Jordan Bates


A 5-Week Celebration & Activation of Your Soul Power, Creativity, Self-Love, & Wildly Honest Expression

We begin April 10, 2022...

Dear Luminous Soul,

What would your life look like if you started BEING YOU 1,111% ?!

If you totally embraced and CELEBRATED your wacky, wavy, playful nature ?!

If you LOVED every single one of your peacock's tail-feathers and spread 'em WIDE for the world to see ?!

If you really and truly stopped giving ONE FLYING FLAMINGO about what the naysayers might think ?!

If you simply did your thing and RADIATED your sparkly Rainbow-Love-Essence to ALL ?!

Perhaps it's time to find out... : )

BE YOU is a 5-week ACTIVATION of your Wildly Honest Soul Expression.

An IGNITION of your Supernova Radiance.


It's time to PLAY.

There is a dance that only YOU can dance on this Earth.

A song that only YOU can sing.

This planet is begging us to BE OURSELVES at a whole new level...

To playfully SHINE our Magnificent Light.

To reclaim our true soul POWER.

BE YOU is a catalyst that will break you out of self-limitation.

This will be a highly EXPERIENTIAL journey.

We're going to get PLAYFUL and RIDICULOUS together.

If you step through this alchemical portal with DEEP INTENTION...

Your life will shift in profound ways.

"Working with Jordan is deeply transformational, challenging in all the best ways, and truly life-changing beyond measure! 

I look forward to seeing you again soon and hugging your beautiful soul!

Bless you, JB. Thank you. I appreciate you."

— Aylanur Sage, Energy Healer

How does it flow?

The flow is pretty simple.

You are invited to set a DEEP INTENTION as you embark upon this journey. This is a key magickal element of the process, as we are co-creating an intentional magickal FIELD to which we can all connect and from which we can draw POWER.

For 5 WEEKS we will come together every SUNDAY (six times in total) at ~3pm UTC for an Activating Ceremony via Zoom. These will involve some wisdom transmissions yet will also be highly EXPERIENTIAL, involving many fun, unorthodox, & magickal modalities.

There will also be a private community space on Telegram where I will share additional transmissions, messages, & invitations, and where the Tribe can connect.

One of my intentions for this container is to get GOOFY. It feels like WACKINESS and SILLINESS and WILD SELF-LOVE and IMAGINATION are a great part of the medicine that wants to come through. We are going to experientially rediscover how to PLAYFULLY BE OURSELVES—like we did as children.

At the same time, this is also about reclaiming our POWER. Charging our souls. Viscerally reconnecting to GOD FORCE. Feeling and knowing that INFINITE POSSIBILITIES are perpetually available to us in THIS LIFETIME.

And this is also about Love. It's about sharing from the heart and listening from the heart and accepting each other exactly as we are.

Above all, it's about feeling, knowing, and express YOUR own ESSENCE in the way that only YOU can.

Who am I?

I’m Jordan Bates, or JB, if you like.

I’m the father of Lila, future-husband of Tanja, brother of Anna, son of Connie and Dan, and friend of all.

I'm a wizard, artist, lover of Tao, & celebrator of the miracle of existence.

For the past 11 years, I’ve been on a devoted quest for truth that has led me to 33 countries and the far reaches of inner space.

Through my writing, music, courses, retreats, communities, & 1:1 mentoring, I've reached millions and assisted thousands of individuals in their journeys of remembering and being who they truly are.

On my best days I love all of Creation. I love animals and people and love seeing them release their burdens and feel and know the grace of God.

It fills my heart to see beings realize their intrinsic wholeness and radiance and remember that they can trust Life. I wish for all to know and be who they are, and to feel the sacred joy and relief of liberation.

"Working with Jordan has gone way beyond what I expected.

It's catalyzed many big shifts in my own Journey of Remembering who I truly am and what I came here to do. Jordan continues to inspire and empower as one of the most authentic and Soul-driven individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing personally."

— Jonathan Maccaul, Martial Artist & Transformational Guide

Is this for you?

This experience is for you if you are ready to...

Connect profoundly to your own ESSENCE.

LOVE YOURSELF more fully.

Infuse your life with more LIGHTNESS, PLAY, EASE, & FLOW.

Activate deeper recesses of your CREATIVE POWER.

RELEASE whatever may be weighing heavy on your heart.

Come into greater ALIGNMENT with your PURPOSE.

Begin to experience all of life as a FUN ADVENTURE.

Deepen into GRATITUDE and the energy of ABUNDANCE.

Start to viscerally know that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

If this sounds perfect, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, April 10th for our opening ceremony:

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Made with Love by Jordan Bates & Ouroboros — 2022