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Advanced Private Training for Infinite Creators Ready to Take the Direct Path to a New Earth

This 1-month journey is a gift to all beings and begins 1/22/22

Dear Limitless Being,

In your heart of hearts, you know what you were put on this Earth to do.

Now it is time to do it.

Time to shine and play full out, like never before. Time to radiate.

​No more excuses. No more endless mental masturbation. No more hiding.

No more victim mentalities. No more self-pity. No more playing small.

If it's not a Fuck Yes, it's a No.

It is time to vibrate at the frequency of your Highest Joy.

It is time to BE what you came here to BE.

It is time to uncompromisingly do what makes you come ALIVE.

We find ourselves at a key choice-point in Earth's history.

While many are creating a reality of limitation right now, there is an alternative.

It is possible to Be Free Now and to begin joyfully living in the New Earth.

You are an Infinite Creator Being.

You are a powerful vibrational creator.

Life does not give you a true desire without also giving you the means to fulfill it.

What you choose to be, vibrate, radiate—is creating your future.

Reality is a faithful mirror reflecting to you the truth of what you are being.

You sabotage the realization of your purest desire when you contradict it vibrationally.

When you do not believe it is possible. When you repeatedly indulge thoughts, actions, and relationships that do not align with the vibration of your Highest Joy.

In your heart you feel an increasing knowing that it is time to clear out all that is misaligned, so you can make space for what is truly exciting to flow to you.

It is time to have your blindspots illuminated and your godliness activated.

Time to receive the loving yet uncompromising reflections that can reveal you to yourself and help you see the path to your next level.

Time to surround yourself with New Earth Creators living in the vibrational reality you wish to anchor into your being.

Time to know that you are Always Already Home.

Time to be the Infinite Creator you truly are.

Ouroboros: Infinity Mentorship is a training ground for rare souls on a mission to uncompromisingly live truth in service to the All.

A community for uncommon beings who would rather die than live a lie.

A dojo for those committed to self-liberating on all levels so as to playfully enlighten consciousness on Earth.

A fiercely-loving space for those who burn to know the Perfection of Now.

Those who are ready to surrender to God.

This is a Hall of Mirrors to show you yourself, so you can Be What You Truly Are.

How will this change your life?

If you show up with True Desire and Total Availability for this work, the following are likely:

1. You will not recognize your life ~7-8 months from now. You will feel you are living in a different, miraculous universe—one in which Joy, Love, and Infinite Possibility are the law, not the exception.

2. You will call in your Highest Timeline. You will become vastly more honest and earnest about Why You Are Here Now, and align your entire life to this knowing. You will increasingly step into Infinite Creatorship.

3. You will bond deeply with other burning souls who are here to live truth in service to the playful liberation of planetary consciousness.

4. You will increasingly know God directly, know the Perfection of Now, and see that you are Always Already Free.

5. You will notice that how you do everything shifts, and this changes everything. You will take responsibility for bringing Love, Joy, Peace, Presence, and Honor to all moments, situations, and interactions, thus transforming your whole life.

"Working with Jordan has gone way beyond what I expected.

It's catalyzed many big shifts in my own Journey of Remembering who I truly am and what I came here to do. Jordan continues to inspire and empower as one of the most authentic and Soul-driven individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing personally."

— Jonathan Maccaul, Martial Artist & Transformational Guide

How does it flow?

Your Infinity Mentorship journey includes:

  • Live trainings with Jordan Bates ~every week (~4 total) with the option to attend on Zoom or watch the recording later. These live trainings are the core pillar of Infinity Mentorship and will be advanced in nature.
  • An interactive wisdom dojo. The Infinity Mentorship Telegram group will be a space for Jordan and the community to share real-time dialogues, teachings, updates, & reflections, as we all practice together to implement and integrate the wisdom and insights that come forth.
  • Access to a beautiful community of wise, like-hearted souls. This community will be a tribe united by a deep New Earth calling—a potent space to "find the others."
  • Plugging into a powerful New Earth Vortex and Energy Field generated by our shared intention and commitment to a higher-vibrational reality. Do not underestimate the door-opening potential of this.

Who am I?

I’m Jordan Bates, or JB, if you like.

I’m the father of Lila, future-husband of Tanja, brother of Anna, son of Connie and Dan, and friend of all.

I'm a teacher, wizard, artist, writer, trickster, rapper, and lover of Tao.

For the past 11 years, I’ve been on a devoted quest for truth that has led me to 33 countries and the far reaches of inner space.

Through my writing, music, courses, retreats, communities, & 1:1 mentoring, I've reached millions and assisted thousands of individuals in their journeys of remembering and being who they truly are.

On my best days I love all of Creation. I love animals and people and love seeing them release their burdens and feel and know the grace of God.

It fills my heart to see beings realize their intrinsic wholeness and radiance and remember that they can trust Life. I wish for all to know and be who they are, and to feel the sacred joy and relief of liberation.

"The depth of giving that Jordan possesses is unlike most.

The value and insight he has provided me have helped me make significant changes in my life. I feel grounded deeply in my Power. He has helped me align my life on multiple levels, and allowed me to cut through the bullshit that keeps me from living my Soul’s Joy."

— Brady Heath, Holistic Coach

Is this for you?

This experience is for you if you are burning to take things to the next level.

You’ve contacted something pure within yourself and you know that now it is time to live it.

Living a lie is no longer an option. There is no Plan B.

You must live your truth.

You must know who you are and be that.

You must assist in playfully liberating consciousness on Earth and beyond.

You must become ever more intimate with God.

This is the depth of conviction and true desire that is necessary to incinerate all excuses, victim mentalities, and lack beliefs.

This is what it takes to joyfully Be What You Are in this lifetime.

Feel the intrinsic power and pure intentionality here, and ask yourself…

Is this me?

If so, I look forward to seeing you on 1/22/22 to begin our Infinity Mentorship journey.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Made with Love by Jordan Bates & Ouroboros — 2022