The Voice of the New…




"A New Earth is wanting to be born."

The Old has been breaking down for quite some time now…

In 2020, we saw this breakdown accelerate…

Our civilization’s tyrannical reaction to the emergence of Corona…

Has illuminated the fear, neuroticism, and pathological desire to control…

That lie at the very core of the Old.

The spiritual sickness of our civilization runs far deeper than anything recognized by mainstream Western medicine.

It is the sickness of separation.

The sickness of forgetfulness of Who We Are.

We’ve been profoundly disconnected

From Nature…

From each other…

And from ourselves

For far too long.

All the sickness that we see on Earth, at every level of mind, body, spirit, society, and so on…

Emanates from this fundamental sickness of disconnection, separation, and fear.

This is what we’re truly facing.

This disconnection is at the root of why vast numbers of humans were already “fat, sick, and nearly dead” pre-Corona…

This disconnection is at the root of why billions of people on Earth live like slaves, spending so much time doing shit they don’t want to do, padding someone else’s pockets…

This disconnection is at the root of why we still murder each other en masse, why we’ve raped the Earth and initiated an epoch of ecological crisis…

But now…


You feel it in your bones…

You sense it intuitively…

The breakdown of the Old is accelerating…

Even as the tentacles of the Old squirm desperately to keep things ‘locked down’…

The tectonic changes are increasingly impossible to ignore…

It’s like the whole planet drank ayahuasca and is presently experiencing a Great Purge…

It feels archetypal, rather like the Great Flood of Noah…

Like a Flood of high-frequency energy is pouring into this realm…

Pushing all the ‘gunk’ to the surface to be cleansed, released, transmuted…

And as if via a karmic roundhouse kick to the face…

Humanity must now gaze upon the shadows it has sewn for centuries…

Make no mistake: There’s no going “back to normal” now…

“Normal” was always a lie anyway.

“Business-as-usual” is done for.



As if from a millennia-long nightmare, dissipating in a flash…

Life is inviting us to remember Who We Are.

To remember the Oneness of Being.

Earth is wishing to be reborn.

And what an exciting opportunity this is…

To go back to first principles…

And redesign the DNA of our civilization.

To wisely, consciously, and artfully reinvent…














And all the rest…

This is what we are being asked to do.


How marvelously glorious!

I can think of few things more epic…

Than to be invited, in this Great Mysterious Dream and Dance of Life…

To assist in the liberation of planetary consciousness…

And to midwife the birth of an awakened civilization.

"You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain. But you feel it. You've felt it your entire life... that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me... 

— Morpheus, The Matrix 


You are meant to play a role in what is unfolding…

You are being called to rise into your higher destiny.

If you have gone on a journey of healing and waking up from the matrix of mass programming...

Your Wisdom and Medicine are needed now.

Tune into your Infinite Self that is One with all things.

Start to feel this Presence as a living reality in your body.

Come into relationship with this Presence and allow it to gradually reshape all aspects of how you live…

Find the others who are doing the same…

And build and birth a New Earth from this frequency of presence, connection, and unity…

This is what is asked of us.


The New Earth is first born within us.

We begin to live there internally, to come from that energy, then we naturally take aligned action to manifest it externally. And this is what is happening:

Like a decentralized mycelial network, New Earth projects, centers, businesses, eco-villages, art-works, technologies, and organizations...

Have quietly sprouted up across the world in recent years and decades.

A New Earth civilization is being birthed at the edges by intrepid entrepreneurs, artists, wizards, hackers, sages, and visionaries.

A decentralized, regenerative, omni-compassionate civilization rooted in the recognition that we are all One.

And a New Earth economy is blooming along with it — an economy in which people create wealth by joyfully sharing their gifts.

This is the New Paradigm, and it's possible to start living there now.

Ouroboros is here to show you how.

"How could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?"

— Friedrich Nietzsche 


Ouroboros is a multi-dimensional ecosystem created with the following intention:

To unite, awaken, and empower New Earth leaders who are committed to joyfully living their truth in service to the birth of an enlightened civilization.

Within Ouroboros, we intend to:

1) Train pure-hearted individuals to wake up to their true nature, embody their souls, and transcend the matrix to manifest an aligned, exciting life in service to the All.

2) Model the collective intelligence & love of an awakened society through high-level dialogue, education, co-creation, and community. 

3) Do all of this in a spirit of play and sacred fun, enjoying this adventure of Life to the fullest.


☯︎ Waking up to your indestructible Nature so you can know true peace and freedom

☯︎ Taking courageous, aligned action to create sovereignty, live truth, & birth what your soul is yearning to give to this Earth

☯︎ Connecting to your Soul Tribe, empowering one another, and spiraling upward together in service to the New Earth

☯︎ Manifesting the next-level relationships and abundant opportunities your soul came to Earth to experience


Ouroboros gives you the tools:

☯︎ OUROBOROS TRIBE: Our powerful multi-platform community & network of New Earth creators on the path of awakening and empowerment. The more deeply you engage this beautiful collective, the more you will “find the others” and form lifelong bonds with soul-family

☯︎ LIVE TRAININGS: Weekly live advanced trainings with Jordan Bates on awakening, empowerment, nobility, service, manifestation, alignment, play, space-holding, life mastery, New Earth DNA, & more, generally followed by Q&A

☯︎ OUROBOROS School of New Earth Wizardry: A Vault of additional high-level teachings/trainings to guide you to Live Your Truth in Service to Life

☯︎ Initiation into a soul-activating vortex and energy field that will call forth new levels of focus, purpose, accountability, and motivation 

☯︎ Numerous proven templates, blueprints, experiments, maps, exercises, and challenges to level up your being & projects

☯︎ Numerous surprises along the way

If you know you're on the verge of a revolutionary quantum leap, Ouroboros was created for you.


Brady Heath

Holistic Coach /
Music Artist

"The depth of giving that Jordan possesses is unlike most."

"The value and insight he has provided me have helped me make significant changes in my life: I feel grounded deeply in my Power, I have gained great clarity on my Medicine and Offer, I have stepped into providing sessions, it has helped me align my life on multiple levels, and allowed me to cut through the bullshit that keeps me from living my Soul’s Joy. Through Ouroboros I signed on my first long-term $5k client. While these steps have been challenging, the Space that Jordan nurtures is deeply fruitful.

The written modules and direct contact through WhatsApp were the most impactful aspects of Ouroboros for me. Having such a blueprint for the future is prime for mapping out the next steps for myself as I refine how I’m showing up in life. The response time/depth of responses through WhatsApp messaging that Jordan provides is remarkably helpful. There is so much gold to integrate from this experience, and the direct guidance and clear mapping of this entrepreneurial territory/endeavor is something I am extremely grateful for."

Kana Knox

Healer / Artist /
CEO of UnfurlingHeart

"The people I have met in Ouroboros, coupled with Jordan's powerful presence, have had such a powerful and long lasting impact on my life. I have been able to step into my true essence of being."

"I have been able to shift my limiting beliefs about myself and I have cultivated a greater sense of self and confidence. I am crystal clear when it comes to my medicine. For me it is Jordan's influence, depth of knowledge, and the aspect of community and the tribe, that are the most powerful aspects when it comes to Ouroboros... I am really excited to see how things unfold in the future. It truly is a beautiful time to be alive."

Jonathan Maccaul

Martial Artist /
Master Energy Worker

"Ouroboros has been a life altering experience for me, on every level of BEing!"

"The experience has gone way beyond what I expected... It's catalyzed many big shifts in my own Journey of Remembering who I truly am and what I came here to do. Jordan continues to inspire and empower as one of the most authentic and Soul-driven individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing personally.

The knowledge and approach to New Earth Entrepreneurship, that he shares freely in Ouroboros, is practical and pragmatic and resonated deeply with me right from the beginning. I am now confident that I can truly experience grace and ease in the process of sharing my medicine with the world, while having the most amazing human experience imaginable. Thank you Jordan and all of the incredible beings who were called to the Ouroboros Tribe! I am so grateful for all of you and am excited to co-create the New Earth together!"

The Ouroboros Tribe, 2020 


Creator of OUROBOROS
Jordan Bates

Jordan Bates is a Wizard, Artist, Activator, Founder of OUROBOROS, & Co-Creator of HighExistence. For 10 years he's been on a Quest for Truth that has led him to 33 countries and the far reaches of Inner Space. In that time he's built multiple New Earth Businesses, reached millions of people, and become a prosperous Creator and Entrepreneur. He is infinitely curious about how we can liberate ourselves on every level to align with our Highest Joy, thereby contributing to the liberation of Consciousness on Earth and beyond.


Putting a price on some of our offerings allows Ouroboros to continue joyfully serving the birth of the New Earth. It's also the easiest filtering mechanism to be sure that those electing to join are truly sincere in their intention.

When you pay for something, you tend to value it more highly and prioritize it over other things. We want your Ouroboros tuition to feel like an activating investment in yourself that helps you cut through the endless noise of modern life and focus on this powerful experience.

Much Love.




  • Join the beautiful Ouroboros Tribe on Discord where you can Find The Others and honestly discuss awakening, service, empowerment, & all of life 
  • Course: New Earth Soul Activation: Ignite your path toward living your truth & transcending the matrix
  • Masterclass: Advanced Manifestation Mastery
  • Guide: A Radically Honest Roadmap to Escaping the Rat Race


$188+ / month

  • Advanced Private Training for New Earth Creators 
  • Weekly LIVE trainings with Jordan Bates on awakening, empowerment, nobility, service, manifestation, alignment, play, space-holding, life mastery, New Earth DNA, & more, generally followed by Q&A
  • Access to the Powerful Order of Infinity community & Telegram dojo for ongoing, interactive wisdom
  • And more...


Jon Brooks


"If a zombie apocalypse happened, one of the first people I’d call to help me survive and strategize would be Jordan Bates."

"Jokes aside, Jordan is one of the smartest people I’ve ever encountered. On a personal level, I trust Jordan with my life. He is a truly good person and expresses a genuine concern for his own level of integrity in all situations. The best part, however, is that beyond the razor-sharp intelligence and creative wizard skills that Jordan possesses, he is incredibly easy to be around—always ready to see the funny side of life...”



Happiness Engineer

"Jordan changed my life completely..."

"Jordan is an exceptional thinker and visionary, always juggling multiple lenses through which he sees reality. He has this incredible power of facilitating the most profound transformation and opening doors in the most unexpected places. Working with him I've learned to shift perspective on what I believed were serious obstacles and limitations, and transmute the daily struggle and grind into a thrilling and playful process of self-discovery. If you sometimes feel like you are your own worst enemy and harshest critic, Jordan will surely help you let go of your limiting beliefs and blossom."

Sasha Flaska

Mushroom Farmer /
Crypto Trader

"Jordan Bates is the loving catalyst for transcendental change."

"Jordan Bates is, simply put, one of the most engaged, energized, and aware human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of connecting with. He has this youthful wonder and whimsy fueled by a burning passion to make the most of his uncertain time on this earth, and help as many people as he can wake up to their power and capacity to change the world. Jordan is filled with a boundless eternal love for the work he does, and all those that cross his path..."


OUROBOROS is the culmination of a 10-year Quest for Truth that has led me to 33 countries and the far reaches of Inner Space. 

Through Dead Honest Multi-Medium Creativity I've reached millions of people, built multiple prosperous New Earth Businesses, and co-created seven entheogenic retreats on multiple continents. 

Now it's time for me to take things to the next level. 

Humanity stands at a monumental crossroads:

Evolve, or self-destruct. 

If you've gone on a journey of healing and waking up from the matrix of mass programming...

Your Wisdom and Medicine are needed now.

The Ouroboros, an ancient alchemical symbol of a self-devouring serpent, signifies death, rebirth, & infinity, perfectly capturing our present task:

To undergo a collective death and rebirth into a new paradigm of consciousness, in order to heal, regenerate, and re-harmonize with the Earth. 

We are called to ground unity consciousness by building New Earth communities, projects, businesses, cultures, organizations, & institutions.

We are asked to remember our truly Infinite Nature. 

Ouroboros is my answer to this call.

Will you join us?

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― Buckminster Fuller


Dylan Major

Writer / Philosopher

"Jordan’s one of the most genuine human beings that I’ve met, and always wears authenticity on his sleeve."

“His work has moved my mind and touched my heart, but what’s more special than that is how he’s been able to teach me to truly see myself. With his spark, I’ve been able to work on integrating my shadows, actualizing my potential, and opening up to new worlds of possibility. Jordan leads by example, and as an equal, who’s always trying to grow with others. He’s a friend that will last throughout life, and he’s made a tremendously positive impact on the quality of mine.”

Kana Knox

OUROBOROS Tribe Member &
CEO of UnfurlingHeart

"Jordan has quite literally changed my life..."

"Jordan Bates is a force to be reckoned with. The impact that he has had on my life is difficult to articulate into words... he has quite literally changed my life. Jordan is such beautiful mirror for me as he sees me for who I truly am, while allowing me to be who I truly am as a human being. This is an incredibly rare quality, and his level of integrity is second to none. I have so much love and respect for him; people like Jordan give my heart so much hope for this world."

Mike DeCourcey

Life Experimenter

"Jordan Bates is a rare gem of a human that emanates an essence of warm sun ray sparkles."

"He is one of the most open humans that I have met in this lifetime. He is a great teacher by bringing spaciousness sprinkled with being-ness when you are in his presence. He has much wisdom to offer and even more love to give. I never had more fun exploring new territories in life than with this man. His writing has inspired me many times over, and now I am honored to call him a friend!"

"Follow your Bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls." 

— Joseph Campbell


Travis Beck


"I am undeniably a much wiser, more mature and capable human being since knowing Jordan."

“I met Jordan Bates for the first time during our “face to face” video interview call leading up to a retreat he was hosting. During this initial video call it became increasingly apparent that this was no ‘ordinary’ human interaction. Something completely different was occurring that took me a while to comprehend, and it was this: I was being listened to and paid attention to on a level that I probably hadn’t experienced since I was a tiny child… Seeing this in Jordan has helped me cultivate this in my own life which has wholly shifted my reality into a more loving, open, and authentic experience."

Mayry Craver

Artist / Healer

"I can't even believe how productive and uninhibited I feel creatively now..."

"I consider myself and my life all the more blessed for having Jordan Bates as a friend and mentor... I began coaching with Jordan in order to untangle and gain perspective on several hindrances I had been dealing with in regards to my creative productivity. I am beyond grateful that I did! Not only was Jordan able to help me make great progress in numerous projects that I had otherwise given up on, he did so with impeccable attention and care, and made it easy to get to the root of the issues I was having... I will be benefiting from making the choice to have Jordan coach me for my entire life..."

Giorgio Parlato

Digital Nomad

"One of the most uplifting and mind-shattering personalities on the web, Jordan Bates has inspired me in countless ways and truly helped me to become a better human being."

"Jordan is one of the wisest persons I had the fortune to encounter on my path. His writing has helped me improve on several different levels, most importantly, happiness and open-mindedness. His specific knowledge is really vast, spanning from philosophy and spiritual practices to productivity and lifestyle design. A truly great person to learn a lot from."

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