The Amor Fati Course

Release Anxiety. Find Tranquility. Re-Enchant Existence.

“I want to learn more and more to see as beautiful what is necessary in things; then I shall be one of those who makes things beautiful. Amor fati: let that be my love henceforth!”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

The Amor Fati Course seeks to help you let go of fear and anxiety, find flow and tranquility, and (re-)enchant your existence. It aims to elevate you to a quality of conscious experience that feels palpably more magical and liberating.

The 7-week course takes it’s name from the latin phrase “amor fati,” which means “love your fate,” or “the love of your fate.” Amor fati was a concept in the work of Friedrich Nietzsche, who thought that the greatest of human beings would affirm their destiny and thus all of existence.

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Let Go of Fear, Anxiety, Guilt, and Stress

One major focus of the Amor Fati Course is on how to let go of fear, anxiety, guilt, and stress through the art of surrender and other methods.

The course integrates modern spiritual teachings, Western psychology, and Buddhist and Taoist principles to equip you with tools for letting go of negative emotions and healing their root causes.

A great thing about this course is that it’s not merely informative; it’s transformative.

In addition to 7+ hours of video lessons, you’re going to step outside your comfort zone by undertaking weekly challenges and exercises that will put the teachings into practice to kickstart true healing and liberation. 

In this way you will actually become stronger, less anxious, more centered, less afraid, more appreciative, and better equipped to navigate life.

What You’ll Learn and Cultivate

The Amor Fati Course will take you on a journey to learn and integrate many of the most valuable gems of wisdom I’ve gathered in my life. If the course accomplishes its aims, you will gain: 

  • Practical spirituality/meditation techniques to find deeper peace
  • Deeper capacity to love life and flow with Being
  • Heightened ability to let go of fear, anxiety, guilt, and stress
  • Greater clarity on who you are and what you want
  • More robust core self-confidence
  • Increased spontaneity, authenticity, and centeredness
  • The meta-skill of forming and breaking habits
  • Identify what truly excites you and start acting on it
  • Understand how to heal past traumas and start healing them
  • Deeper acceptance of life and death
  • Augmented capacity to notice the magic around you at any time
  • Higher levels of compassion and loving-kindness
  • Greater capacity to let go and trust Nature

The course is the result of 9 years of diligent inquiry into the question of how to live a good life. I’ve now experienced 32 countries/cultures, read hundreds of books, befriended numerous extraordinary individuals, had myriad mystical/non-ordinary experiences, practiced many spiritual/meditative techniques, and spent years following my bliss as a creator, all while approaching reality with a Beginner’s Mind and aiming to learn as much as possible.

On this winding journey across vast territories of Earth, mind, heart, and imagination, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to love life, overcome fear, and perceive the enchantments of existence. In creating this course, it is my sincere wish to help as many people as possible to live lives they love, free their minds, and experience the magic of Nature.


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Who am I?

Hi, I’m Jordan Bates. I’m the Founder of Refine The Mind and Director of HighExistence. In 2013 I moved to South Korea, embarking on a nomadic journey that has led me to 32 countries. In the process I became a writer, rapper, entrepreneur, and student of Nature. I’m endlessly curious about how we can heal and liberate ourselves to shift into a lighter, more exciting reality. Peace, Joy, Love, Freedom, Strength.

Kind Words About My Work

“I consider myself and my life all the more blessed for having Jordan Bates as a friend and mentor. His resilient awareness of life’s intricacies and his passionate commitment to giving his best to the world make him both an inspiration as well as an example of how we can all work towards building more acceptance and grace into our lives. Jordan hasn’t simply had it easy and has faced challenges that could certainly break any person, but instead, Jordan has integrated and learned from his pain, making even some of the worst experiences his most valuable. This alchemical ability is nothing short of magick…”

— Mayry, 30, USA

“I met Jordan Bates for the first time during our “face to face” video interview call leading up to an Apotheosis retreat he was hosting. During this initial video call it became increasingly apparent that this was no ‘ordinary’ human interaction. Something completely different was occurring that took me a while to comprehend, and it was this: I was being listened to and paid attention to on a level that I probably hadn’t experienced since I was a tiny child… Seeing this in Jordan has helped me cultivate this in my own life which has wholly shifted my reality into a more loving, open, and authentic experience. This ability to “hold space” is one of the most formidable of all human skills. From this foundation comes wisdom, intuition, love, compassion, empathy, all the good shit. Jordan has dedicated his life to the service of others, and I am undeniably a much wiser, mature, and capable human being since knowing him.”

— Travis, 37, USA

“If a zombie apocalypse happened, one of the first people I’d call to help me survive and strategize would be Jordan Bates. Jokes aside, Jordan is one of the smartest people I’ve ever encountered. His attention to detail and linguistic capabilities are savant-level. This coupled with his huge heart and unwavering openness to feedback makes him a truly unique and brilliant man. On a personal level, I trust Jordan with my life. He is a truly good person and expresses a genuine concern for his own level of integrity in all situations. It’s very important to him that he conducts himself in a way that does not harm other beings where that can be avoided. The best part, however, is that beyond the razor-sharp intelligence and creative wizard skills that Jordan possesses, he is incredibly easy to be around—always ready to see the funny side of life and put deep, profound, meaningful conversations above pretentious, vacuous debating.”

Jon, 29, Wales

Course Contents

“Flow with whatever may happen, and let your mind be free: Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.”

Chuang Tzu

The course is designed to last 7 weeks and includes 7+ hours of pre-recorded video lessons, as well as weekly challenges, writing exercises, thought experiments, and additional resources to extend the teachings and kickstart genuine personal evolution. Here’s a higher-res look at its contents:

Introduction: Welcome to the Journey — In these first videos I’ll welcome you to the course; we’ll take a look at the two primary and complementary paths to loving your existence; and I’ll give you a strong dose of inspirational nectar to point you toward perceiving the magic of life.

Week 1: Freedom and Flow — Here I’ll teach you concepts from Buddhism and Taoism that have had a profound impact on my life, and I’ll show you some useful meditation techniques. Putting these into practice will help you release fear and anxiety, and will gradually transform you into someone who is difficult to perturb, upset, or offend.

Week 2: The Love of Your Fate — Here I’ll discuss the concept of amor fati in detail, as well as how to apply this concept to transform your conscious experience and feel grateful for your entire existence. We’ll also discuss the undervalued linchpin of true joy, as well as the corrosive nature of resentment and how to release it.

Week 3: Centeredness: A Superpower — Here we’ll look at the nature of authenticity, how to avoid the soul-crushing pain of being untrue to yourself, how to build unshakeable core confidence, and the power of loving-kindness.

Week 4: No Need to Fear the Dark Here we’ll dive into how to deal with “dark” times in a skillful, constructive way; how to purge and heal the traumas, wounds, and blockages that are holding you back; and the vital importance of contemplating death.

Week 5: A Life That’s Easy to Love — Here we’ll explore fundamental pillars of creating a life that is intrinsically, organically meaningful and lovable; I’ll also discuss the ultimate meta-skill of forming and breaking habits, as well as the life-revolutionizing power of paying attention to your attention.

Week 6: Follow Your Highest Excitement — Here we’ll take a close look at how to identify your passions, your bliss, what excites you; we’ll examine the fundamental importance of sharing your gifts; and we’ll explore how to harness the nature of reality to “do magic” and create the life you want.

Week 7: An Enchanted Existence — Here we’ll take a closer look at how to perceive the enchantments of existence in everyday life, and we’ll discuss why it’s okay to let go of anxiety and breathe a Sacred Sigh of Relief.

Epilogue — The epilogue will contain a couple more bonuses/goodies for you, but I’ll keep those a secret for now. : ]

Once again, do note that each week of the course will also include challenges and exercises to help you truly put the lessons into practice and start viscerally experiencing changes in the quality of your conscious experience.

Start Your Journey

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

— Lao Tzu

Once more, if you feel called to this quest toward greater wholeness, happiness, love, and wisdom, you can click the purple button below to embark upon the adventure. When you do, you’ll get:

  1. 7 weeks / 7+ total hours of pre-recorded video lessons containing much of my most useful wisdom on releasing anxiety, living wisely, and falling in love with existence
  2. Weekly challenges that will propel you to let go of fear, gain confidence, and shift to a freer, more tranquil way of being
  3. Weekly writing exercises / thought experiments that will help you heal old wounds, learn what truly excites you, and shift to a more life-enchanting perspective
  4. A private WhatsApp community in which you can befriend others taking the course and chat about life, the universe, and everything
  5. Myriad additional resources (links to books, essays, guided meditations, podcasts, music, etc.) that will allow you to dive deeper into any aspect of the course

The course is largely self-guided and can be started at any time. The WhatsApp community allows you to ask questions, connect, and get support. The Amor Fati Course is intended to take 7 weeks to complete, though you are welcome to go at your own pace.


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50-Day Refund Assurance

My intention is for this to be a more-than-fair exchange of value; my aim is to over-deliver. I do not wish to have dissatisfied patrons. Therefore, if you pay for the course and feel it wasn’t worth the cost, just email me at jordan [at] refinethemind [dot] com within 50 days and I’ll refund you whatever you feel is fair, up to the full amount, no questions asked.