Jordan Bates



A 9-Month Leadership Training & Initiation for Men Ready to Live a Real Life in Service of God and Love

We begin in mid-2023...

Dear Warrior of the Heart,

We are in a time of great transition.

An old world is dying, a new one is being born.

Storms loom on the horizon.

True leaders are deeply needed.

The time is now.

Something real is knocking at your door, brother.

You sense it, in your heart of hearts…

The voice of Divinity, whispering to you…

Rise, oh child of Earth. 

Rise, oh Lion Heart.


Now is the time.

Speak your truth.

Live your heart’s calling.

Defend the sacred.

Protect the innocent.

Be a good man.

Serve God.

Serve Love.

Let all falseness burn.

Nothing less than this will do.



“The Lion represents courage, majesty, heart-power, gracefulness, nobility, and strength. In the Bible, Jesus Christ is referred to as 'the Lion of Judah.' The brave men who undertake the Lion Heart journey are committing to the path of heart-centered leadership in service of God and Love.” 

― Jordan Bates, Founder

What is Lion Heart?

Lion Heart is a 9-month leadership training & initiation for men ready to live a Real Life in service of God and Love.

This is for men stepping up to be heart-aligned leaders, space-holders, and creators.

Men ready to be Warriors of Love when it is needed most, in this age of great confusion and transition.

11 courageous men will be initiated into a paradigm of God-surrendered, lion-hearted living and leadership.

Lion Heart is for men who are simply ready to go all the way, give their lives over to Love, and live their heart’s true calling, no matter what, for the upliftment of all.

Unlike most “coaching programs,” this is not about gratifying or manifesting your egoic desires. It goes far deeper than that.

Lion Heart is about true courage, honor, leadership, service, and love.

This is about the code of the Heart Warrior: Uncompromising dedication to Love. 
Undying commitment to incinerate the false and live the heart's truth at all costs.

No one can say precisely what this journey will mean for you. However, I can share with you my intention for you: 

By the end of this journey, if you show up fully and initiate, you will:

1. Be a True Leader living a Real Life in service of God, Love, and the Whole.

2. Activate your Warrior Spirit so you walk through the fires of life's challenges with grace, dignity, nobility, and discipline.

3. Open your heart to Love on profound new levels, bringing healing to all your relationships.

4. Develop greater mastery in speaking your truth and communicating directly yet compassionately.

5. Cross the point of no return on the path of living your Heart's True Calling.

6. Be a solid, reliable Mountain in your family, your community, and your world.

7. Feel the sacred relief and liberation of intimately knowing, trusting, and surrendering to God.

8. Feel the profound joy of being radically, authentically yourself.

9. Be a space-holder who is confident and well-equipped to guide others through healing and transformational processes.

10. Know the fundamentals of heart-centered entrepreneurship, so you can earn financial resources from your calling or vocation.

11. Be equipped with the embodied skills, understandings, and heart-centered presence to lead and thrive in this age of Great Transition.

12. Birth a significant new creation or offering into the world, for the good of all.

13. Receive an honorary certificate and totem of recognition as a Lion Heart Leader & Mentor — one who is well-equipped to lead, mentor, and hold space for others.

As you can see, the intention here is ambitious.

Lion Heart aims to bring about nothing less than life-altering transformation.

To assist in catalyzing the next wave of fiercely authentic, God-surrendered, lion-hearted leaders, creators, and space-holders that this planet needs.

This is about Love.

Impossible Love that nonetheless is.

Impossible Love that nonetheless radiates in all directions.

This is about truly being that Love.

Humbling yourself before that Love.

Making your entire life about that Love.

Making your entire existence a Prayer to that Oceanic Love.

And realizing over and over, endlessly, just how deep the Ocean really goes.

This is the work for which all other work is mere preparation.

This is it.

If Real Life is what you seek, brother, look no further.

What does the Lion Heart initiation consist of, on a more concrete level?

Here is what you will receive, if you choose to invest your time, energy, and financial resources into Lion Heart:

1. 9 months of leadership training & initiation that you won’t find elsewhere. Together we will initiate into a paradigm of leadership that few beings on Earth embody. This paradigm is characterized by a wide open blazing lion heart, profound surrender to God, total devotion to your heart’s truest calling, boundless trust in Life, fierce authenticity, courageous love in action, powerful presence & space-holding, heart-full creativity, being a reliable Mountain in your family & community, relentless investigation of your own bullshit, radical shadow integration/transfiguration, and a willingness to die for the heart's truth.

2. A deep-dive, one-of-a-kind education covering the core pillars of 'Heart-Centered Service, Mastery, & Leadership.' Through live classes and supplementary materials, I will transmit to you a structured comprehensive curriculum of my best maps, models, and embodied understandings of:

  • True leadership
  • Conscious relationships
  • Acting & creating as a clear channel
  • Space-holding & transformational facilitation
  • How to lead & thrive during this Great Transition
  • Sacred parenting & family dynamics
  • The path of the warrior of the heart
  • Living your calling
  • Taking leaps of faith
  • Opening the heart to God's Love
  • Releasing control and letting God guide you
  • Heart-centered entrepreneurship
  • Masterful communication
  • Shadow work
  • Healing deep ancestral wounds and traumas
  • The non-dual actuality of God
  • Sealing energetic leaks & overcoming addictions
  • Holistic well-being
  • And more 

Furthermore, this education will be made experiential for you through exercises, challenges, ceremonies, and rites of passage. 


3. Weekly 2-hour group sessions with me — these will blend masterclasses, workshops, ceremonies, embodiment practices, Q&A’s, and radically honest men's circles. These sessions will be both heart-opening and confronting. You will receive uncompromisingly honest feedback, and at times this may be deeply triggering. You will be held accountable to show up for all sessions unless you have a truly valid reason to miss one. Through these sessions we will bond as brothers, rise as leaders, and deepen our intimacy with ourselves, God, and all of life.

4. Monthly 1.5-hour deep-dive 1:1 sessions with me — blending mentorship, space-holding, initiation, guidance, deep listening, naked honesty, unconditional love, and various healing modalities, to address whatever is arising for you. Through these 1:1 immersions we will become truly intimate with one another. We will know and see one another on levels we may not have been known or seen before. I will act as a mirror for you, reflecting to you your own heart-power, greatness, and genius, and holding you accountable for claiming it. I will lovingly point at things you may not want me to see, so we can find God in those spaces. I will do my best to empty myself, to become whatever is needed for you, session by session.

5. Access to a private Telegram or Signal community in which you can interact ongoingly with your brothers, share whatever is arising for you, and ask for support with any questions or challenges that are coming up for you.

6. The opportunity to forge lifelong relationships and friendships with like-hearted men: Men of God. Men called to lead. Men devoted to the path of truth. Men who will inspire, challenge, and motivate you. Do not underestimate the immense power of having such men in your life as brothers and mentors.

7. Several unique opportunities for in-person 1:1 or group initiations at a significantly reduced tuition, since you are part of Lion Heart. You will be held accountable for attending at least one of these in-person initiations, as a requirement for the completion of Lion Heart. Though these may change, I can share that at present these initiation opportunities feel like they will be: A 5-day entheogenic group initiation in Netherlands in ~August (~$750); a 3-day group initiation at Medicine Festival in England in August (~$500); a 7-day entheogenic group initiation at Kumankaya in Mexico in December (~$1,250); and a 2-day 1:1 entheogenic initiation with me, available at various locations globally throughout 2023 (~$500). 

8. Being held accountable for completing 50+ hours of 1:1 and group mentorship, healing, or space-holding sessions during your 9-month initiation, as a requirement for completion of Lion Heart. If you feel called to be some kind of facilitator, space-holder, guide, healer, or mentor in this lifetime, this will be a massive catalyst to kickstart your path. Even if you do not see yourself pursuing this path, holding space for others is an incredibly powerful mirror, crucible, and initiation that all true leaders would be wise to experience.

9. Being held accountable for creating and birthing a significant gift to the world during your 9-month initiation, as a requirement for completion of Lion Heart. This could be a coaching offering, men's circle, course, book, album, blog series, painting sequence, video series, website, app, physical place, or any number of other possibilities. The point is to create something that expresses your truth and feels substantial and stretches you, and to birth this into the world. This is an indispensable capacity that all true leaders are wise to cultivate.

10. Upon successful completion of the initiation, you will receive an honorary certificate and totem of recognition as a Lion Heart Leader & Mentor — one well-equipped to lead, mentor, and hold space for others. This moment will hold a gravity for you and will mark a key milestone on your path. Your life after Lion Heart will not be the same as your life before. New vistas will open before you. This is the purpose of a true initiation.

"The depth of giving that Jordan possesses is unlike most.

The value and insight he has provided me have helped me make significant changes in my life: I feel grounded deeply in my Power, I have gained great clarity on my Medicine and Offer, I have stepped into providing sessions, it has helped me align my life on multiple levels, and allowed me to cut through the bullshit that keeps me from living my Soul’s Joy. Through working with him I signed on my first long-term $5k client. While these steps have been challenging, the Space that Jordan nurtures is deeply fruitful."

— Brady Heath, Coach & Leader

What is the commitment?

This is a 9-month initiation.

There are 11 spaces available.

We begin in mid-2023. Specific dates coming in time.

First and foremost, to join Lion Heart is to make a profound commitment to your own heart's truth. A commitment to follow Love, wherever it leads. A commitment to face fear and walk through the fires of a true initiation into manhood, warriorship, and leadership. 

This is a serious commitment to show up consistently for yourself and your brothers: A commitment to massively prioritize the sessions and the work we're undertaking together. A commitment to open up and build real relationships. A commitment to give of your gifts, presence, time, and energy in support of the Whole. 

You will be held accountable for showing up on time for all sessions, all challenges, all exercises, and all requirements of the journey, unless you have a truly legitimate reason to miss something. You will agree to certain penalties, in the event that you do not follow through on your word. This is about learning to hold yourself to a new standard of integrity.

There is also a financial commitment involved. Why? — For one, financial resources allow me to provide for my family and to devote myself to this vocational work.

There's a lot more to it, though:

In this noisy world, "putting your money where your mouth is" cuts through the bullshit and motivates men to truly focus on something. Men value what they invest in, and they invest when they're truly committed. Men show up fully when they have real "skin in the game." 

To invest in oneself is to honor oneself. When men make a financial sacrifice to "cross the threshold" of initiation, the container becomes far more powerful for everyone involved. Non-serious men get filtered out, and dedicated men go 'all in.' I speak from experience here: The potency of this journey will be greatly amplified by asking men to make a significant investment in themselves.

With all that being said...

The standard tuition is $2,500 (+ in-person event tuition).

In-person event requirement: The journey requires you to attend at least one in-person initiation event with me in 2023 (at a significantly reduced tuition, since you are part of Lion Heart). Depending which event(s) you choose, your tuition will be ~$500 - ~$1,250 per event, on top of your $2,500 base tuition for Lion Heart.

Payment plan option: It is possible to pay for Lion Heart in several installments.

Your investment in Lion Heart will be fully refundable for the first 15 days of the journey. By then we will have had at least two group sessions, and you will have a clear sense of the nature of the container. After that point, no refunds will be offered, as it is important for all of us to be locked in and to "burn the boats"—i.e. to remove the temptation of taking the easy way out.

What you receive from Lion Heart will directly reflect your depth of commitment. Do not apply if you are not sincerely ready.

"When I committed to leveling up and pursuing my highest path, Jordan appeared like a wizard from the aether. He is a big-hearted, multi-dimensional, compassionate being committed to serving our realm and creating a more harmonious reality for all.

After participating at in-person retreats as well as multiple online containers with Jordan over the last 2 years, I can say he is the real deal and give a BIG GIANT recommendation to participate in any of his offerings. You will evolve. You will play and have fun. You will be reminded to trust life, to see the magic in every moment and to dare something greatly."

— Austin Otting, Writer & Leader

The Story of Lion Heart

Welcome, brother.

I’m Jordan.

I am a simple man who loves God, Life, Family, and Truth.

I am an initiator of leaders, space-holder, healer, artist, writer, and rapper.

I am father of Lila, fiance of Tanja, brother of Anna, son of Connie and Dan, and friend of all.

About 12 years ago, psilocybin mushrooms found me and initiated a process of radical opening to life.

To be blunt, the mushrooms began to show me that I—a small-town kid from Iowa, USA—was a slave.

A slave within a cult-like civilization—a civilization created by a race of men deeply in forgetfulness of their True Loving Nature.

A slave being systematically groomed and conditioned to lead a false life.

This opening was the end of life as I knew it…

And the beginning of a life devoted to truth, love, and freedom.

Little did I know where this quest would lead me…

It led me to wander this planet for nearly 10 years straight…

To explore dozens of foreign lands…

To travel to the very ends of the Earth…

It led me to hidden temples in the hearts of dense jungles…

To the far reaches of inner space…

To the darkest shadows of my own being...

To foul hells and luminous heavens…

It led me to befriend and learn from some of the greatest sages alive today…

It led me to spaces of unspeakable communion with Divine intelligences both Gaian and otherworldly…

It led me to share my truth by birthing hundreds of essays, multiple books, a dozen rap albums, and numerous soul-liberating containers & retreats, both online and physically, on multiple continents…

It led me to the sacraments of Fatherhood and Partnership…

And to a deepening into the true meaning of Family and Tribe…

It led me to the repeated cracking open of my Heart…

To the continuous purging of my own poison, arrogance, and bullshit...

To the ongoing annihilation and rebirthing of myself…

It led me to fall to my knees and weep at the very feet of God.

Yes, brother, God exists.

Though God is not what you think—not containable within any thought or image.

God is Mystery.

God is Truth.

God is All.

God is Now.

God is Nature.

God is You.

God is Love.

To serve as a clear channel for God's Grace and Love, is the highest calling of my life.

Lion Heart arose organically within me as a gift from God, in late 2022, after the most initiatory year of my life. It is the most comprehensive training, initiation, and mentorship journey I have ever conceived.

I feel I am being guided to birth Lion Heart as Medicine for our Earth.

God willing, it is my sincere intent to humbly lead this Initiation, in Grace and Loving Presence, to the best of my abilities, for the Highest Good of All.

Thank you for reading this poetry from my soul, brother.

Thank you for courageously walking the path.

I love you.


In Grace and Love,

Made with Love by Jordan Bates — 2022