Books by Jordan Bates

This is a book about your true nature:

The One, Eternal, Indivisible, Unfathomable God-Mystery.

Remember who you are.

Remember your true power.

Be as you are.

Be what you cannot not be.


I love you.

In the year 2020 A.D., something quite strange happened on Planet Earth.

The dominant narrative states that a novel infectious disease, a ‘coronavirus’ called COVID-19, emerged and spread globally… And was declared a pandemic.

In my eyes, here is what happened next:

Humanity underwent a collective spasm of fear, reactivity, and panic…

That resulted in the unwise imposition of widespread Orwellian ‘lockdown,’ ‘social distancing,’ and ‘quarantine’ protocols. Quite rapidly, Life Fully Lived was sacrificed at the altar of ‘safety.’


Hugging, kissing, touching, going outdoors, traveling, gathering in large numbers, being in public without wearing a face-cover, and much more…

Became far more taboo throughout the world.

Global culture shifted dramatically toward a far more paranoid and dystopian ‘lockdown’ culture.

Thus, the term “COVID-1984,” a reference to Orwell’s great novel emerged as a clever shorthand for post-COVID culture.

For many reasons, COVID-19(84) is one of the greatest teachers in recorded earthly history.

This book will articulate why this is the case.