Jordan Bates



A Brotherhood Journey for Men Returning Home to Wholeness, Honor, Truth, and Love

Dear Brother,

Who are you?

What is true for you?

What do you love with all your heart?

What are you willing to die for?

Do you know?

And beyond simply knowing…

Do you live this knowing?

Do you live it all the way through?

Pause for a moment and truly reflect.

These questions cut deep.

Straight to the heart of life.

And that’s good.

In this space, we are devoted to the core of things.

In this sanctuary…

Our sacrament is Truth.

Do you know what it feels like...

Do you know what it feels like to speak the deepest truth of your heart?

Do you know what it feels like to be witnessed in your truth by brothers?

To be held in the warm embrace of Loving Presence as you bare the secrets of your soul?

Do you know what it feels like to strip yourself naked and reveal your hidden wounds, shadows, demons, and battle scars?

Do you know what it feels like for these hidden parts to be seen and loved exactly as they are?

Do you know what it feels like to share sacred space with real, honorable Men?

To be supported by Men brave enough to open their hearts, in a world that gives them every reason to close down?

To be surrounded by Men courageous enough to be who they are, in a world that is constantly trying to make them someone else?

Do you know what it feels like to love something so much that you would give up everything for it?

Do you know what it feels like to love your own soul’s truth so much that nothing could convince you to live a lie?

Are you meant to know these things, in this lifetime?

Are you called to become who you truly are, brother?

The God-Honest You.

The Real You.

If so…

Welcome home.

"Brotherhood—rooted in the ancient practice of the Circle—is one of the great Healing Medicines for the modern man. Men deeply need brotherly connection with honorable men, the kind of men in Brothers of the Ever Innocent Heart."

— Jordan Bates, Founder

What is the Brotherhood, and who is it for?

Brothers of the Ever Innocent Heart is...

A Brotherhood Journey for men on the path of Truth.

Above all, this is about Men coming together to be as Honest as possible, and to hold one another in Loving Presence. That is the primary Medicine.

This is for men returning to Wholeness and embracing all aspects of their being.

For men on the path of embodying Wisdom, Courage, Integrity, Passion, Devotion, Discipline, Playfulness, Service, Freedom, Creativity, and Love.

For men who know we live in initiatory times and feel the call to Live Truth — in service to women, children, family, Earth, and the Whole.

For men who are called to be grounded, open-hearted, integrated, vitally alive, and above all — truly themselves.

Through meditation, shadow work, prayer, fasting, play, art, wisdom teachings, embodiment practices, rites of passage...

And above all, through the ancient practice of the Circle...

We Men who embark on this journey become brothers.

We see and love parts of ourselves we did not know existed, and thus return toward Wholeness.

We become more honest, artful expressions of our own souls.

We deepen in realization and embodiment of Mature Masculinity.

"Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one."

— Marcus Aurelius

How does it work, and what is the commitment?

This Brotherhood is intended to support men to heal and grow over a span of several months, or longer. The minimum time-commitment, to ensure an impactful journey, is 4 months.

The cornerstone of the Brotherhood is the practice of the Circle. We gather ~4+ times per month via Zoom for live sessions—these often involve a Circle and sometimes incorporate other modalities, practices, or exercises.

In addition, there are intermittent challenges and rites of passage for brothers to undertake together. There is also a private Telegram group for brothers to connect, share, discuss, and ask questions between live gatherings.

Men value what they invest in, and they invest when they're committed. As such, the Brotherhood is supported by a monthly financial contribution from the men who are part of it. This contribution is on a sliding scale, to accommodate men in different situations globally. When you apply, you'll be asked to indicate an approximate level of contribution.

More than finances, though, to join this Brotherhood is a deep energetic commitment to show up for yourself and your brothers. It is a commitment to open up and build real relationships. A commitment to prioritize the sessions and the work we're undertaking together. A commitment to give of your gifts, presence, time, and energy in support of the Whole. 

What you receive from this Brotherhood will directly reflect your depth of commitment. Do not apply if you are not sincerely ready.

"When I committed to leveling up and pursuing my highest path, Jordan appeared like a wizard from the aether. He is a big-hearted, multi-dimensional, compassionate being committed to serving our realm and creating a more harmonious reality for all.

After participating at in-person retreats as well as multiple online containers with Jordan over the last 2 years, I can say he is the real deal and give a BIG GIANT recommendation to participate in any of his offerings. You will evolve. You will play and have fun. You will be reminded to trust life, to see the magic in every moment and to dare something greatly."

— Austin Otting, Qi Gong Instructor

The Story

Welcome, brother.

I’m Jordan, or JB, if you like.

I am a simple man who loves God, Life, Family, and Truth.

About 12 years ago, psilocybin mushrooms found me and initiated a process of radical opening to life.

To be blunt, the mushrooms began to show me that I—a small-town kid from Iowa, USA—was a slave.

A slave within a cult-like prison of a civilization, created by a race of men deeply in forgetfulness of their True Loving Nature.

A slave being systematically groomed and conditioned to lead a false life.

This opening was the end of life as I knew it…

And the beginning of a life devoted to truth and freedom.

Little did I know where this quest for truth would lead me…

It led me to wander this planet for nearly 10 years straight…

To explore dozens of foreign lands…

To travel to the very ends of the Earth…

It led me to hidden temples in the hearts of dense jungles…

To the far reaches of inner space…

To the darkest shadows of my own being...

To foul hells and luminous heavens…

It led me to befriend and learn from many of the greatest sages alive today…

It led me to spaces of unspeakable communion with Divine intelligences both Gaian and otherworldly…

It led me to share my truth by birthing hundreds of essays, multiple books, a dozen rap albums, and numerous soul-liberating containers & retreats, both online and physically, on multiple continents…

It led me to the sacraments of Fatherhood and Partnership…

And to a deepening into the true meaning of Family and Tribe…

It led me to the repeated cracking open of my Heart…

To the continuous purging of my own poison, arrogance, and bullshit...

To the continuous annihilation and rebirthing of myself…

It led me to fall to my knees and weep at the very feet of God.

Yes, brother, God exists.

Though God is not what you think—not containable within any thought or image.

God is Mystery.

God is Truth.

God is All.

God is Now.

God is Nature.

God is Love.

To serve as a clear conduit for God's Grace and Love, is the highest calling of my life.

Brothers of the Ever Innocent Heart arose from the purest Love I’ve accessed within myself, during the most profound Heart-opening of my life, in early 2022.

I feel I was guided to birth this Brotherhood as Medicine for our Earth.

Sacred brotherhood—rooted in the ancient practice of the Circle—revealed itself to me in recent years as one of the most powerful Medicines on our planet.

It is pure healing Medicine for the Heart and Soul—deeply needed by the Men of Earth at this time, myself included.

That is why I have allowed this Brotherhood to birth through me.

God willing, it is my sincere intent to humbly steward this Brotherhood, in Grace and Loving Presence, to the best of my abilities, for the Highest Good of All.

Thank you for reading this poetry from my soul, brother.

I love you.


In Grace and Love,

Made with Love by Jordan Bates — 2022