cory "CoryaYo" Altenhofen, & shamanic facilitators, Remi & Ashley Delaune

☯︎ 1 pre-retreat group preparation call with Jordan Bates + access to a retreat Telegram group with JB, to build community and confidence and answer any questions you have 

☯︎ 3 post-retreat group integration calls with Jordan Bates in the months following the retreat, to assist you in "bringing the magic home" and smoothly re-acclimatizing to human life

What is the financial investment?

Spaces are limited for this intimate event, and will be filled on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

If you put down a deposit by August 31st, you will secure the ‘early bird’ rate of $2,400 for this 7-night, 6-day, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If you wait longer than that, your investment will be $2,700.

I design retreat structures in this way because it is far more organizationally smooth and seamless for me when guests confirm early.

The financial contribution for the retreat is all-inclusive once you arrive in Tulum, Mexico—it does not include your flights.

What Past Retreat Participants Say

I've now created & (co-)facilitated four retreats at Kumankaya. Here is what some of the participants said about the experience:

"That was like 1,000 therapy sessions in one. [Released] a lot of hidden shame… Condensed super-therapy."

— Brian, Retreat Participant, USA


“I wanna weep in the face of truth… Two things: There’s nothing to be afraid of, and Love is unlimited. I wanna hug you guys.”

— Sam, Retreat Participant, USA


"There was just such immense love, encouragement, support and wisdom being poured into our hearts. The team was also just a beautiful mirror for us to ground into the truth. Because that's what it's all about. It is moving beyond the stories that we incessantly tell ourselves that keep us trapped in the prison of our minds. This retreat absolutely demolishes those shackles, and I'm super grateful. Thank you so much, it was beautiful. I learned so much from y'all, so much about myself. I am forever grateful. Thank you, I love you. Much love. Peace."

— Brady, Retreat Participant, USA


"I leave feeling complete. More complete than I ever have. Acknowledging all the facets of my personality and all the depth that I choose to ignore at times... I feel a sacred connection to everything after this work. I'm so, so grateful to Jordan, Tanja, and the whole team. I want to continue this work for the rest of my life and see where it goes. It's a wonderful road. Sending big love and appreciation to everyone who was involved."

— Zach, Retreat Participant, USA


"The experience has been really magical and healing. Just coming here to this amazing place and hearing all the wilderness feels so calming and relaxing. Being here with everyone in ceremony and all healing together and supporting each other really opened up my heart. My biggest highlight was the time after ceremony. Just sharing our experiences together and getting to know everyone and hearing their stories."

— Kevin, Retreat Participant, USA


"My experience was beautiful overall. It was healing and it was life affirming and it was a gift that I gave to myself that I'm truly grateful of receiving. I really enjoyed the camaraderie, the sharing with each other and the group process. The entire process was in some parts challenging and in some parts a lot of fun, but overall enriching and helpful in a lot of ways. At this point in time, I feel like I need to come back here every year of my life just to bathe and bask in the love that is here."

— Austin, Retreat Participant, USA


"My experience was really powerful. I’ve been going through a really rough time for the last four months or so and this felt like a deep reset and a remembrance of the joy and gratitude in the world and all the possibilities out there. The community, the medicine, the workshops… Everything just came together for a big reset."

— Eric, Retreat Participant, USA


"Absolutely life-changing. The most important thing I've ever done. Years of therapy and pill medication did nothing compared to the accelerated program here. Beauty. Words don't do it justice. Incredibly profound."

— Jake, Retreat Participant, USA

Your Facilitation Team

Jordan Bates is a simple man who would rather die than live a lie. He is a leadership & creativity coach, teacher, space-holder, writer, rapper, mystic, and celebrator of God. His quest for truth has taken him to 30+ countries and the far reaches of inner space. His life is devoted to naked authenticity, radical love, and the playful liberation of consciousness. 

Cory "CoryaYo" Altenhofen is a world-known beatmaker, sound healer, rapper, musician, & artist based in Chicago. With 400,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify alone, his music has brought healing to millions. Like a calm stream, Cory exudes peace and soulfulness as he creates in a perpetual flow state.

Remi Delaune is a true shaman who has walked the medicine path for 12+ years, spending 4.5 years in isolation dieting master plants. His lineage is the Peruvian Shipibo tradition. Earlier in life, he was a monk for 20 years and a Doctor of Philosophy who read thousands of books on metaphysics. His gorgeous icaro songs have miraculous healing power.  

Ashley Delaune has been working with the medicine since 2016, when her journey led her to Nihue Rao Centro. She began apprenticing under Ricardo Amaringo the following year and has now accumulated over 2 years of dieting experience. In 2018, she and her husband co-created Kumankaya Healing Center. Ashley is a certified yoga and meditation teacher.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

— Carl Jung

Final Word

Thank you for considering this one-of-a-kind retreat.

I feel deeply in my heart that it will be an unforgettable experience for all of us.

One that will uplift and activate us in non-linear ways, rippling through all areas of our lives.

Is it time for you to viscerally reconnect to your Wild Freedom?

Is it time for you to remember your birthright?

Only you can answer.

I look forward to seeing you in Mexico, and giving you a great big hug. : )

Made with Love by Jordan Bates & Ouroboros — 2023