MAY 22ND @ 12PM

A workshop about fully actualizing both the Human and Divine aspects of our Spiritual Nature. You'll accomplish this through Physical Embodiment CodesTools for Deep Awareness of Bodily Tension, and Principles for Grounded Presence.

JOIN US MAY 22nd @ 12pm

☯︎ Experience directed Physical Embodiment Codes & Keys in a Heart-Centered approach to Life. 

☯︎ Develop a deep awareness of tensions in the bodies and will be left with tools and practices for Self-Healing and Mastery.

☯︎Be introduced to principles that will allow you to develop grounded presence and let go of what no longer serves you, creating space for more Love and Light to enter your Being.

About The Workshop Host,
Johnathan Maccaul

Johnathan the sovereign warrior king of my reality. A wizard and lover of life who feels deeply connected with my heart of hearts and the Natural world. Committed to my EVOLution, aware of my Souls purpose, and enjoying an EPIC human experience.

What's Included?

☯︎ WORKSHOP: A 1 hour mastermind/accelerator led by Johnathan Maccaul via Zoom — to give you the tools, frameworks, exercises and opportunities to promote noticeable shifts in consciousness and the groundwork for a life of radical action. 

☯︎ Post-Workshop Q+A Session: to connect to the Tribe, share from the Heart, & receive Guidance on the individual challenges that you're experiencing. 

☯︎ TECHNIQUES: receive specific pre+post techniques & tools so you can embody them for months/years to come. 

☯︎ CONNECTING with the OTHERS: Have a chance to connect with other attendees and build your tribe of highly conscious individuals. 

The Ouroboros Tribe, 2020 


SPIRITUS is accessed through one small price of $22.

Organized by the Creator of OUROBOROS
Jordan Bates

Jordan Bates is a Wizard, Artist, Activator, Founder of OUROBOROS, & Co-Creator of HighExistence. For 10 years he's been on a Mystical Quest for Truth that has led him to 33 countries and the far reaches of Inner Space. In that time he's built multiple New Earth Businesses, reached millions of people, and become a prosperous Creator and Entrepreneur. He is infinitely curious about how we can liberate ourselves on every level to align with our Highest Joy, thereby contributing to the liberation of Consciousness on Earth and beyond.