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What People Are Saying

Jon Brooks


"If a zombie apocalypse happened, one of the first people I’d call to help me survive and strategize would be Jordan Bates."

"Jokes aside, Jordan is one of the smartest people I’ve ever encountered. On a personal level, I trust Jordan with my life. He is a truly good person and expresses a genuine concern for his own level of integrity in all situations. The best part, however, is that beyond the razor-sharp intelligence and creative wizard skills that Jordan possesses, he is incredibly easy to be around—always ready to see the funny side of life...”



Happiness Engineer

"Jordan changed my life completely..."

Jordan is an exceptional thinker and visionary, always juggling multiple lenses through which he sees reality. He has this incredible power of facilitating the most profound transformation and opening doors in the most unexpected places. Working with him I've learned to shift perspective on what I believed were serious obstacles and limitations, and transmute the daily struggle and grind into a thrilling and playful process of self-discovery. If you sometimes feel like you are your own worst enemy and harshest critic, Jordan will surely help you let go of your limiting beliefs and blossom.

Sasha Flaska

Cryptocurrency Trader

"Jordan Bates is the loving catalyst for transcendental change."

"Jordan Bates is, simply put, one of the most engaged, energized, and aware human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of connecting with. He has this youthful wonder and whimsy fueled by a burning passion to make the most of his uncertain time on this earth, and help as many people as he can wake up to their power and capacity to change the world. Jordan is filled with a boundless eternal love for the work he does, and all those that cross his path..."