Special Additional Offer:
1-to-1 Laser Coaching

Dear friend,

Congrats on taking the leap and joining Escaping the Rat Race! I'm excited for you. : )

Before you jump into the Course, here's one additional opportunity to take your Journey to the next level:

I usually ask ~$200 for a 75-Minute Video Coaching Session...

In addition to the 1-Hour Coaching Session you'll be gifted for joining the Course, I'd like to offer you an additional 75-Minute Video Coaching Session with me for just $90, less than half my usual price.

This will be a Highly Focused Deep Dive in which we will go even deeper into the process of understanding where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

With Radical Honesty and Empathy, I will help you map out a Personalized Plan to shift into a more aligned, exciting reality.

I look forward to listening deeply to you, understanding your world, and illuminating your Path to Freedom.

You can add this 75-Minute Coaching Session with one click below.

Peace and Love,

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