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New in 2023, Now Open, & Accepting Members...

An Accelerator & Mentorship for Creative Leaders Ready to Birth Their Legacy From the Heart and Soul

🌈 Dear Creator, 🌈

You are ready.

The time is NOW.

Let’s go! 🌈

Yes, YOU. : )

Now is not the time on Earth to be hiding.

Now is not the time to be keeping your creative genius all to yourself.

Now is not the time to be hiding in an endless ‘healing journey’ loop so you never have to stand up and lead.

You can heal while stepping up, you see.

NOW is the time to SHARE!

NOW is the time to let yourself be SEEN!

NOW is the time to spread wide your full Peculiar Peacock’s Tail of Rainbow Feathers! 🦚

NOW is the time to CREATE that which flows from your HEART and SOUL!

We NEED you. 🦚

We NEED your Medicine.

We NEED the medicinal transmission that only YOU carry.

We NEED to FEEL the unique expression of GOD'S LOVE that you ARE.

We NEED to viscerally KNOW what LOVE feels like when it’s channeled through the inimitable instrument of YOU.

This world has largely forgotten God’s Love, my friend.

Forgotten that this Transcendent Source Love is what we ARE.

The meta-solution to humanity’s giant laundry list of apparent problems is to RECONNECT to GOD’S LOVE.

RECONNECT to what is TRUE.

YOU can help us do that, my friend.

You can!

By letting us FEEL that indestructible LOVE channeled through the vessel of YOU-NESS.

REMIND us of that LOVE, my friend.


We are starving for it.

We are so thirsty for it.

We are stumbling along in a lonely desert blindly flailing about, searching for the oasis of God’s Loving Grace.

Help us find it!

This LOVE that we ARE, is the NON-LINEAR META-SOLUTION to all the world’s ills.

Through this LOVE, all things are possible.

Through this LOVE, seemingly insurmountable problems dissolve as innovative solutions materialize from nowhere.

“Working with Jordan was one of the most beautiful and transformative and important things that has ever happened to me.”

— Edward, Artist, Sweden

🌈 Why TCA is Going to Be Impactful for You 🌈

Thank you for being here.

You are beautiful.

Here's why True Creation Accelerator is going to be *super powerful* for *you*:

True Creation Accelerator is a Training Platform for Creators, Leaders, & Entrepreneurs who are ready to birth their creative legacy from the Heart and Soul.

This is *not* a space of idle chatter about creativity, but a space in which we make STRONG COMMITMENTS with DEADLINES and CLEAR DELIVERABLES, so we ensure we’re truly taking action and getting our creations OUT of us and into the world.

True Creation Accelerator provides WEEKLY LIVE GROUP SESSIONS on Sundays from 7:30pm - 8:30pm Central European Time AND Wednesdays from 4:30pm - 5:30pm Central European Time...

That's ~EIGHT LIVE GROUP SESSIONS per month...

With practical trainings on creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership, and holistic life mastery.

TCA also provides a commitment & accountability structure in which you'll be invited every 4 months to *commit* to finishing a project or reaching a new creative milestone by the end of the 4-month period.

TCA also provides ongoing inspiration, motivation, support, healing & activating modalities, breakthrough exercises, dance & co-creation space, festivities, and an international COMMUNITY of awesome creators. 

All of this is designed to support you to CREATE whatever is wanting to come through you.

It’s FUN. It’s a HEALING PARTY with a global tribe. AND it’s birthing a GENERATIVE EXPLOSION of NEW CREATIONS! 

All of this for just $55/month. 

WHATEVER you’re called to create—art, courses, retreats, music, blogs, apps, podcasts, 1:1 or group programs, communities, games, technologies, soulful products & services, events, physical spaces, and so on—THIS is the space to help you actually bring it through, land it on Earth, and even learn how to *earn income* from your creations.

If this speaks to you…

If you’re ready for a fun yet initiatory journey into Creative Leadership…

Hop on in with us!

I’m even offering a 40-day money-back guarantee if you’re not stoked on the value. So there’s nothing to lose and everything to CREATE.

Let’s playfully birth a new culture for the good of all!

⚡ Our Lack of True Creativity is Killing Us ⚡

I’m calling you forward.

Yes, you.



YOU have tremendous creative gifts inside you, bubbling, bubbling…

Just waiting to EXPLODE forth…

In a DAZZLING RAINBOW of wonderment, honesty, and expression.

Creativity is lifeblood.

Creativity is oxygen.

We are creative beings.

Human life is fundamentally a creative and artistic journey.

All of life can be approached as art.

Yet our culture has blocked us from this primordial knowing of our own limitless creative wellspring.

We have been systematically trained to consume, consume, consume…

Endlessly consuming life and going through the motions…

Without ever GIVING BACK.

Giving back creatively is how we complete the natural reciprocal cycle of our relationship to Nature.

We receive endless gifts from Nature, freely given to us.

An entire multiverse is freshly given to us in each nanosecond.

Really *feel* that.

An entire cosmos of unimaginable artistry—for us to explore and play within—gifted to us in each instant.

jordan bates nomad travel lifestyle design entrepreneurship escaping the rat race

Reckon with this for a moment.

What a truly miraculous *inheritance*.



Sit with this.

We have been trained to take life utterly for granted.

Trained to overlook the precious poetry that is gifted to us in each moment.

An absolute feast of the senses, freely delivered, moment to moment.

Infinite possibilities.

What a truly astonishing inheritance.

How are you honoring this inheritance, and giving back?

What are you *actively doing* to honor this inheritance, and to give back creatively?

How are you utilizing the gifts that Nature-God-Mystery has given unto you, to glorify and celebrate this existence?

What are you *creating*, *purely* and *truly*?

What are you *birthing* that simply flows organically from your *heart* and *soul*?

For most people, the answer is: Very little.

Most people have been acculturated into a lifeless loop of consumption, conformity, and soulless drudgery.

Most people spend *little to no time* on creative projects that simply flow from their innermost essence.

And we wonder why our modern lives feel so impoverished and disenchanted.

We wonder why we feel a gnawing sense of hollowness and meaninglessness.

Our lack of true creativity is killing us.

I believe the widespread lack of heart-and-soul-led creativity is profoundly connected to the challenges we are facing as a species.

I believe that the natural state of human beings is one of child-like playfulness, connectedness, and flowing creativity.

True creativity is connection.

Connection to our innermost source.

When we are connected to our innermost source, creativity happens naturally and effortlessly.

It *volcanically erupts* through us.

How this looks can vary wildly from person to person, yet the underlying principle is the same.

When we are connected to our Loving Essence, we become channels and conduits for a Creative Intelligence that infinitely transcends the power of the human mind.

This Intelligence then works through us, transfiguring our entire lives into Divine Art, while simultaneously revealing the Divine Artistry that Life has always been.

We then *naturally* create beauty.

We are then *naturally* called to honor Life and make the world into a beautiful sanctuary.

We then *naturally* sing the song that only we can sing and dance the dance that only we can dance, for the upliftment of the Whole.

When we are connected, we ‘download’ new blueprints and creative solutions to even the most seemingly intractable problems.

There is no problem that the Infinite Loving Intelligence of Life cannot solve.

The meta-answer to our species’ seemingly endless list of problems, is for more and more people to *directly connect* to this Infinite Loving Intelligence, and to *allow* it to create through them.

I am here to help you do this.

About 12 years ago, something powerful happened to me.

Through a combination of psychedelic experiences and other mysterious factors…


I plugged directly into my creative source on a profound level.

Huge blocks were basically detonated—blown out of the way.

Suddenly, I not only had a burning curiosity to learn everything I could about the true inner workings of Life and the Universe…

I also soon felt a burning need to CREATE.

A burning need to take what I was learning, remix it, add my own spice, and give it back in creative ways.

And so I did.

And I never stopped.

jordan bates world travel escaping the rat race

My creations have reached millions of people.

My articles have ~5+ million views. One single article got ~1.5+ million views. My music has 100,000's of plays.

In the past decade, I’ve published ~300 articles, two books, and ~tens of thousands of social media posts, amounting to approximately ~1,000,000+ words I’ve written and shared publicly.

On top of that, I’ve released ~20 rap albums & EPs, ~9 online video courses, and ~200 videos total, including a ~dozen music videos.

Furthermore, I’ve (co-)created and (co-)led 10 ~week-long entheogenic retreats on two continents, plus ~hundreds of live (online) workshops, 1:1 & group sessions, circles, containers, retreats, performances, and celebrations.

At the risk of inflating my ego, it feels accurate to say I am one of the most creatively prolific human beings alive today.

Creativity is like breathing for me, at this point.

It flows naturally, and it is essential for me to survive and thrive as the being that I am.

Beyond being creatively hyper-prolific, I’m gonna pat myself on the back again and say that I am also one of the most authentic creators living on Earth at this time.

What I create, flows from my heart and soul.

This has always been the case, and has only become truer over time, as I have unlocked an ever deeper embodied understanding of who and what I am.

I stay true. This is a heart-and-soul-level vow for me. A warrior’s code. I had Nietzsche’s maxim tattooed on my left shoulder in 2017: “Become what you are.”

Lastly, it’s relevant to note that I have been entrepreneurially innovative in finding ways to earn a living as a self-employed creator.

I’ve earned about ~$250k as a creator since quitting my last day job in 2015. I've lived my dreams by traveling to 30+ countries, funded by my own creativity.

If there’s one thing I can say about myself, it’s that I know how to create.

I know how to create authentically, prolifically, and consistently over a long span of time.

It turns out I even know how to create beautiful children and relationships. : )

And I also know how to INSPIRE, ACTIVATE, and BRING FORTH the creative gifts of other people.

And I am presently feeling a profoundly strong calling…

And receiving all sorts of signs and guidance indicating that it’s time…


What is True Creation Accelerator?





An accelerator of truly authentic creations that blossom from the heart and soul.

An accelerator & mentorship for Creators & Leaders ready to birth their creative legacy, for the upliftment of the Whole. 🦁

This idea emerged spontaneously a few weeks ago, continues to crystallize, and…

It just feels right.

I’m increasingly really excited about it.

How will it work?

Here are the key elements:

🔥 This will be an ongoing offering priced as a monthly membership, intended to support Creators & Leaders over the long-term.

🔥 A core pillar will be WEEKLY LIVE SESSIONS in which I (and sometimes guest teachers) will share practical *activating* wisdom for mastering life as a Creative Leader, while also guiding experiential exercises to IGNITE True Creativity.

🔥 Sometimes the live sessions will include co-creation space in which everyone is invited to share space while working on art or creative projects, vibing, or dancing, with activating and inspiring music playing in the background.

🔥 We will utilize a '4-month initiatory commitment' structure: Every 4 months, you will have the opportunity to commit to the completion of a creative project with a clear deliverable, and you will set yourself a powerful accountability consequence that you will undertake if you do not make good on your commitment. I strongly encourage anyone who joins TCA to see it as a commitment of 4 months or more.

 🔥 There will be a digital community in which you can connect with your fellow True Creation Fam members outside of the live sessions.

🔥 You will get access to OUROBOROS School of Liberation & Leadership — 12 Courses & Resources by Jordan Bates to guide you toward a Radically Free Life of True Purpose

This simple combination of elements will be immeasurably POWERFUL for the beings who are truly ready to ACTIVATE. 🐉


TCA is designed so you can join at any time. When you join, you'll be charged $55 initially and in one-month increments in a subscription-based fashion.

Here's what you're getting when you join for $55/month:

🌈 Full Access to the True Creation Accelerator & Mentorship container, intended to support Creators & Leaders over the long-term

🌈 WEEKLY LIVE SESSIONS on Sundays from 7:30pm - 8:30pm Central European Time AND Wednesdays from 4:30pm - 5:30pm Central European Time (much of these will be recorded if you can't make it live) in which Jordan Bates (& sometimes guest teachers) will share practical *activating* wisdom & inspiration for mastering life as a Creative Leader, while also guiding experiential exercises to IGNITE True Creativity

🌈 Co-creation Hours during some of our weekly sessions, in which everyone is invited to drop in and share space while working on their creative projects, vibing, or dancing, with activating and inspiring music playing in the background

🌈 4-Month Initiatory Commitment Structure: Every 4 months, you will have the opportunity to commit to the completion of a creative project with a clear deliverable, and you will set yourself a powerful accountability consequence that you will undertake if you do not make good on your commitment. I strongly encourage anyone who joins TCA to see it as a commitment of 4 months or more.

🌈 A digital community in which you can connect with your fellow True Creation Fam members outside of the live sessions

🌈 Access to OUROBOROS School of Liberation & Leadership — 12 Courses & Resources by Jordan Bates giving you the tools to live a Life of Freedom & Purpose

If you know you are on the verge of a life-altering EXPLOSION of soul-aligned creativity, True Creation Accelerator is designed for YOU.

⚡ LET'S GO. ⚡

If you *FEEL* the transmission of this Artful Vision Page...

If you *KNOW* in your Heart that this is calling for you...

⚡ ACT! ⚡

Before your ego-mind sabotages the process.


Let's make some magic happen.

It's that simple.

It's time to CREATE at a new level.

Jordan Clark Bates

Made with Love by Jordan Bates & Lion Heart Leadership — 2023