Jordan Bates


A 6-Month Mastermind & Mentorship for Men Ready to Build Holistic Wealth and Create a Legacy in Service of Divine Love

The journey begins 4/4/2024...

Introduction Video: Are you called to root your life in Eternity, build solid foundations for the next 40-50 years, and leave a legacy for your family and the world?

Dear Brother,

Within each man’s Heart there resides a deep Calling to be True.

To become Real.

To open the Heart.

To be Courageous.

A Calling to be…







In Service.

A Calling to be a Solid Rock for his Family, Friends, & Community.

To build something worthwhile and leave a Legacy.

In his Heart each man yearns for his Life to be about something Greater than himself.

He burns to bring forth what is inside of him.

To give his Gifts for the Good of the Whole.

Deep down he knows he is here to protect the Innocent.

To celebrate Divinity.

And to stand for all that is Good, True, and Beautiful.

In his Heart of Hearts—perhaps unbeknownst to him—he secretly wishes to give his Life over to Love.

He yearns to be guided by God.

To find Rest and Trust in the Loving Arms of the Creator.

In essence, each man is mysteriously called to be a King.

No, not an opulent power-thirsty tyrant on a decadent throne.

A True, Heart-Led King.

A Sage King.

A King in the purest sense.

A man in Service to the Whole of Life.

A humble Steward of the realm.

A man who has given his Life to God.

To all beings.

To all women and children.

This is the true meaning of King.





Led by God.

Which man is truly ready to heed the call?

We live in a time of immense transition, upheaval, confusion, planetary purging, and ancestral Gaian healing.

Deep down, we all know this world is in dire need of more Heart-Led Kings.

The question is: Who is truly ready to heed the call?

Men, who among us is ready to let all falseness and selfishness burn away in the Fires of God’s Love?

Who among us is ready to let his boy-self die so that his King can step forth?

Who among us is ready for Total Commitment?

Total Commitment to do whatever it takes to show up fully and beautifully—for his Family, for his God, for his own Soul, and for the Whole.

Who among us is ready to say, “My life is not my own.”?

Which man is ready to be a channel for God’s Grace and Peace?

Which man is ready to surrender his Power, Wealth, Gifts, and Creativity to God, such that God may direct these resources toward the Highest?

Which man is ready to become Innocent and Supple as a newborn babe, yet Strong as a Mighty Sequoia?

Which man is prepared to sacrifice himself for all that is Pure and Sacred?

And which man is ready to Celebrate Joyfully through it all?

Brother, if these words touch something deep within you, perhaps you are meant to join us on this journey.

A Gathering of Wise, Noble Men.

Council of Kings is a 6-month journey for brave men called to embody their King.

The King is perhaps the ultimate masculine archetype, signifying…

Inner Nobility.

Devoted Service.

True Wisdom.

Long-Term Vision.

Impactful Creation.

Grounded Stability.

Sagacious Resource-Stewardship.

Deep Life Mastery.

Surrender to God.

A 6-month immersion in this archetypal energy-pattern—surrounded by other men on the same path—is no small thing.

This is for the man who is ready for Deep Commitment.

The man who is called to be a Mountain for his Family, Community, and World.

The man who is ready to surrender to God’s Purest Dreams for him.

The man who is ready to turn these Pure Heart Dreams into solid plans and diligently create them.

The man who is called to give his life over to Love.

The Core Pillars of the Journey — What We Will Be Doing Together

Let's get down to pragmatics. What will we actually be doing together?

There are 4 pillars that constitute the core of this journey:

1. Weekly 2-Hour Councils: Rise Into Kinghood Together.

These are the heartbeat. These will be impactful. Men will agree to treat these councils as a non-negotiable sacred weekly practice—only miss-able for a very good reason. These councils will integrate men's work, masterminding, group mentorship, profound experiential exercises, nakedly real heart-sharing, teaching, Q&A, collective visioning, dialogue, breathwork, contemplation-meditation-prayer journeys, and more.

2. The King's Blueprint: Clarify Your 50-Year Vision.

You will be equipped with the The King's Blueprint—a toolkit combining advanced mystical understandings with highly pragmatic down-to-Earth tools—empowering you to vision, plan, create, and steward true long-term Kingdom Wealth in all major areas of life: Spirituality, family, relationships, creativity, service & vocation, impact & legacy, wealth & finances, education, health, home, and happiness. This Blueprint is both a set of principles and an interactive process: You will be given core, timeless principles for stewarding Kingdom Wealth, and you will be guided through a deep process of visioning, mapping, & planning your life and legacy.

3. 4-Month Commitments: Start Building Your Legacy Now.

As part of this journey, men will make an unshakeable 4-month commitment to act. This initiation is a requirement for completion of the journey. The 4-month commitment must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. It will most likely involve sharing your gifts with the world in some way. This might mean completing a project, book, act of service, blog series, video series, course, offering, workshop, 1:1 space-holding effort, or otherwise. In the first month of the journey, we will spend time gaining clarity on what sort of commitment is optimally aligned for you and will truly advance your path. Then, for 4 months, we will accomplish our commitments. In the final month, we will integrate.

4. Archetypal Journeys: Know Yourself & Activate Latent Gifts.

Lastly, in this journey we will also be inviting an immersion in the purest God-led expressions of various archetypal energy-patterns. In simple terms, this means we will explore different masculine character-blueprints, learn from them, and invite these blueprints to be activated & integrated within us—with individual customization based on your unique level of calling toward each archetype. For all 6 months, we will immerse in the meta-archetype of the Heart-Led King, which can be seen as transcending and including all the major masculine archetypes. And, in each individual month, we will also immerse in one unique archetype—most likely the following: The Legacy Builder, the Kingdom Wealth Steward, the Saintly Father, the Sacred Lover, the Alchemized Shadow-Self, & the Inner Child.

These 4 pillars constitute the Heart of this journey. There will also be additional elements, such as a Telegram community for ongoing heart-dialogue, recommended daily/regular practices, recommended books & resources, and more.

These elements will combine to make this 6-month journey a true crucible and initiation—a deeply holistic foundation & incubator for the rest of a man's life.

Who is This For?

This journey is designed for:

1. Men on the Path of Truth.

2. Men who feel a calling to embody the King at deeper levels.

3. Men who are called to be Mountains for their families, communities, & their world.

4. Men who know Life is asking them to step up and break through to new levels of Leadership, Excellence, Mastery, Order, Abundance, Honor, Faith, Love, Service, Embodiment, Creatorship, & Closeness to God.

5. Men who are ready to meet remarkable men who will change their life and become their brothers, mentors, allies, & potential collaborators.

6. Men ready to level up in all areas of life by stepping into a new way of *Being*.

7. Men ready to Build a Beautiful Life, guided by God.

8. Men who are ready to receive & co-create a Blueprint that can bring Clarity, Direction, & Holistic Wisdom to the remaining decades of their lives. 

9. Men who know they are on Earth to protect Innocence, bring Heaven to Earth, and stand for all that is Good, True, & Beautiful.

10. Men ready to open their Hearts to Love and find deeper Rest & Trust in God.

If most or all of these points resonate deeply in your Heart, brother, we'll be honored to welcome you into this sacred space.

What Men Say About My Work

I've been deeply immersed in Transformational Facilitation for nearly 6 years, and in Men's Work for nearly 4 years now.

I've had the honor of working with and impacting the lives of many great men during this time. Here are some kind things men have said about my work:

“Being a part of this Brotherhood has transformed who I am as a person. I feel so much stronger, confident, openhearted and most importantly more truly myself. It's a beautiful feeling to be so transparent and real with one another and to feel that the guys have your back and are with you no matter what.

The Brotherhood embodies an unconditional love that fully accepts you where you are and as you are, but also sees your potential, holds you accountable and pushes you to be the best you can be. I'd highly recommend this group to anyone who feels a calling."

— Jacob, Online Brotherhood & Retreat Participant, UK


"Jordan is an amazing guide in the process of introspection and collective men’s work. He listens extremely well, holds space with poise and leadership, models vulnerability and authenticity, and combines safety with a sense of challenge that has been extremely useful in my growth process.

This brotherhood offers a safe space to be a man, to share and accept all parts of yourself in a container free of judgement, and to grow and evolve into the type of person you want to be. For me, the brotherhood inspired vulnerability, courage, introspection, validation, and integration so that I could make real choices and changes in my life and continue to grow."

— Kenny, Online Brotherhood Participant, USA


"The depth of giving that Jordan possesses is unlike most. The value and insight he has provided me have helped me make significant changes in my life: I feel grounded deeply in my Power, I have gained great clarity on my Medicine and Offer, I have stepped into providing sessions, it has helped me align my life on multiple levels, and allowed me to cut through the bullshit that keeps me from living my Soul’s Joy. Through working with him I signed on my first long-term $5k client. While these steps have been challenging, the Space that Jordan nurtures is deeply fruitful." 

— Brady, 'Ouroboros' Mastermind Participant & 'The Sovereign Man' Participant, USA


"When I committed to leveling up and pursuing my highest path, Jordan appeared like a wizard from the aether. He is a big-hearted, multi-dimensional, compassionate being committed to serving our realm and creating a more harmonious reality for all. After participating at in-person retreats as well as multiple online containers with Jordan over the last 2 years, I can say he is the real deal and give a BIG GIANT recommendation to participate in any of his offerings. You will evolve. You will play and have fun. You will be reminded to trust life, to see the magic in every moment and to dare something greatly."

— Austin, 'The Sovereign Man' Participant & Retreat Participant, USA


"I’ve thought about engaging in men’s work for years, but never made the final step. I’m so glad I finally have. Jordan creates a container which feels both safe and challenging, allowing me to stretch myself while knowing he and others have my back. It offers something different to the other practices I follow to nourish myself, providing something like directive friendship, although I’m not sure I can necessarily encapsulate the unique place it holds in my life."

— Ronan, Online Brotherhood Participant, UK


"The brotherhood Jordan has put together has been enriching and heart opening. It’s been helpful and inspiring to have good men to share the triumphs and challenges of life with from outside my normal bubble."

— Zach, Online Brotherhood Participant, USA


"Jordan is a proficient and fiery leader in guiding his brothers through men's work. This container he's created is a potent catalyst, allowing men to fully step into their innate power and prevail on the battlefield of life."

— Adam, Online Brotherhood Participant, USA


"Thus far my experience is that The Sovereign Man container is/was the ultimate way of having a container/shared space. I find it difficult to maintain momentum in other shared spaces, but with the Sovereign Man container I felt a magnetic 'force' pulling me in all the time. It was like I was in a form of temporary vortex, outside of 'my' own control, in a scary and awesome way.

Around a month after the Sovereign Man container ended I am still sensing the echo of what I learnt about myself, other men and life in both a shallow and deep sense. I am still harvesting the fruits from what I have experiences about life and myself from the shared space. The Sovereign Man container was one of the most beautiful and transformative and important things that has ever happened to me."

— Edward, Participant in 'The Sovereign Man' Online Experience & the Online Brotherhood, Sweden


[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] I wanna weep in the face of truth… Two things: There’s nothing to be afraid of, and Love is unlimited. I wanna hug you guys.”

— Sam, Retreat Participant & Online Brotherhood Participant, USA


"[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] There was just such immense love, encouragement, support and wisdom being poured into our hearts. The team was also just a beautiful mirror for us to ground into the truth. Because that's what it's all about. It is moving beyond the stories that we incessantly tell ourselves that keep us trapped in the prison of our minds. This retreat absolutely demolishes those shackles, and I'm super grateful. Thank you so much, it was beautiful. I learned so much from y'all, so much about myself. I am forever grateful. Thank you, I love you. Much love. Peace."

— Brady, Retreat Participant, USA


"[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] I leave feeling complete. More complete than I ever have. Acknowledging all the facets of my personality and all the depth that I choose to ignore at times... I feel a sacred connection to everything after this work. I'm so, so grateful to Jordan, Tanja, and the whole team. I want to continue this work for the rest of my life and see where it goes. It's a wonderful road. Sending big love and appreciation to everyone who was involved."

— Zach, Retreat Participant, USA


"[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] The experience has been really magical and healing. Just coming here to this amazing place and hearing all the wilderness feels so calming and relaxing. Being here with everyone in ceremony and all healing together and supporting each other really opened up my heart. My biggest highlight was the time after ceremony. Just sharing our experiences together and getting to know everyone and hearing their stories."

— Kevin, Retreat Participant, USA


"[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] My experience was beautiful overall. It was healing and it was life affirming and it was a gift that I gave to myself that I'm truly grateful of receiving. I really enjoyed the camaraderie, the sharing with each other and the group process. The entire process was in some parts challenging and in some parts a lot of fun, but overall enriching and helpful in a lot of ways. At this point in time, I feel like I need to come back here every year of my life just to bathe and bask in the love that is here."

— Austin, Retreat Participant, USA


"[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] My experience was really powerful. I’ve been going through a really rough time for the last four months or so and this felt like a deep reset and a remembrance of the joy and gratitude in the world and all the possibilities out there. The community, the medicine, the workshops… Everything just came together for a big reset."

— Eric, Retreat Participant, USA


"[Regarding his experience on a retreat I created:] Absolutely life-changing. The most important thing I've ever done. Years of therapy and pill medication did nothing compared to the accelerated program here. Beauty. Words don't do it justice. Incredibly profound."

— Jake, Retreat Participant, USA

How Will This Change Your Life?

I cannot say precisely how this journey will impact you, as it will be different for each man. However, I can share with you my prayer and intention:

By the end of this journey, if you show up fully and initiate, you will:

1. Embody your King on deeper levels, thereby uplifting and bringing greater order to all areas of your life.

2. Be a Grounded Mountain for your family, community, & world.

3. Be the version of you who is ready to find your wife, or heal and revive your relationship with your wife.

4. Be equipped with a personalized King's Blueprint — a blueprint for the rest of your life, mapping out your path to flourishing in all major areas.

5. Be a True Leader, led by God and devoted to Love.

6. Meet remarkable men who will change your life and become your brothers, mentors, allies, & potential collaborators.

7. Understand how to wisely build and steward Kingdom Wealth in all major areas of life—spiritual wealth most fundamentally, as well as familial wealth, financial wealth, relational wealth, business & vocational wealth, freedom & lifestyle wealth, impact & legacy wealth, & the wealth of true happiness & healthful thriving.

8. Be equipped with the foundational tools, principles, and heart-centered presence to lead and thrive in this age of Great Transition.

9. Birth a significant new creation, offering, project, or act of service into the world, for the good of all.

10. Feel closer to God, know God in your direct experience, and find Deeper Rest and Trust in the Warm, Loving Embrace of God.

Council of Kings aims to bring about life-altering transformation in accordance with God's Will. 

And to help catalyze the next wave of Heart-Led Kings this planet yearns for.

If this North Star resonates, brother, walk with us.

Who Am I?

Welcome, brother. I’m Jordan.

I am a simple man who loves God, Life, Family, and Truth.

I am a teacher, mentor, space-holder, healer, artist, writer, and rapper.

I am father of Lila, husband of Tanja, brother of Anna, son of Connie and Dan, and friend of all.

About 13 years ago, psilocybin mushrooms found me in Nebraska and initiated a process of radical opening to life.

To be blunt, the mushrooms began to show me that I—a small-town kid from Iowa, USA—was a slave.

A slave within a cult-like civilization—a civilization created by a race of men deeply in forgetfulness of their True Loving Nature.

A slave being systematically groomed and conditioned to lead a false life.

This opening was the end of life as I knew it… And the beginning of a life devoted to truth, love, and freedom.

Little did I know where this quest would lead me…

It led me to wander this planet for 10 years straight…

To explore dozens of foreign lands…

To travel to the very ends of the Earth…

It led me to hidden temples in the hearts of dense jungles…

To the far reaches of inner space…

To the darkest shadows of my own being...

To foul hells and numinous heavens…

It led me to befriend and learn from some of the greatest sages alive today…

It led me to spaces of unspeakable communion with Divine intelligences both Gaian and otherworldly…

It led me to share my truth by birthing hundreds of essays, 4 books, 20 rap albums, and numerous soul-liberating containers & retreats, both online and physically, on multiple continents…

It led me to the sacraments of Fatherhood and Marriage…

And to a deepening into the true meaning of Family and Tribe…

It led me to the repeated cracking open of my Heart…

To the continuous purging of my own poison, arrogance, and bullshit...

To the ongoing annihilation and rebirthing of myself…

It led me to fall to my knees and weep at the very feet of God.

Yes, brother, God exists.

Though God is not what you think—not containable within any thought or image.

God is Mystery.

God is Truth.

God is All.

God is Now.

God is Nature.

God is You.

God is Love.

To serve as a clear channel for God's Grace and Love, is the highest calling of my life.

God willing, it is my sincere intent to humbly lead Council of Kings, in Grace and Loving Presence, to the best of my abilities, for the Highest Good of All.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's take a moment to cover some of the top questions you may have:

1. How many men will be part of this?

I'm holding a vision for 24 men in total. We will see what the final number is. ~24 is the maximum.


2. What is the financial and energetic investment?


The investment for Council of Kings is on a sliding scale from $111 - $199/month.

From experience, I can tell you that men value what they invest in, and they commit much more deeply when they make an investment that feels significant. When all the men in a container are *committed*, the container becomes far more impactful.

 The primary time/energy investment involves diligently attending the weekly 2-hour sessions (at an as-yet-to-be-determined time that works for everyone), as well as completing your 4-month commitment. As with all worthwhile endeavors, you'll receive in proportion to what you give.


3. Are there scholarships available, and what is your refund policy?

Partial scholarship assistance may be possible for men who feel a strong calling.

My refund / cancellation policy is that I strongly encourage men to see this as a deep non-refundable commitment they have made to themselves. Commitment, trust, and follow-through are very powerful in Men's Work. With that being said, if an emergency or something unforeseen arises and you no longer feel able/willing to complete our commitment, I am open to a conversation about cancelling / refunding. It is not likely that I would refund a man for sessions/months he has already completed unless he had a very strong reason for requesting said refund; I am more open to refunding future sessions that have not yet occurred. Though, again, I strongly recommend for men to view Council of Kings as an unshakeable commitment they have firmly made and will not back out of. I recommend to go 'all in' and trust the process of this journey.


4. What is 'Kingdom Wealth'?

Kingdom Wealth is a concept that emerged from Christianity. It refers to a holistic view of wealth that prioritizes God-centeredness and spiritual wealth as the foundation of a life well-lived. In this context, resources are seen as not being truly 'ours,' but rather belonging to God, who has entrusted us to steward them.

In the context of Council of Kings, I will present my own deep and multi-layered understanding of Kingdom Wealth. I will guide men to understand Kingdom Wealth-Stewardship as a process of cultivating the garden of life toward Holistic Beauty & Flourishing, across all major areas of life.

With spiritual wealth as the foundation, we will clarify how to build and steward familial wealth, financial wealth, relational wealth, business & vocational wealth, freedom & lifestyle wealth, impact & legacy wealth, & the wealth of true happiness & healthful thriving.


5. Is this offering affiliated with a specific religion? Do I need to hold certain beliefs to be part of this?

My work with men is interpath and non-dogmatic in nature. You don't need to hold certain beliefs to be part of this. This journey is rooted in universal Love.

With that being said, at this stage of my journey I consider myself an integral Catholic mystic. I feel a profound closeness to Jesus Christ, Christian mysticism, and to the lineage of my ancestors. As such, it's accurate to say that my work is rooted in the Christian mystical tradition—and draws strength therefrom. Christ is present with me, and Christ is a key presence that is inspiring and breathing spiritual life into the Council of Kings.

Within my spiritual life I also integrate and celebrate aspects of other traditions/approaches—such as the Advaita Vedanta of Sri Anandamayi Ma & Ramana Maharshi; the Kumankaya Christian medicine path of Remi & Ashley Delaune; the Yoga of Radiant Presence as transmitted by Peter Brown; the Way of Tao as expressed by Lao Tzu; Dzogchen & Zen Buddhism; some forms of traditional indigenous animism & shamanism; and more.

My teaching style fuses elements of all these paths and more, while adding what is uniquely my own. I do not recommend joining unless you already have some spiritual foundation and are comfortable hearing many spiritual terms/concepts, including Christian ones. You do not have to take on any of my ideas as your own. In fact, you are strongly encouraged to use your own discernment to integrate what resonates in your Heart, and let go of what does not.


6. What is a Mastermind, and what is Men's Work?

A Mastermind refers to a group of people coming together for a specific strategic purpose—often to assist one another in planning and building new realities in their lives. In this case, we are coming together to form a Collective Intelligence aimed at advancing all of us along the path of Truth, the path of Kinghood, and the path of stewarding Kingdom Wealth in all areas of life, in service of Love.

Men's Work is a group-healing & group-transformation modality that primarily centers on men coming together to be Radically Real, Open, Honest, Non-Judgmental, & Loving toward one another. The Men's Circle is an ancient communication technology. I have been deeply immersed in Men's Work for nearly ~4 years, and certain foundational principles of Men's Work will help forge the structure of Council of Kings.


7. What exactly is included in Council of Kings?

  • ~25 weekly 2-hour group Councils over a 6-month period — integrating men's work, masterminding, group mentorship, experiential exercises, nakedly real heart-sharing, teaching, Q&A, collective visioning, dialogue, breathwork, contemplation-meditation-prayer journeys, and more.
  •  The King's Blueprint: Clarify your 50-year vision, order your life, plan your path, and lay solid foundations for Kingdom Wealth across all major areas of life.
  • 4-month commitments: A launchpad & accountability structure for taking action to start building your legacy now.
  • Archetypal journeys: Immersing in God-centered masculine archetypes to know thyself and activate latent capacities.
  • Council of Kings Telegram community for ongoing connection, heart-dialogue, strategizing, Q&A, and masterminding.
  • Recommended daily/regular practices + books & resources for taking everything deeper.
  • Soul-brother discovery: Bond with fellow high-level men on the path of Truth who can become your brothers, allies, mentors, & potential collaborators.
  • Field of Light: When we come together with deep intention, we will co-create an energy field greater than the sum of its parts. Do not underestimate the life-altering potential of immersing in this Field for 6 months.

Men, Do You Feel It?

There's something Real here...

Something calling to us.

Something Pure.

This journey is not about our culture's egoic ideas of the King.

It is not about self-gratification, self-aggrandizement, or even self-fulfillment.

It is about something deeper and truer.

It is about remembering the true meaning of King.

Purifying the King.

Embodying the Heart-Led King.

Becoming the Humble Servant of God.

I certainly won't claim to be 'all the way there.'

Far from it.

Even as I lead this journey, I'll also be walking alongside you.

And part of me is scared of what that means.

Selfish parts of my ego and my shadow are resisting this journey.

Yet that's part of how I know we are about to do the Real Work.

There's something True here, men.

You feel it.

What would your life look like if you completely surrendered to God?

What would your life look like if you accepted the responsibility of long-term Kingly Stewardship?

How would that impact your next 40-50 years, future generations, and your soul's eternal destiny?

These are earth-shaking questions.

Are you ready to begin answering them together?

In your Heart, you'll know.

Thank you for reading this poetry from my Heart, brother.

I love you.

In Grace and Service to the Best of My Abilities,

Made with Love by Jordan Bates
By Lion Heart Leadership — The Ever Innocent Heart — 2024