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Refine The Mind: The Blog

I founded Refine The Mind in 2012 and have published 165+ articles here.

Hundreds of thousands of words, freely given to you over the years.

Here you'll find the full archive. Enjoy. :)

Ayahuasca: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Fuck “Privilege”
On Spiritual Elitism
Jordan Bates is Full of Shit
How to ‘Vipassanalize’ Depression
A Double Shot of Epiphany: On Soul Joy and the Tricky Leprechaun Called “Money”
Birthing the New Earth: OUROBOROS School of Wealth and Wizardry
The Pathless Path Beyond Suffering and the Way to True Peace and Happiness
11 Books to Wake You Up From the Matrix
Some Important and Challenging Questions About COVID-19
On COVID-19: No One Truly Knows What is Happening
Juliet Tang on How to Stay Empowered, Sovereign, and Resilient in the Time of Corona
8 Reasons Why the Age of Corona is the Perfect Time to Start a Conscious Online Business
Jiro Taylor on Death, God, Awakening, and the Planetary Transition
Top 25 Links to Make Sense of COVID-19
Coronavirus, Enlightenment, and the Planetary Transition
It’s Okay to Trust the Wisdom of Nature
Dethrone Your Parents if You Wish to Be Free
Money and Sex are Two of the Most Powerful Mirrors
You are Beautiful Just as You Are
Charles Bukowski on Pure Intent and Going All the Way
How to Stop Self-Sabotaging and Step Into Your True Power
How to Wake Up From the Matrix
Jordan Peterson is a Sacred Mirror
On Spiritual Narcissism, Transcending Rationality, and the Next Phase of Human Evolution
Forgiveness Truly is Divine
How to Wake Up and Become Unstoppable
‘Letting Go’ by David Hawkins: The Book That Shifted My Entire Reality
5 Subtle Reasons Why Modern Life is Depressing
Cultivate Your Reality-Tunnel With Razor-Sharp Intentionality
How to (Not) Give a Fuck Like a Zen Master
Boundary-Setting: An Undervalued Fundamental Life Skill
Jordan Peterson Outrage Reveals Current Cultural Pathologies
The Meaning of Life is to Give and Receive Love
Pragnosticism: A Non-Dogmatic Approach to Politics and Life
12 Simple Secrets to Upgrade Your Existence
We Live in a Divine Painting: 3 Videos to Refine Your Perception
A Love Letter to the Refine The Mind Community + General Life Update Thing
The “Can’t Complain” Philosophy: How Stoicism Can Level Up Your Life
8 Signs of a Mind Infected by Political Malware
12 Books That Destroyed and Rebuilt My Mind
Literal Hell: An Extreme and Haunting Thought Experiment to Cultivate Stoic Thankfulness
You’re Living in a Techno-Wonderland and You Don’t Know It
On the Advantages of Being Agnostic About Everything
7 Episodes of Sam Harris’ Podcast That Made Me a Smarter, Better Human
Transcending Tribalism: Jonathan Haidt on the Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives
Tribalism 101: Why Politics and Religion Make People Crazy
Vinay Gupta on Big Data, Elon Musk, Virtual Reality, and Saving the World
Please Stop Saying Half of Americans are Nazis for Voting Trump
12 Compelling Arguments That Sealed My Vote in the US Presidential Election
We’re Living in the Most Peaceful and Prosperous Period of Human History, But There’s a Catch
An Extraordinary Flowchart for Determining How You Can Help the World
Brief Instructions for Overcoming the Anxiety of Informational Abundance
Vinay Gupta: The Man Who is Constantly Trying to Solve Humanity’s Largest Problems
Why Humanity Must Become a Multi-Planetary Species
A High-Autonomy Lifestyle is More Feasible Than You Think
SHORT STORY: The Man Who Became Agnostic About Everything
On Novels, Saunas, & the Blasé Surrealism of Haruki Murakami
Should We “Revere” the Universe? — A Reflection on Yūgen
The “Facebook Eye”: On Remedying the Alienation of Modern Life
21st-Century Sisyphus: Unsettling Comic Asks if Your Life is Meaningless
Drone Consciousness & Mindfulness: How to Avoid Existing on Autopilot
5 Major Philosophers’ Ideas Translated into Matrix Morpheus Memes
Tactility is the Message: Sacralization of Subjectivities in the Contemporary Media Environment
Sublime Death: A Philosophy Comic Worth Contemplating
Introducing ‘JORDAN BATES DOESN’T KNOW SHIT’: An Ambiguous Podcast in an Ambiguous Universe
The Human & the Tortoise: A Mind-Bending Philosophy Comic
Rilke’s Definition of a Good Relationship & Why Love is the Most Difficult Thing
On Secular Spirituality: Experiencing the Sacred in Yosemite by Letting Go
30 Sage Quotes That Will Fracture Your Worldview
The Most Good You Can Do: Why You Should Care About the Effective Altruism Movement
SHORT STORY: Interview Concerning Events Preceding an Unforeseeable Change in Course for a Mr. C.G. Koch
8 Books on Zen and Taoism That Made Me Lighter
Everything is Happening: Attempting to Express the Inexpressible
11 Takeaways From 8 Months of Unemployed Nomadism
20 More of the Best Things I’ve Read on the Internet
“Go With the Flow”: Plumbing the Unseen Depths of a Hippie Platitude
22 Outstanding Essays I’ve Read on the Internet
Phenomenological-Eco-Mysticism: An Account of Two Mystical Experiences in Japan
In Praise of Idleness: Bertrand Russell on the Virtues of Leisure
25 Profound Quotes That Will Make You Question Everything
Society of the Spectacle: The Unsettling Consequences of Living in an Image-Based Culture
Kierkegaard + Batman: Bodacious Comic Re-Imagines Father of Existentialism as Dark Knight
6 Destructive Ideas Perpetuated in Western Culture
“Dominator” vs. “Partnership” Cultures: A Profound Re-Telling of Human History
Do Something: A Short Diatribe
The Intersection of Activism, Art, & Acceptance: An Open Letter to Critics
How it Feels to be a Young American in 2014 (Or, How America Fails Us)
Internet-People, Meet Zen: 40 Zen Sayings & Proverbs
Power, Noise, & Meaning in the Internet Multiverse
Infant Mind & Other Modes of Experiential Learning
Arthur Schopenhauer on “Natural” Versus “Artificial” Education
Novelty Overload & the Peculiar Anxieties of Travel
Learning to Let Go of Fear and Enjoy Life
Drunk On Words: Why You Should Read Poetry Daily
5 Creative Methods to Clarify Your Life’s Work
On Carl Sagan & Feeling Hopeless About the State of the World
Become What You Are: Friedrich Nietzsche’s Guide to Self-Liberation
Reality Tunnels & E-Prime: A Taste of Robert Anton Wilson
11 Tips for Self-Education in the Internet Age
We Are Verbs: Human Existence as Perpetual Becoming
The Desire for “More” is Killing Us: Lessons From Plato’s Republic
10 Great Novels to Fracture & Expand Your Perspective
David Foster Wallace & the Dark Side of News Media
A Quest for Novelty: Reflections After 10 Months in South Korea
The Inadequacy of Mass Education & the Case for Autodidacticism
The 14 Mindfulness Teachings of Thích Nhất Hạnh’s Zen Buddhist Order
Decentralization: Potent Nectar of 21st Century Technologies
7 Comical & Subversive Religions You’ve Never Heard Of
The Tao Te Ching & Taoism: A Chill Book, a Chill Philosophy
21 Eccentric & Existence-Affirming Tweets From Artist KOOL A.D.
Endless Creative Potential: The Wonders of Crowdfunding
Thought Experiment: Would You Rather Have Experienced None of This?
Desiderata: A Serene Poem & Philosophy
When We Die: A Story of Naked Humanity & the Unanswerable
The Reddit Mind: 44 Smart, Thought-Provoking Subreddits
Viktor Frankl’s Roadmap to the Human Search for Meaning
Artgasm: Why You Ought to Make Some Art
Spike Jonze’s Film ‘Her’ Brilliantly Addresses Our Relationship to Technology
In Touch With Time & Possibility: Travel as Mind-Altering Substance
The Stonecutter: A Chinese Folk Tale of Power & Contentment
Existential Angst & Why It’s Okay Not to Feel Okay
The Beat Generation Worldview in Kerouac’s On the Road
Don’t Forget to Enjoy: Edward Abbey’s Advice to Environmentalists
9 Thinkers on Not Taking Existence too Seriously
Terence McKenna’s Disillusioned Perspective on Mass-Consumerist Culture
David Foster Wallace on Enslavement to Impulse
Haruki Murakami on Subjectivity and Transformation
John Blofeld on the Taoist Spirit of Playful Non-Resistance
Carl Sagan’s Vision of Planetary Unity and Peace
Three Cognitive Benefits of Reading Fiction
The Innovation of Loneliness: Do Social Networks Erode Real Relationships?
The Surprising Paradox of Self-Esteem
The Wisdom of Rilke: Love Your Solitude, Love Your Unresolved Questions
Anonymity Thought Experiment: How Would You Live if No One Knew You?
Kahlil Gibran’s Stunning Declaration of Mankind’s Nature
On Being Human: No One Has All the Answers
10 Mind-Broadening Facebook Pages You Should Like
Alan Watts’ Epic Career Advice (+ Why I’m Moving to Korea)
The Mirror Lies: Beyond a World Obsessed With Appearances
Kill Anxiety and Radically Improve Your Life With Conscious Breathing
You Aren’t Like Them: Timothy Leary’s Famous Call to Arms
8 Ways to Earn a Living While Traveling Abroad
True Story: The Man Who Followed Love to Alaska
I Don’t Have “Bad” Days Anymore (And Neither Should You)
How to Love Exercise: The Crucial Mindset Shift (+ 16 Uncommon Tips)
Longboarding and the Art of Flow: How to Maximize Satisfaction
Your Grown-Up Mind is Blinding You to Beauty
The Gorgeous Reality of Not Being Well-Liked by Everyone
The Dangerous Mistake of Organized Religions
Magic in the Mind: A Straightforward, Fun Guide to Meditation
The Essential Ingredient to Finding a Sense of Purpose in Life
An Impassioned Plea: Why Traveling Abroad Will Be the Best Decision of Your Life
The Impossibility of Traditional “Happiness” (And How We Must Re-Define It)
35 Profound, Crowbar-esque Quotations to Pry Your Mind Open and Inspire You
3 Status Quo Mentalities That Lead to Widespread Discontent
Harness the Power of Reddit: 37 Mind-Expanding Subreddits
Nature-Deficit Disorder: A Discrete Epidemic (+ 6 Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors)
Work Smarter, Not Harder: 21 Time Management Tips to Hack Productivity
David Foster Wallace’s Unforgettable Commencement Speech
The Story of How I Broke My Neck and Nearly Died: What I Learned And Why I’m Better For It
4 Offbeat, Fail-Safe, and Life-Changing New Year’s Resolutions (+ A Book Giveaway)
The Adventuring Method and 6 Other Ways to Overcome Fear
58 Splendid-Groovy-Magnificent Things Happening the Moment You’re Reading This
The Authenticity Rule (+ 9 Tips) for Forging the Relationships That Matter Most
The Astonishing Power of Wise Word-Wielding in the Modern Age
How to Fully Appreciate on This Thanksgiving, and Every Day
7 Old, Dirty Myths That are Suffocating Your Potential
3 Truths About Jealousy (And How to Defeat the Green-Eyed Monster)
Mindfulness: A Wonderful Anxiety Cure You Ought to Know
15 Remarkable Actions to Improve the World Any Given Day
A Simple Antidote When Motivation and Focus Dwindle
18 Mind-Brightening Actions to Combat Dreary Moods
The Simple, Powerful Guide to Forming Any New Habit
10 Toxic Habits to Murder Your Chances of Happiness
Embracing Diversity: The Key to a Peaceful World
9 Powerful Benefits of Living the Golden Rule
A Word Lover’s Guide to Reading More Often
3 Baby Steps to Begin Growing Your Self-Confidence Today
The Irrefutable Reason Why You Owe it to Yourself to Refine Your Mind
7 Paramount Qualities of the Go-Getter